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  • Dear Abby - Tried and True! I defer to Abby, the ultimate authority!

  • Ask Dr. Tracy - Interesting Column, hasn't been updated in awhile, and has a different view on things than I.

  • The Answer Man - More men should write advice columns. Then we could finally figure out what they are thinking!

  • Ask a Psychic at - You get 3 minutes free, then they charge you!
  • Free Astrology Reading
  • Free Tarot Reading

  • Paul Fredrick Men's Style has Free Fashion Advice & Business Dressing Articles - I don't know about you, but I am terrible at picking out men's clothes! I rely on the advice of the sales guy in the men's department, or whatever resources they have on the website! Free Fashion Advice for wives shopping for husbands!

  • is a new service, for the gabby type! They claim you can earn money for writing... If anyone trys this, please let me know!


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