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A New Generation of Fashionistas


Life of Colleen


September 9th 2007 -  SimplyVera, a new line of Apparel, Accessories and Home Decor by designer VERA WANG debuts at KOHL'S (and ONLY at KOHL's they want you to know). SimplyVera is a smackral of designer fare for the Hoy Palloy (Us) with most apparel items under $100, shoes and coats slightly above $100.

February 2007 cutout-back top with seamless spandex support from Newport News.s



clothing with built-in figure flattering support using modern fabrics.

Farewell to Lerner

In 1907 a chain called Lerner Shops opened up on 7th Avenue in New York. Perhaps more familiar to you as the Lerner Catalogue, which was first released in 1985. Today Lerner is no more. As of 2006, Lerner Catalogue is called Metrostyle.
Metrostyle Logo - Prior to 2006, Metrostyle was Called Lerner Catalogue.  



Fashion Time Line 1998 - 2000 Panel 1



I have discovered the video widget! I am sure it is just a phase, but for now I am captivated. The ShopNBC ladies yacked too much... let's try Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors! 2009 Spring collections if you can believe that!

New York Fashion Week; Spring 2009 Michael Kors Collection-Shop Michael Kors Fall Styles at NORDSTROM

Fashion in the 2000s - The New MilleniumThe New Millennium has ushered in a new era in housewife fashion! No longer confined to the realm of the practical and the aprons, rubber gloves and sweatpants thereof, The New Millennium Housewife can express her personal, political and philosophical views through the garments that adorn her.

Her body? ...a blank canvas, ready to be transformed into a work of art...


Can be tricky in narrow supermarket isles...

The Fashionable Housewife

Accessories can complete an outfit!

2007 Summer Fashion Trends

  • White Pants
  • The Little White Dress
  • Print Dresses
  • Metallics (Nail polish, eye shadow, accessories)
  • Thong Sandals (NOT flip-flops but real leather, metallics, beads and jewels! Maybe even diamonds on the soles of your shoes!)
  • Easy, loose fitting dresses in bright colors, Tunics.
  • Coordinated cover-ups for the beach (they match your suit...see?)
  • Big Beach Bag - Well heck...that's just practical!
  • Swing Tops - You flower child you!
  • Short Shorts - Who wears short shorts? Ladies with nice legs wear short shorts!

2000s Fashion Time Line Panel 2


New York Fashion Week; Spring 2009 Marc Jacobs Collection-Shop Marc Jacobs Fall Styles at NORDSTROM

Wooing a New Generation - You are the Converse Century.

2008 Fashion

2008 Winter Fashion
2008 Spring Fashion
2008 Summer Fashion
2008 Fall Fashion

2007 Spring Fashion Trends (Says Macys)

2007 Spring Fashion Trends (Says People Magazine, Style Watch Issue)

Fashion Time Line 2006-2008 Panel 3


New Age Fashion in the 2000s.
Comes in Green, too!