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Favorites * Windows & Walls

Top 10 Blinds
  1. American Blinds 3 1/2" Vinyl Vertical Blinds
  2. American Blinds 2" Faux Wood Blinds
  3. American Blinds 2" Premium Wood Blinds
  4. American Blinds Pleated Shades
  5. Bali DiamondCell Double Cellular Shades
  6. American Blinds Double Cell Cellular Shades
  7. Hunter Douglas Duette 3/4" Cellular Shades
  8. American Blinds 2" Horizontal Window Shadings
  9. American Blinds 1" 6-Gauge Mini Blinds
  10. Hunter Douglas Country Woods 2" Wood Blinds
Top 10 Wallpaper Collections
  1. Waverly Shop By ColorWaverly Shop By Color

  2. Williamsburg Language of the GardenWilliamsburg Language of the Garden 


  3. Black & White
  4. Expressions
  5. Creative Decorating (Paintables)
  6. Norwall Tuscan Kitchens
  7. The Anaglypta Book
  8. Completely Kids
  9. Livin Lodge
  10. Silken Elegance


Want to peek into other people's bedrooms? (snorty, geek laugh) I mean to see what bedroom furniture they have!

Platform Beds

Madison Queen Size Platform Bed
Madison Queen Size Platform Bed with a deep cappuccino finish
and a Bi-Cast Leather Headboard.


Trends in Home Decor in 2007

Preferred home features are changing

What features are important to home buyers looking for when they start shopping for a new home? According to and article in the August 26th, 2007 Sunday Homes section of the Reno Gazette Journal home buyers are becoming more particular and have scaled their expectations up and are asking to see homes with premium features. Now that the real estate boom is over, home buyers have more choice. What features are popular?

  1. Family entertainment  areas
  2. Oversized garages
  3. Air conditioning
  4. Walk-in closets in the master bedroom
  5. Hardwood floors or stone floors (very little carpeting and no ceramic tiles)
  6. Granite countertops or stone countertops in general,
  7. Stainless steel-brand kitchen appliances such as Wolf, Viking and Sub-Zero.
  8. Cable/satellite TV-ready access
New Townhome Loft Dining Room Decor
Contemporary Home Decorating View of Living Room, Dining Room and Stairs.
Contemporary Home Decorating View of Living Room, Dining Room and Stairs. Top Selling Bedroom Set - August 2007

Here is what your neighbor may be sleeping in! This is the Top Selling Bedroom Set - August 2007 at

Looks a tad feminine to be for married couples, or not. Anyway, if you would like to know what the top selling bed was, I can help you out there too! Top Selling Bed in August, 2007. Top Selling Bed in August, 2007. Pretty isn't it? I suspect though, in 50 years some young whippersnapper will look at this bed and giggle. You see, in 50 years, everyone will sleep in an anti-gravity upside-down floating hyperbolic capsule.

I looked into my crystal ball and saw that. I swear!

The Modern Retro Kitchen

Elegant Breakfast Nook
Elegant Breakfast Nook - with a built in bench in dark wood contrasting with white walls and light wood flooring.

Retro Red Kitchen Aid Mixer
Retro Checkered Tiling - on the Splash with modern solid color ceramic tile countertop.  Retro Red Kitchen Aid Mixer.

      Purple Flower



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