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The Return of the Mrs.

  • "When and If I work, I will be Roma Downey, but for everything else I will be Burnett. At this stage in my life I really want to honor my husband. We are like teenagers in love." Roma Burnett, from People Magazine May 14, 2007.
  • "I know I'm talented, but I wasn't put here to sing, I was put here to be a wife and a mom and look after my family.  I love what I do, but it's not where it begins and ends." Amy Winehouse, from Us Weekly, Issue 645, June 25, 2007.


A Look at Husbands in the 2000s

In the "husbands" section, my goal is to somehow capture and illustrate how husbands have changed (or not) since the 1940s. This is proving to be one of the more difficult tasks I have undertaken because much of what has been written is about women and wives and relationships, and husbands are sort of left standing in the shadows. So, to start out, I googled "the perfect husband". Not that there is such a thing, but I wanted to see what we thought a perfect husband might look like.

Exhibit 1: Here is an ad for the men's clothiers Brooks Brothers - perhaps this how we picture our perfect husband? (At least in style and appearance  and the ability to arrange themselves neatly according to height/age when sitting on park benches...and my goodness, they are all carrying umbrellas! Fancy the odds of that!)Brooks Brothers Generations Of Style - Featuring Perfect Husbands. September 2008.
September, 2008

Here are some of my findings:

  1. The Perfect Husband - This is certainly meant to be is a novel, (a New York Times Best Seller, no less) presenting a "suspenseful, nerve-shattering story of a woman who puts her husband behind bars for the murders of ten women, only to become his intended next target when he escapes, and is forced to learn to fight back to save her own life." Author: Gardner, Lisa.
  2. In 2nd place was: Perfect Husband, The Laci Peterson Story - Also a bit of irony, since Laci Peterson was murdered by her "Perfect Husband".
  3. Marriage 101 Husband - This page was helpful, the author compiled research consisting of interviews with over 1000 wives.
  4. Joke - The perfect husband - This will give you a chuckle...
  5. And #5 was a link to the site for this book: How to Iron Your Own Damn Shirt: The Perfect Husband Handbook Featuring Over 50 Foolproof Ways to Win, Woo & Wow Your Wife. You have to admit, it has a catchy title!

The Perfect Husband Handbook Featuring Over 50 Foolproof Ways to Win, Woo & Wow Your WifePERFECT HUSBANDS ARE MADE, NOT BORN LADIES: At long last, a practical guide to help your man become the perfect husband. How to Iron Your Own Damn Shirt is your salvation, with simple, easy-for-a-guy-to-follow instructions on those little things you can never get him to do, such as: - How to Put the Toilet Seat Down- How to Stop Snoring - How to Ask for Directions- Plus, more than 50 other essential topics (even How to Dance at a Wedding) It's a must-have guide that will finally convince him it's in his best interest to make you happy, no matter what it takes. GUYS: Don't panic. It's not how perfect you are, it's how perfect she thinks you are. How to Iron Your Own Damn Shirt is your key to the castle. Imagine what she'll let you get away with if you master a few skills, such as: - How to Appear Calm While She's Driving- How to Apologize Convincingly- How to Enjoy a Chick Flick- Plus, more than 50 other essential topics (even How to Hide Your Porn) How to Iron Your Own Damn Shirt includes countless tips and tricks for keeping you sane, keeping her happy, and keeping you both laughing.

The Backlash

Husbands & Fathers - Facts

  • In 2000, 28.8 % of men, ages 25-29, lived with their own children in the household.

Prince Charming

Prince Charming may be elusive, but I know where he buys his princess her engagement ring! Online! According to Blue Nile, largest online retailer of certified diamonds, 85% Of purchases from Blue Nile are made by men. On average, men spend $6,200 on the diamond engagement ring and take 3 weeks to decide on the right ring.
The Economist, March 22-28, 2008

There is no shortage of advice on how to meet and marry the man of your dreams: Brian Tracy, a well known motivational speaker (author of The Psychology of Achievement and The Psychology of Success) even did a series on 21 Great Ways to Meet and Marry the Man of Your Dreams.

Shopping For Husbands

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