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Spring 2007 Survey of Top Picks (What We, The Customers Buy!)

Wrinkle-Free Poplin Big Shirt

Wrinkle-Free Poplin Big Shirt at Silhouettes. This spiffy button-down is the top seller in June, 2007; probably because it is pretty, feminine, and is one of those wrinkle free shirts. Plus, it comes in many different colors and patterns, and at $29.00 you can buy a couple or more!  Pleated Ruffle Blouse

Very pretty "Pleated Ruffle Blouse" is number two. This blouse also comes in a number of different colors!







Sunday Fashion Brunch





La Redoute  Logo for Spring Fashion Season 2007 in Pink

Hand-embroidered Cardigan

A Staple for the Spring Wardrobe - Long Pencil Skirt in White

Five-pocket Skinny Jeans

Belted Linen & Cotton Tunic

Silk Georgette Dress

      Purple Flower



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