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Vintage Comeback In 2013 - Nostalgia?

Vintage is making a comeback. Nineties shows, Tamogatchi's, mod '60s fashion and '80s neons are all becoming mainstream again. Take a cue from the fashion world and transform your home back into the vintage, antique feel it yearns to be. Pull all that antique furniture out of your Uncle Bob's storage unit rentals and leave that for your out-of-season items.

Antique Charm

The advantages of antiques is its minimal cost and adaptability. Integrate an old or used piece of furniture with a subtle upgrade or creative modification. Although some pieces of furniture such as American Chippendale furniture can stand alone as eye-catching statements, most vintage pieces can use a touch up to create charm and essence. Research the type, style or manufacturer of your furniture piece to understand how the material or finish performs. Highlight its distinctive features or craftsmanship. Add a couple updates to match your personal style and specific function. For example, patina on copper is worth keeping intact because of its natural and beautiful earth tones.


Photo by CastawayVintage via Flickr

Old With the New

Approach your piece of furniture as an expressive and creative project. Replace the top of a kitchen table with a contemporary glass top. If the base is exceptionally handsome and well-crafted, a stylish glass top will enhance its appearance. Pair brand-new, trendy kitchen chairs with an old farm table or round retro table for a one-of-a-kind look. Add patterned fabrics as seat cushions and paint chairs with bold-color hues that match the blinds, wallpaper, decor and carpeting.

Wicker Paradise Photo Archive: Vintage Tropical Rattan Chair via

Photo by Wicker Paradise via Flickr

Seamless Theme

Avoid a forced collision between old and new pieces as well as vintage and contemporary themes. If the appearance creates a feeling like two boxcars are slamming together, then perhaps you need to step back and take another look. Neutral decorations can seam vintage and modern statement pieces together. Traditional vases, casual light fixtures and simple wall hangings can create a cohesive look.

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Photo by KAT_bike via Flickr

Style Balance

Blending two contrasting elements is key. Avoid antiques that scream, “look at me!” when they are included in a contemporary setting. Focus on subtle and natural integration as vintage and contemporary ideas are blended. A touch here and there is better than an overstuffed chair dominating a room. For example, using an antique rope-chain that is gold or silver plated to hold the blinds open catches the eye, but it doesn’t diminish the beauty of the window treatment. If a bathroom can be freely designed, soak your cares away and install a cast-iron clawfoot tub. This tub gives old-fashioned style and exceptional comfort for relaxation after a long day.


Photo by HappyHWife via Flickr

Worldly Atmosphere

Antique rugs create a mood or reflect a certain ethnic style. House Beautiful uses low-cost floor coverings to give Middle Eastern ambiance to a hallway or nook. Other types of rugs and coverings can match all types of interior-design styles from American West to Old European. From rich and vibrant colors and unique patterns to a variety of shapes, rugs will effortlessly add cultural character.

SOLD: Hooked rug r corner

Photo by TheLivingRoominKenmore via Flickr

The beauty of having your own home is that you can personalize it with your own vision and ideas. From subtle to bold, smooth to ragged, interior-design themes are an expression of your individuality. Decorate with trends that appeal to you and impress your guests.

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