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Do They Know It's Christmas

A little survey of who says Christmas and who sticks to the politically correct but rather sad "Holiday".

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Top Christmas Gifts

2008 Top Holiday Toys!

Collectible Christmas Gifts

  The Wonderful World Of Disney Christmas Tree.
Wonderful Tabletop Disney Christmas Tree
 Decor Spins Holiday Magic with Mickey, Minnie and Friends! Lights, Music, Motion!

Thomas Kinkade Village Christmas Miniatures Collec
Exclusive First-Ever
Thomas Kinkade Miniature Christmas Village Collection!

Illuminated, Animated Tabletop Christmas Decor

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas Village Collection
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer® Christmas Village Collection
Celebrates a Classic! Unique Christmas Home Decoration! - For over three decades the television classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer® has brought a joy like no other. Now, relive those cherished memories when Rudolph's® Christmas village collection comes alive right in your own home.

I think this one is very pretty..
Collectible Thomas Kinkade White Christmas Animate
Thomas Kinkade Snowman Crystal-clear holiday joy! You will love this MARKET FIRST Thomas Kinkade collectible snowman figurine. Features authentic cut crystal, an illuminated village and animated train.

Eternity Personalized Double Band Diamond Ring: Ro
Personalized Eternity Ring

Thomas Kinkade Wonderland Express Animated Tableto
Thomas Kinkade Wonderland Express
 Animated Tabletop


Smithsonian Kissing Ball
Kissing under the mistletoe has been a holiday custom for generations - thanks in part to the Druids, who used the plant in their winter solstice ceremonies. A new twist on tradition, our Smithsonian Kissing Ball will never wither or fade. Decorated with botanical artwork from the Smithsonian’s archives and accented with a sculpted mistletoe sprig, it arrives in a satin-lined gift box. 4" diameter.

Christopher Radko Christmas Tree Ornament at - Now just $9.99
Radko Christmas Tree Ornament at - Now just $9.99

Shop Our Holiday Gift Guide - Brooks Brothers Christmas Advertisement 2008
Brooks Brothers
Holiday 2008 Ad


 2008 - Jingle Bells Wall Street Smells ...

Mickey Mouse What Kind Of Mickey Mouse Operation Are You Running Here?                              Wall Street Banker Scrooge McDuck Dives Into Pile Of Gold.

How Scrooged Are We?

The Grinch Stole Christmas!
Santa is on a strict budget/making our gifts or just exchanging token gifts.
We're not splurging - but there will be gifts a plenty!.
What Financial Crisis?

Let's Make Christmas - Gifts to Make for Christmas

Let's Make Christmas - I am sure many of us would love to give home-made gifts this Christmas - the question is: What do I make? Am I talented enough to make a Christmas gift that somebody might actually want? Is the Giftee going to spend the following year snickering, or grumbling about my lack of talent?

Quite Possibly.

Here are some home-made gifts that I think are kind of nice:

 Christmas Gift To Make: Amber Lace Necklace

Christmas Gift To Make: Amber Lace Necklace


  1. Cousin Precious Accents Rope Toggle Starter Kit - 3 Sets/Gold Regular Price: $1.99
  2. Not found: 9-pc. 8"x11" Floral Print Yellow Oval Crackle Mix, Peach Substitutes: Provo Not Your Common Beads Resin Oval Orange Regular Price: $3.99
  3. 12-pc. 12mm Amber Flower Beads
  4. 55-pc. 8mm Gold Round Metal Beads
  5. 8-pc. 6mm Gold Round Metal Beads
  6. 22-pc. Gold Eye Pins
  7. 42-pc. Gold Head Pins

Project Instructions

Christmas Gift To Make: Two-Hour Knit ScarfChristmas Gift To Make: Two-Hour Knit Scarf

Things You Need:

  1. Two Hours If you are like me and can't really knit - add a day or two for learning how...
  2. 2 Balls Of Chunky Yarn Regular Price: $6.49
  3. Knitting needles, size 19 (15 mm) Regular Price: $10.99

Project Instructions

Behold the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center!

It is nice that we still have a few traditions left that don't involve shopping.

And they haven't started calling it the lighting of the Holiday Tree... Yet.



2008 Christmas Decorations - Christmas Tree Ornaments

These Christmas Ornaments are from Ross-Simons. They have beautiful things in their store, but can be a little pricey - so if you shop there, use a coupon and save your money:

Swarovski Crystal 2008 Annual Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornament $75.00 Lladro 2008 Annual Porcelain Bell Ornament $70.00 Reed & Barton 2008 24th Edition Sterling Silver Bell Ornament $74.95
Reed & Barton French Hen Christmas Ornament $64.95 Reed & Barton Two Turtle Doves Christmas Ornament $64.95 Reed & Barton Partridge In A Pear Tree Christmas Ornament $59.95

Silver-Plated Ornament Tree Nordstrom Glitter High Heel OrnamentNao Nativity 'King Melchior With Chest' $185.00

Nordstrom 2008 Shopping Bag Ornament $18.00


Holiday Entertaining 2008

Holiday Entertaining Oneida Snowflake Wine Glasses, Set Of 4 - 2008

Santa Portraits Set of 4 Mugs Crock-Pot Trio Cook and Serve

2008 Holiday Gift Shop

California Wine Tour Gift BasketCalifornia Wine Tour Gift Basket

  Cheryl & CO Coupon - Save $5 on your any Holiday order plus Free Shipping - Use Code MJ, or Save $10 on your purchase of $50 or more plus Free Shipping - Use Code YK, expires 12.31.08!

Spend $20 on holiday cards at and save 20%. Shop now and save!

More Christmas Cards
Make Christmas Cards
Christmas Vintage 2008 Photo Card
Kodak Gallery Photo Cards

Our Favorite Christmas Cards

Four Angels Holiday Card by Birchcraft Price for 50: $89.00 Price for 100: $152.00
Four Angels Holiday Card
by Birchcraft
Price for 50: $89.00
Price for 100: $152.00

Stained Glass Flat Card by Prentiss Douthit Price for 50: $182.00 Price for 100: $236.00
Stained Glass Flat Card
by Prentiss Douthit
Price for 50: $182.00
Price for 100: $236.00

Moss Green Bow by Odd Balls Price for 50: $129.00 Price for 100: $208.00
Moss Green Bow
by Odd Balls
Price for 50: $129.00
Price for 100: $208.00
Decorated Ornaments Card by Caspari Price for 50: $104.00 Price for 100: $167.00
Decorated Ornaments Card by Caspari
Price for 50: $104.00
Price for 100: $167.00

Silver Wreath Folded Card  by Crane & Co. Price for 50: $224.00 Price for 100: $358.00
Silver Wreath Folded Card
by Crane & Co.
Price for 50: $224.00
Price for 100: $358.00

If you fancy making your own Christmas cards, there are a number of options these days with varying degrees of "Do It Yourselfness" - Like to start from scratch, Card Making Tools & Supplies is what you'll be interested in.

Gifts that I think are so peachy keen, I buy them first and then figure out who to give them to!

  1. This duck: Reed & Barton Something Duckie Clock $39.95 I Love this Duck! - It's a duck, and it is also a clock!


  1. Sunforce 60 Watt Solar Charging Kit
    Sunforce 60 Watt Solar Charging Kit - This is a little starter solar kit - I want to learn so that we can go off the grid...
  2. Southwest Windpower Air X Wind Generator
    I figure a wind generator would be a good back-up since if it is not sunny, there is a good chance it will be a blustery day i.e. a "Winds-day" - See: Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day
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