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Images Of Christmas 2007

This year I have pictures of Truckee, California and Reno, Nevada around Christmas!

Santa in his Sleigh - Reno, Nevada 2007
Santa in his Sleigh outside a home in Reno.

Wreath, Candy Cane and Sign Pointing to the North Pole.
Which Way to the North Pole?

Waterford Crystal 2007 Red Cased Ball Ornament, 2nd Edition Mickey Christmas Tree Star mm keepsake

Minnie & Daisy Best Friends 2007 OrnamentMickey Wire-Wrap 2007 OrnamentMickey Mouse Sitting Christmas Tree Ornament.

Lenox 2007 Our First Christmas Ornament

About My 2007 Virtual Christmas Tree:

This was my first attempt at creating a gorgeous virtual Christmas tree, and I have to admit I am somewhat limited by my artistic and technical ability. Let's just say it looked a lot better in my head...but I do think the Disney ornaments are adorable!

I was aiming for something akin to the really cool Christmas tree that was/is in the Nutcracker Suite put on every year in Santa Barbara at the Arlington theater. 1

I was in the first performance when I was 8 or 9 years old (I ran around on stage in my underwear with a big floppy lime green bow on my head.)

Anyway, the Christmas tree starts to grow when Clara gets up to check on her wounded Nutcracker (then things really get trippy, but I won't spoil the plot in case you haven't seen it) and for me the gigantic tree  was just magical!

I will try again next year!

Reno Home Decorated With Christmas Reindeer and Bears.
Christmas Bears Join the Reindeer at this Reno Home!
Santa's Train On Front Lawn
Santa Trains were very popular in Reno!

Winter Wonderland
No Shortage Of Christmas Spirit at This Reno Home!

Purple Flower  

1 The first performance was actually at the Granada theater across the street, which was a larger theater. But then they chopped it up into mini theaters. The Santa Barbara Nutcracker Suite production was created by my former ballet teachers, Bob and Carol Hanlin, who founded the Goleta School of Ballet (Now the Santa Barbara Ballet Center) in the early 1970s. Back then it was located near the airport and old FedMart. My ballet career reached its peak with the aforementioned underwear episode, but the school turned out some stars including Cady Huffman.

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