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Some Shopping Facts!

  • The Friday following Thanksgiving, dubbed "Black Friday" has historically been the busiest shopping day of the year, and is the official start of the Christmas shopping season. It is called "Black" because it often is the first day that many retail businesses become profitable.
  • The 2000s saw the creation of "Cyber Monday", or the Monday following "Black Friday" and has turned out to be the busiest shopping day for online retail sales.
  • The average US family spends $527.08 on back-to-school shopping, up from $443.77 in 2005. Source
  • Canadians are poised to double their online spending for retail goods from $8 billion this year to $16 billion by 2009. Article


How We Shop and Where We Shop!

Everybody loves a White Sale!

Guess what? I found a video widget with a white sale! Oh Joy!

Click here to shop The White Sale at!

Wal-Mart Logo
Made in the USA popular shopping trend for Christmas 2007
Sears, JCPenney gain in online shopping versus Amazon - Dec. 27, 2006

New in the 2000s is the "online coupon" or "web coupon".2007 Web Coupon from Max Studio As shopping online became more accepted by the general public, retailers were thrilled to discover that their old sales tool, the coupon, could be splendidly adapted to the World Wide Web. The online coupon comes in many forms, and is often accompanied by a special coupon code which the shopper types into a special field during the final stages of the shopping process to save themselves a bit of money! For example the Web Certificate shown in the above picture has the code "cj07" which is good for a savings of $20 if you spend $100 at Max Studio. (Spending $100 at Max Studio will not be a problem, trust me.) This particular coupon has an expiration date of December 31, 2007. Just like real old fashioned coupons!


  • HSN or Home Shopping Network Turns 30 This Year!HSN turns 30 years old this year!








    Online Shopping

    Many of us shop online these days - because we find a better product selection or cheaper prices or we just want to save some time. Here are some of my favorite online sites, by category.  

    For the Home:




    Time Capsule in the Making:

    1. Christmas 2007
    2. Christmas 2006 or (Holiday Season 2006 if you must)
    Where We Shop The Most!
    1. Amazon.comZappos Website
    What We Buy The Most Online
    (% purchased online)
    • Computer hardware and software (48%),
    •  Tickets (28%),
    • Travel (26%),
    • Books (20%),
    • Consumer electronics (13%),
    • Cosmetics and fragrances (12%,
    • Toys and video games (12%),
    • Flowers, cards, and gifts (10%). Source