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5 Shelf Bookcase, RATING: VERY GOOD

5-shelf Bookcase
5-shelf Bookcase

One of my biggest problems in life is staying on top of everything, what with running the household, raising two teenagers and running this website. I would like to say I am the Martha Stewart of organization, but in truth, I am hanging on by a thread! My goal these days is to become Martha (as far as organization goes), and so I have been acquiring items to further this goal. The latest being all three of these 5 Shelf Bookcases. I got one in each color, white, yellow and blue! I needed somewhere to put my ever expanding collection of old books and magazines, catalogs (remember how big those old Sears catalogs were?!), but I need to have them handy and visible. Out of sight, out of mind it is with me, so I was looking for something fun to put my stuff, but where I would still be able to see it and remember all of the things I still need to do!


5-Shelf Bookcase

Available at Domestications: "This terrific bookcase sets up in a flash and folds away just as quickly to store in very little space. Crafted of wood and wood composites in your choice of three finishes."

  • 53"H x 24"W x 16"D
  • Fully assembled
  • Imported
  • Specify: (64) Blue, (00) White or (24) Yellow.

As I mentioned, I bought 3 of them. They are exactly what I was looking for, and I am very happy with my purchase. The only thing that was a bit unexpected was that they are a lot shorter than I thought they would be. That is my own fault, however, as the description clearly states 53" in height, and I didn't do my mental math which would have told me that this means they are slightly under 5' tall. I just looked at the picture which made me think that they were somehow over 6'. Nevertheless, they are sturdy little shelves, look great, and provide me with my much needed storage space. They would be great in kid's rooms too. So, just get your mind wrapped around how tall slightly under 5' is, and you should be happy with these shelves too!



Annual Shelving Sale at the Container Store

Annual Shelving Sale at the Container Store

The Container Store is having a 25% off sale on shelving. Container Store tends to sell the more high-end shelving systems such as elfa, which can cost a pretty penny but look really nice.

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