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Median Age at First Marriage
  Men Women
200026.8 25.1
200126.9 25.1
200226.9 25.3
200327.1 25.3
200427.4 25.3
200527.1 25.3
200627.5 25.5
200727.5 25.6
200827.6 25.9
200928.1 25.9
Source:  US Census: Estimated Median Age at First Marriage, by Sex: 1890 to the Present

eHarmony Advice

  • What Does "Traditional" Mean When It Comes To Dating?
    tbesq asks: "So ladies...what do you think "traditional" means? Does it mean you will embrace the "traditional" role expected of women, or does it only refer to not being assertive during the dating process?"
  • Dating Outside Your Religion
    stevex says:
    "Have others dated outside of your own religion and actually had things work out?"
  • What Do Your Hobbies Say About You?
    D_Lion asks: "Guys, do you like the feminine hobbies in your matches? And ladies, do you like the masculine hobbies? Are there any hobbies you wish to share with your partner?"
  • How Far Are You Willing To Go For Love?
    bravethestorm asks:
    “What are most people setting their match location settings at? Is your comfort zone limited to familiar ground or the time it takes to drive to meet?”
  • How Do You Handle Special Occasions In A Brand New Relationship?
    PinayBeauty asks : "If you've been out with someone more than a handful of times (over six), but have not discussed exclusivity and they have a birthday coming up, what would you do?"
  • What Is the Right Time To Introduce A Match To Your Children?
    longsocks asks: "How have any of you single parents out there handled this? If you don't have kids and would date a single parent, what are your expectations about meeting offspring? Does it make a difference when the kids are younger vs. teens? How do you decide when the right time is?"


5 Dating Rules you Should Never Break

  • Rule #1: Listen to Your Gut
  • Rule #2: Pay Attention to Red Flags
  • Rule #3: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  • Rule #4: Don’t Play Games
  • Rule #5: Know When to Say “Game Over”

(2008) Read full article on eHarmony

Most Popular Engagement and Wedding Rings

A Nosy Parker Survey conducted by the Retro Housewife!

Top 10 Wedding Bands at Mondera

14kt White Gold 1½ ctw. Princess Cut Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
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Most Popular Set: (2006) Bridal Engagement Ring and Wedding Band
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Marriage - It's Just Good Business

  • Those who marry "till death do us part" end up, on average four times richer than those who never marry.
  • Married men drink less, take fewer drugs and work harder, earning between 10% and 40% more than single men with similar schooling and job histories.
  • Marriage encourages the division of labor, and specialization (which Adam Smith, the father of capitalism says is a good thing.)
  • A study by Adam Thomas and Isabel Sawhill concluded that if the black family and not collapsed between 1960 and 1998, the black child poverty rate would have been 28.4% rather than 45.6%!!!!

Lenox 2007 Bride and Groom Ornament
Lenox 2007 Bride and Groom Ornament


Is Marriage and Family Passé?

Marriage Is IN! Happiness is Life As A Wife.What is it like to be available and looking for a spouse in the new millennium? How has romance and courtship changed? Are people still even looking for spouses? Let's take stock; In 2005, the last year that I could find data on, about 2.2 million marriages took place in this here US of A!

  • Number of marriages in the United States: 2,230,000  2005
  • In the 2000s, the median age of first marriage for women is just short of 26.
  • For the average couple marrying for the first time in recent years, the lifetime probability of divorce or separation remains between 40% and 50%.
"The State of Our Unions also includes good news and bad news on the marriage front. The good news: for the college-educated minority of the American population, marriage appears to have gotten stronger in recent years. The bad news: for everyone else, marriage continues to get weaker. The “marriage gap” is generating a society of greater inequality, the report notes. “America is becoming a nation divided not only by education and income levels but by unequal family structures.” The National Marriage Project from The State of Our Unions, 2006
The Internet And Dating

Where do couples find each other? How do couples meet? Presumably, the old fashioned way of meeting still goes on, but now online dating is, gasp, mainstream.

I know many people who met online and they are not afraid or ashamed to say so. (Unless it goes badly). For better or worse, online dating seems like it is here to stay. And online dating sites are springing up like mushrooms (as are it seems, background checking services).

Not only are there dozens of matchmaking sites, they are becoming more and more targeted to specific subcultures of American Society. Tired of struggling with the question of when to reveal that you have children? Avoid it all together by joining a matchmaking site specializing in single parent dating! Want to marry a rich man? Screen out the poets and the paupers and stick to men who make over $100K a year?

Let's look at a few!

Dating Service Description & Features

1 Month Cost

Discover What Chemistry inspired matches can do for you.

Launched by in February 2006, was created to bring together independent-thinking, confident, diverse singles that are serious about finding a meaningful relationship.

Based on the research of renowned biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, uses a proprietary test to predict which two people are most likely to experience a life-changing jolt of chemistry. This approach, combined with its "come as you are" philosophy and private matching technique, makes the ideal place to find the relationship that is right for each individual, whether it’s marriage, romance, a partnership or a long-term commitment.

Relationship Site
Duet Total Compatibility System
Free Services
**Free Compatibility Profile
**2 months FREE with a 2 month subscription purchase. **
**The real question is whether you trust a doctor named "Pepper".

Perfectmatch Factoid: While members on casual dating sites traditionally purchase one month memberships; 85% of memberships sold on Perfectmatch are for two - six months!

(2 months is only $5 more. Use the special offer...even cheaper..)
Yahoo! Personals Casual Dating Site
Free Services

Flirt with a free Icebreaker message
Yahoo Relationship Test
Yahoo Personality & Love Style Test
Create a Yahoo Profile
Search for great people

2009 eHarmony - Finding Someone Special Is Worth The TimeI have been working through some of the eHarmony marriage services, (although it is taking me longer than I expected, but I am documenting my findings in a review of eHarmony marriage.)

For those looking for a serious relationship. You may not even sign up unless you are single...not just separated. Either never been married, or officially divorced. eHarmony has an extensive personality profile (7 pages long!) and compatibility profile.
Free Services
** Free Personality Profile
** FREE Compatibility Profile

Unique Services
** Pre-marital program - provides advice for engaged couples (I highly recommend doing something like this!)
**  "Marriage Wellness" program - how to keep your marriage on track.
**  Problem Marriages - gives you an action plan on how to solve problems in your marriage.  

2009 Lavalife Special Offer - Save 50% On Your Subscription is a worldwide leader in online dating. Tens of thousands of new members sign up every week, adding to a member base of over 17 million. If you are interested in being on board for this huge opportunity, then it’s important that you know what is all about and what makes it uniquely successful as a dating site.

How does it work?

Firstly, registration is always free. And it’s easy! You can create a free profile that expresses who you are and what you are looking for in just a few minutes. At Lavalife, we understand that everyone is seeking something different. This is why we offer three communities: Dating, Relationship, and Intimate Encounters.

From there, you can browse thousands of local profiles; send FREE Smiles to show interest in other members; communicate via Instant Message and e-mail; and more.

As of last year, premium membership follows a competitive monthly subscription format which allows unlimited access to all Lavalife’s online dating tools such as sending E-mails, Instant Messages, and seeing who has viewed your profile.

Canada $29.99 per month
(prices in CAD)


$29.99 per month
(prices in USD)


 Australia $34.95 per month
(prices in AUS)

Since 2002, has been delivering a higher grade of dating service to its members.

We are the first to deliver such a concept and are without question, the leading site of its kind. Having been featured on The Dr Phil Show twice, The Richard & Judy Show in the UK and the WB 11 WPIX news, we are the most well known and recognized brand for Sugar daddy and Millionaire dating.

Our member base quality is exceptional and we boast millionaires, models and professional businessmen and women who welcome our quality approach to modern online dating.





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Zeitgeist: On Relationships & Dating

Finding "The One"
In The News

Hooray For Marriage! - Some good news on the marriage front. Marriage Stands Up for Itself

Access Hollywood - In celebration of Father's Day last week, conducted a poll for the "Hottest Single Celebrity Dad". Results have been tabulated. From "S.W.A.T." to "Miami Vice," Irish actor Colin Farrell took first place besting fellow actor Jamie Foxx (second), Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart (third) and Yankees infielder Alex Rodriguez (fourth).

Cosmopolitan Magazine - In the June issue, Perfectmatch is featured in the article, "Recession-Proof Your Love," about maintaining your relationship during a recession. Cosmopolitan highlights Perfectmatch's leading role in increasing business during these difficult times!Cosmopoitan Magazine - June, 2009 Issue

"Dating Guide" Update - Coming off of last month's successful rollout of the Dating Guide, Chief Relationship Expert, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, has launched a collection of "Summer Date Ideas" on!

Hungry For Love? Matchmakers Thrive In Slump

Chemistry: In the Spotlight Only 2 years old, has seen rapid growth attributable to their now rather famous "Rejected by eHarmony" TV ads - and a 7 Day Free Trial.... Chemistry has made the news:
New York Times: Hitting It Off, Thanks to Algorithms of Love

Network World: The Hottest Trends in Online Dating

Between the Lines: eHarmony Rival Understands Love is for Everyone - Even if Others Don't Accept it
Here how Chemistry explains its success: "Diverse, passionate people that spark real chemistry. No wonder we're one of the fastest growing relationship sites in America. Experience the Chemistry Difference..."

Love Me ...NOT! Card Makers Are Now Capitalizing On 'anti-V-Day' Movement (2007) - Was 2007 the Year Of Anti Valentine's Day?

eHarmony Sued In California For Excluding Gays - (2007) and caves...(2008)

The Fight Over Marriage Proposition 8 - California

His Perspective:
  1. Soldier asks "How do I find Mrs. Right?"
  2. Gender Theft - Elbowing in on Guy Time
Her Perspective:
  1. Tales from the Trenches - Funny Stories About Online Dating.
  2. Former College Gal wants to be a Retro Housewife
  3. The Wedding Day - A Short Story

Valentine's Day 2008

Certified Organic RosesThese roses are certified organic, making them a rare and truly special gift for Valentine’s Day!

Sexy Valentine's Day Gift -  the Oscar de la Renta Mesh Georgette ChemiseSexy Valentine's Day Gift - the Oscar de la Renta Mesh Georgette Chemise aka a baby doll nighty! This hot little number is from Nordstrom.

Valentine's Day 2009

Flowers are still romantic...

 White Orchids with Green Vase by Julie Mulligan
White Orchids with Green Vase
 by Julie Mulligan
Pretty White Tulips
Pretty White Tulips

Bridal Trends 2007

In bridal fashion, not only is the gown important, but so are the accessories. The hottest current trend is big and bold when it comes to bridal jewelry.

  • Glamorous and shimmering chandelier earrings complement a sleek and and simple gown design allowing for the jewelry to take center stage.
  • Dangling pieces of diamonds and pearls emphasize a bride's beauty.

Earrings aren't the only accessory going big. Bridal designers are dressing their models up with dramatically elaborate necklaces that add the perfect amount of glamour to accompany the style of the dress. Glimmering chokers and cascading pendants are a hot item this season in the fashion industry.

Blue Nile Diamond Stud Earrings
Are Diamonds Still
A Girl's Best Friend?
 2007 Valentine's Day Ad.

  Gifts for Her at

Bridal Lingerie Collection In Sizes 14-32

Valentine's Day Gift 2007 Diamond Stud Earings. 
Valentine's Day

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