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  6. Speaking of Christmas Gifts for Men, some of the best ones I have seen are Here at Orvis.
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Cool Book: Make Your Own Christmas Tree Ornaments: Inspiring Ideas for Decorating Your Christmas Tree With Innovative, Eye-catching Ornaments. It's only $5.14 at eCampus!

Christmas Tree Ornaments of 2007

Wallace 2007 Christmas Ornament
Wallace 2007 Annual Sleigh Bell Ornament
- Sleigh Bell, 37th edition. Silver plate. 3" Diameter.
Made in USA

Lenox 2007 Very Merry Tinkerbell
Lenox 2007 Very Merry Tinkerbell
Tinker Bell - or Tink, as she is fondly referred to - appears deep in thought, holding a festively decorated ornament. Perhaps she's thinking about what to get Peter Pan for Christmas! Crafting ends December 25, 2007. THIS IS THE VERY FIRST IN A NEW ANNUAL COLLECTION!

The Subversive Christmas -
The Spiffy-Doodle Christmas
Uh Huh...
Sure Will Be Hot This Christmas!
Thomas Kinkade's Wonderland Express Christmas Tree for Christmas 2007Thomas Kinkade's Wonderland Express Christmas Tree - Thomas Kinkade Animated Tabletop Christmas Tree with Music and Light! Rotating Santa Sleigh, Moving Trains! - As Santa and his reindeer joyously fly into the Christmas night, the Wonderland Express slowly chugs its way round and round the peaceful little village nestled amongst snow-kissed evergreen boughs.

Popular Gucci Oversized Sunglasses with Horsebit in Red.
Popular Gucci Oversized Sunglasses with Horse bit in Red.

Cute Penguin Gift Bag from Avon in 2007
Cute Penguin Gift Bag from Avon in 2007


 2007 - A Green Christmas?

Christmas 2007 - Three Women around a Christmas Tree


Are you buying green this Christmas?

No way Jose!
Sort Of - Just enough to appease my conscience (Less than 25% of Gifts)
Where humanly possible - about halvsies.
I am a lean, green gift buying machine - 70% and above.

I'm dreaming of a Green Christmas... Will 2007 be the year of the first (really) environmentally friendly Christmas? What does it mean to have a Green Christmas? Is Bing Crosby turning in his grave? Favorite Christmas Gift for Teenage Girls - Ugg Classic Short Boots.

Gaiam’s 12 Days of Christmas Sale! Find the lowest price available on one product a day thru 12.18.07. Coupons cannot be applied to Deals of the Day. Green Gift - Massaging Body MatGaiam coupon codes: QHV6 - $25 off orders over $150, AP6P - $10 off $50, AP7H - Free shipping on orders over $100 - all of these coupon codes expire on December 31st.

According to the ULS report, we create 25% more trash around Christmas than at other times of the year! Trash isn't good, because we don't really have a sensible solution for all of the stuff we throw out and it just ends up in a landfill somewhere. Then we take our bulldozers, and dig up some more trees, or grass or whatever to get at the natural resources to make more stuff to throw out.KODAK EASYSHARE M883 Zoom Digital Camera / Red Hot

Vanilla Spice Treats Gift Set'Tis the season to practice folly! Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas! It has just gotten a little bit out of control, that's all, and it would do us good to re-think our priorities.

But what about the fact that many people depend on the Christmas shopping season for most of their revenues? 'Twill be nary a merry Christmas for those folks if we forsake our annual shopping spree! Our economy and way of life is dependent on growth, and while many bemoan the ever-expanding capitalist monster that is us, nobody would much like the effect if that monster sickened and died.

Perhaps, just perhaps, there is a solution that involves neither a doomsday scenario, nor the entire US population fashioning dolls and stuffed animals out of old socks.

You know, something stemming from what they used to call "common sense".

Survey of Eco Friendly Christmas Gifts, Christmas Decorations and Gift Wrap!

Reusable Gift Wrap - Furoshiki is Made Of Silk

Reusable Gift Wrap - Furoshiki is Made Of Silk.

Made from supple, easily tied Dupioni silk, the three color-coordinated furoshiki wraps enclose presents with exceptional grace-and then find use as scarves or elegant table decor, among many wearable and decorative options. The versatile 27" x 27" square wraps packages up to 8"L x 8"W x 8"H. The oversized 54" x 54" square, wraps items up to 15"L x 15"W x 15"H.

Christmas Decorations for Home

Here are some of the most popular Christmas decorations for 2007 according to the folks at Collectibles Today: From Left to Right Below:  1) Thomas Kinkade Christmas Express Electric Train Collection 2) Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Town Village Collection 3) Thomas Kinkade's Collectible Village Christmas Collection: (If you want to look at a big picture, or buy them, I made each picture clickable!)

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Express Electric Train CollectionRudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Town Village Collection2007 Thomas Kinkade Christmas Village!


Montgomery Ward “Top 10 Hottest Selling Items” for Christmas

  1. Cobra DVC 900 Digital Camera/Camcorder - The very affordable Cobra pocket-sized digital video camcorder/still camera fits a lot in a little package.  (2007 Price:  $69.99) (SKU# DVC900C)
  2. Cobra GPSM2100 GPS Mobile Navigation System - Featires a 3.5" high resolution touch screen (320 x 240 pixels). Real time traffic ready. (2007 Price:  $399.99) (SKU# GPSM2100FP)
  3. Panasonic SC-PT1050 Deluxe 5 DVD Home Theater System - The surround speakers and subwoofer are all wireless, meaning you can quickly mount them without worrying about running wire. (2007 Price:  $749.99)
  4. Coby Mini MP3/Video Player with Stereo Speakers - Sleek design plays music and video plus displays photos and text on a 1.5" CSTN full-color display. (2007 Price:  $99.99) (SKU# MPC7097DL)
  5. VTech 5.8 GHz Cordless 3 Handset System - Enhanced 5.8 GHz technology. Three handset system includes 3 handsets and requires only one phone jack (only one handset can be in use at a time). (2007 Price:  $109.99) (SKU# IA5878IM)
  6. Mirus Innovations Notebook Computer - Mobilize your business or home with these lightweight, high-powered notebook computers. (2007 Price:  starting at $1299.99) (SKU# POPL51C430MK)
  7. Canon ZR850 Digital Camcorder - Brilliant optical quality is part of every Canon broadcast TV lens, 35mm film camera, digital camera and camcorder and the ZR850 is no exception. (2007 Price:  $399.99) (SKU# 1878B001DL)
  8. Coby Micro CD Player Stereo System - The Coby CX-CD377 is affordable and fun. It combines a vertical-loading CD player and an analog AM/FM stereo tuner with rotary tuning and digital readout. (2007 Price:  $59.99) (SKU# CXCD377BLKDL)
  9. Leg Magic - Glide to a slimmer new you with Leg Magic using one simple motion. (2007 Price:  $149.99) (SKU# 177004BFQ)
  10. Pilate's Power Gym - The Power Gym combines Pilate's and traditional strength training in one easy-to-use machine with over 60 body-shaping, muscle-toning movements. (2007 Price:  $299.99) (SKU# 181501FQ)

Planet Earth/Blue Planet - Special Collector's DVD Set Featured on Oprah's Favorite Things for 2007. Seas of Life Special Collector's DVD Set for only $99.95. This product was also featured on Oprah's Favorite Things of 2007! Blue Planet: Seas of Life won two Emmy Awards®, for cinematography and score. 19 complete episodes.

The Paragon Home Plate Coir Door Mat Philips Digital Picture Frame in Wood Digital Picture Frame in Stainless Steel - Most Popular Christmas Gift!
Quantaray 5.6-inch Digital FrameI am calling Digital Picture Frames as the Christmas present of 2007 - (excluding Christmas gifts for kids...) Digital Picture Frame
I think they will turn out to be the most popular Christmas present of 2007! 
The digital picture frames shown here:
1) Philips 10.2-Inch Digital Photo Frame  $279.95 at the Sharper Image, 2) Philips 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame  $179.95 at the Sharper Image, 3)(left) Quantaray 5.6-inch Digital Frame Regularly $69.99 at Ritz Camera, 4) (right) Matsunichi 5.6" Black Digital Picture Frame with Rotate, Zoom & Swivel Modes Regularly $59.99 at Ritz Camera.

Free Shipping with any $50 purchase: expires 12/31/07

Apple's iPods, a big hit during Christmas 2006, are still very popular Christmas gifts in 2007. Shown below are 4 different colors from the iPod shuffle series: blue, green, purple and silver.  These iPod Shuffles cost $73.98 at

Apple iPod shuffle 1GB - BlueApple iPod shuffle 1GB - GreenApple iPod shuffle 1GB - PurpleApple iPod shuffle 1GB - Silver

What The Kiddies'll Want For Christmas!

How do I know? I guess based those "Most Popular" lists you see on sites that sell things. The ones below are from Discovery Store..
  1. Electronic Handheld 20 Questions Game View
  2. Discovery Radio Control Wicked Airplane View
  3. Virtual Distance Football View

Green Christmas - Living Wreath Made Of Succulents.
Are you in the Christmas Spirit yet? This is a living wreath, composed of a variety of succulents...It only needs to be watered every 6-8 weeks. I don't know how it would do if you sprayed it with fake snow...

Green Gifts

Organic Style 2007 Christmas Ad for Organic Christmas Gifts.
Organic Style
is a boutique shopping experience that balances your personal sense of style with our shared concern for the well being of people and the planet.

GAIAM - The Top 25 Green Gifts of 2007
Gaiam has great products - I outfitted our entire household with their Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets (here's my review of the organic cotton sheets) and they have lot of other wonderful things which are made using green production techniques or help you, the consumer be green!

Nordstrom Organic Shop - Thought you'd never see the day! Your favorite apparel & bedding, only greener. Organic cotton is environmentally conscious, grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. "Enjoy great style from brands with an eye on sustainability. Shop Nordstrom Organic Style." say the marketing gurus at Nordy's.

Pure bamboo fiber Bamboo Sheets
Pure Bamboo Fiber Sheets - are pesticide free, and have a soft, silky finish.

Simple Bags (From the people who brought you Ugg of Australia) Simple's Bags feature sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles, jute, and organic cotton.

Sahalie is a cute store selling "Fun Outdoor Clothing for Women and Men." Sahalie is also Committed To The Environment and encourages all to "Go Green" They have a big "green" Christmas gift section too!
Sahalie Go Green - Green Gifts for Christmas

Root Basket of Organic Fruit
Root Basket of Organic Fruit


Selling like Hot Cakes at Top Christmas Gift at Home Visions - Silver-Plate Basket Trio
Silver-Plate Basket Trio

Very Popular Christmas Gift in 2007 - Digital Camcorders
 Digital Camcorders are popular gifts. (Shown: Canon Mini DV Widescreen)
Top Christmas Gift 2007 - Microsoft XBOX 360 Ultimate Bundle
Microsoft XBOX 360 Ultimate Bundle
Personalized Gifts are Very Popular in 2007.


Connectagons Our Hottest Product For Holiday 2007! - HearthSong

Romantic Gifts
Eternity Personalized Double Band Diamond Ring
Like this "Eternity Personalized Double Band Diamond Ring"

Christmas Babies - Top Christmas Gift 2007

Favorite Christmas Gift for Teenage Girls - Ugg Boots

Tips for a Green Christmas

  •  Give edible gifts such as fruit, or variety baskets. The baskets can be used after the holidays for other purposes.
  • Give gift certificates - to minimize the use of disposable wrapping paper, packaging and the need to return or exchange the gift which requires additional packaging and fuel.
  • Wrap your Christmas gifts in reusable materials; save boxes, ribbons and wrapping paper for next year's use.
Classic Snowman Bubble Light from the 1940s and 1950s.      All the rage in the 1940s and '50s, this cute Snowman Bubble Light is outfitted with a liquid-filled bubble light, which begins to bubble when turned on, casting a festive glow of green and red for all to admire. Makes a great centerpiece, decoration, or nightlight. Snowman is made of durable resin and stands 8"" tall. 53"" cord with in-line on/off switch. UL listed. Features: Liquid-filled bubble light bubbles when turned on Stands 8"" tall
Purple Flower

Top Christmas Gift - LCD TVs

Top Christmas Gift - Lil' Bratz

Top Christmas Gift - Ugg Boots

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