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I did a little survey to find out what the most popular gifts for Christmas 2006 were, and here are some of the results!

 The Top Christmas Gifts of 2006!
@ Nordstroms

  1. Uggs Short, Tall, Mini Boots
  2. Uggs Coquette Slipper
  3. Juicy Zip Hoody
  4. Juicy Velour Pants
  5. Uggs Ultimate Short Boot
  6. Uggs Ultra Tall Boot
  7. Uggs Sundance Ii
  8. Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Robe

Top Gifts @

  1. Xbox 360
  2. Nintendo Wii
  3. Elmo TMX
  4. Microsoft Zune
  5. Memory cards for digital cameras

Some Notable Products

Dirt Devil's Broom Vac
Dirt Devil's Broom Vac

Color is in! Not on your wardrobe, on your vacuum! Dirt Devil offers two  lines of vacuums that can double as decor when not in use!

Dirt Devil Kone
Dirt Devil Kone


This page is a work in progress, and a bit of an experiment! I am thinking of it like a time capsule for Christmas of 2006... What were the favorite Christmas Gifts of 2006, pictures of Christmas 2006, significant ads...etc. It won't really be finished until Christmas is over, but no worries! I am open to suggestions, so feel free to send me your ideas of what makes this Christmas uniquely that of 2006!


2006 House with Christmas Lights - Peace On Earth


Marquis by Waterford.

Celebration Balloon Wines, Set of 6 Vintage Entertaining Collection gift sets of contemporary barware and wine stems, gift boxed with inventive, original packaging and ready for bridal and all-occasion gift opportunities.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Tell us at the retro housewife hotline!

Top Christmas Gifts Of 2006 - Boys

  1. reports that these little RC Mini Stunt Cars were the hottest sellers for Christmas of 2006. (RC stands for "Remote Control")RC Mini Stunt Cars - Number 1 Christmas Gift at
    These little rascals come in all shapes and sizes (and noise levels I presume...)

Product Red by Apple Computers - 2006 Special Edition
Product Red by Apple
For those who have been asleep for a few years, Apple (yes computers) is kicking some Microsoft Butt! The iPod and the new Mac are definitely a sign of the times!

As is "Peace, Love and Gap"

Peace, Love and Gap - 2006


Apple Computers 2006 Holiday Gift Guide  
2006 Apple Holiday Gift Guide   

Can't have a holiday without Hallmark!   

2006 Christmas Ad for