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Valentine's Day 2013

This Valentine's Day, make the occasion even more romantic by making or growing your own gifts. DIY gifts aren't just less expensive; doing it yourself also makes the gift uniquely yours. The recipient will think only of you not some store or advertisement every time she or he sees it. Here are some great items that can be done in DIY style:

DIY Flower Vase

You can buy beautiful Valentine's flowers in stores or online, but don't just hand them over in their original wrapper. Instead, put them in a vase you decorate yourself. Ribbons and bows are easy additions. If you're handy with more involved crafts, try making a wicker holder for the vase or even making a vase yourself. Pottery vases are easy to create if you have access to clay and a kiln.


Nutella and fruit spreads are popular, but they usually include artificial ingredients. You can make a healthier version that's just as tasty if you get out your blender. Leite's Culinaria has a delicious and easy recipe for homemade hazelnut spread.

Handmade Beer Labels

If your man (or lady) is into home brewing, you'll have a great gift if you print out and decorate some labels for his creations. Make them with funny beer puns, sweet messages or realistic names for his lagers and pale ales.

Valentine's Day Cards

By combining origami with regular paper, you can create pop-up cards that look professionally made but with the sincerity and uniqueness of a homemade greeting card. Even if you're not an origami whiz, there are patterns and instructions online that can help you become a folding expert in no time.

Festive Candles

Add some hearts to a simple pillar candle to give it a bit of your personality. Construction paper, beads and craft wire are all you need. Twist the wire around some beads and then use the beaded wire to attach a construction-paper heart. Use red wire to go with the holiday.

Bath Salts

Mineral salts and essential oils are a great way to give your significant other a relaxing spa bath that shows you care. Real Simple posted a great idea to make "Morning, Noon and Night" bath salts. With this easy recipe, you can create custom salts for any mood or any time of day.

Tool Caddy

Guys love their tools, and if you make him a useful caddy, it'll be a sure hit. The emphasis here is on "useful" make sure it's big enough to carry his usual tools, and definitely be sure that it looks masculine enough for him to use it around his friends. Go for a leather apron-like caddy if he typically goes up on roofs or in other places that make it hard to carry things along. If he usually works on the ground, a caddy made of wood is a great bet. Clear finish is good for wood caddies it keeps water out while showing the underlying grain.

Homemade Salted Caramel

Little salted caramels are popular now, so you'll definitely have your sweetie's attention if you whip up a batch. posted an incredible recipe for sea salt caramels that with have your special someone drooling, over the candies and over you.

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