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HOW TO PURCHASE ADVERTISING is offering a limited amount of paid advertising space to the general public.

  • The ad creative must be "G" rated, and may not promote anything I don't like (Such As Meanies) or approve of (The usual list + Other Bad Things).
  • It would be nice if the ad itself could adhere to the retro theme of the site, or at least not clash too terribly.
  • Advertising space is available where I have placed this funky banner:

This Spot available for advertisements.

Here is how you go about purchasing an advertisement spot on this site:


  1. Locate the funky banner on the pages I have listed.
  2. Send me an email with the location you have picked for your ad, and a sample of your ad.
  3. Wait until I respond with a yay or a nay. This is important, because I get a ton of emails and don't always see them as pronto as you might expect.
  4. Make a donation to help rebuild the Church Of Greater Works which was destroyed by arson, had no insurance, and was really helping the down-and-out in Los Angeles until some jack-ass set fire to it.
  5. Forward me a copy of your donation receipt.
  6. The ad-banner you place will link to your site, of course.


Rates For Advertising:

  1. 1 WEEK ??
  2. Month ??
  3. Year ???
  4. Just make me a nice offer that is perhaps a little overly generous to Pastor Edwards and his church so I don't have to mess around with coming up with an actual rate sheet...
  5. Please?
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