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Survey of Housekeeping Robots
  1. Roomba the Vacuuming Robot - 2007Meet Roomba The Vacuuming Robot! This little robot will vacuum your home, sweep your kitchen floor and even clean those hard-to-reach areas under the beds, sofas and furniture. Your just press a button, and with a merry little chirp, Roomba will clean with a whistle and a smile (Smile is built in.) Read my review of my own Roomba Robot!
  2. Scooba Floor Washing Robot - 2007And Roomba's Friend Scooba, the floor washing robot! Scooba will clean your kitchen floor and Scooba will clean your bathroom floor and Scooba will not complain! Read my review of my darling Scooba Robot!
  3. Dirt Dog the Garage Sweeping Robot - 2007Dirt Dog is a simpler, sturdier version of the Roomba robot. Dirt Dog is great for keeping your garage floor clean and tidy. I put my dirt dog out to sweep the garage every day! Here's my review of Dirt Dog.
  4. Verro the Pool Cleaning Robot - 2007Last but not least, there is Verro, the pool cleaning robot. Alas, I do not have a pool, so I do not own a Verro. Verro is also not as cute as the other housekeeping robots... but maybe that is just sour grapes?


A Look at the Housekeeper in the 2000s + Project Wingnut

I have decided to use this page to explore and take notes on various wingnut theories, conspiracies as well as a work space for my very own Project Wingnut.

My Very Own Project Wingnut can loosely be described as my little crusade to free myself and family from the many annoying aspects of today's society. I.e. anyone who wants money from us and/or sends us too much mail or wants to ask me stupid questions over the telephone. This is also known as "Going Off The Grid" - But that sounds dangerously close to "Going Off Your Rocker" so I thought I better not risk it.

I think I finally decided to use this page because I thought the many robots added a nice futuristic element and the chick down below in the Judy Jetson costume kind of looks like what I would imagine a Wingnut would look like in human, female form. Plus there is space.

Which doesn't say much for my housekeeping abilities, although in my own defense, I have been forced to throw in the towel for the next month or so due to the constant presence of my two darling offspring who quite likely are the two biggest slobs who ever lived. Yes, I know. Lay that one at my doorstep too. But you do realize, you can't beat them anymore!?? That nice little phrase "Spare the rod, spoil the child" if acted upon, will land the parent right smack in the slammer these days.

I have tried so much logic, pleading, cajoling that I am sick of the sound of my own voice and often beat my kids to the punch and tell myself to go soak my head before either one can utter a single groan of protest.

So while I wait for those consequences of one's own actions to work their magic on my children, I will allow myself to descend into semi-insanity and look into a few of those things I hear on late night AM radio!!!! Consider it this housewife's version of reading The National Enquire.

Also, I am not going to look into everything I hear on late night AM radio, because for example, I don't really give a hoot if that guy really is a horse or not. I am pretty sure that I am not a horse, and that is really all that matters, don't you think?

Time for a list:

  1. What's up with the chip in the passport/driver's license and can it really be read from a distance of anywhere between 8 inches and 30 feet even if it is in my purse, or back pocket?
  2. What is an EMT or EMP ??? and is this really something I need to worry about?
  3. Do the evil democrats really have it in for conservative talk radio, and if so, just what the blarney do they expect me to listen to for 10 hours when I'm driving on the 5?


Rosie the Robot Housekeeper From The Jetsons!

 Are we there yet? In the Jetsons' space age world, we never saw Jane lift a broom, scrub the floors, do laundry or vacuum her spacious space age apartment. Why? She had a Rosie to do all that for her! Rosie the housekeeping robot.

Just how close are we to the Rosie age? Personally, I think we will see a Rosie within the next 10 years! She may not look like the lovely house cleaning lady to the left, fall in love with the toaster, or want the day off to visit her sister, but she will be a big help around the house! Yes, I am being so bold as to say: Within the next ten years, Rosie will be a reality! (That makes it 2017 for those with lazy math brains!)

The Space Age Housewife - Jane Jetson Outfit!

Whether you will run around looking like Jane Jetson, is of course, up to you and your stylist... (btw, before I get inundated with emails, the Jane Jetson costume can be purchased here!)





The Jetsons - Without Rosie Their Housekeeper!
Poor Rosie Was Not Considered a Member of the Family!

Bright Shine - Great Deals and a Huge Selection for the Home or Office.

Stuff I've Purchased For Project Wingnut

  1. One package of SolarLite Flashlights with battery backup. Don't laugh - I know nothing about electricity so I must take baby steps. (Backup batteries not included - natch.) I am now going out into the Solar zone to test my new flashlights. Protective eyewear by Marc Jacobs.

      Purple Flower



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