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Albania Base Digital Map

Map Showing Albania and Neighboring Countries (

Capital: Tirana
Language: Albanian
Population: 3,581,655 (July 2006 est.)
Religions: Muslim 70%, Albanian Orthodox 20%, Roman Catholic 10%
Vacation Destination: Lots of potential, probably great for the adventuresome type, not serviced by major tour companies. Probably like Greece used to be 20 years ago. (Empty beaches, culture still intact, friendly natives.)

Hello! I was reading about the country Albania and I didn't like the comment about the tourism and the beaches etc. and u made a very poor comparison like Greece 20 years ago . I really felt offended can somebody check and update their knowledge about Albania and her beautiful nature and tourism.

I meant that as a compliment... I thought Greece 20 years ago was great! RH




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Meze Or Mezze

Meze or mezze in the Eastern Mediterranean is a selection of appetizers or small dishes often served with beverage, like anise-flavored liqueurs as the arak, ouzo, raki or different wines, similar to the tapas of Spain or finger food.

In Levantine cuisines and in the Caucasus region (especially in Armenia and Georgia), these dishes are served as appetizers, as a part of any large-scale meal.

When not accompanied by alcohol, meze is known in the Arab world as muqabbilat (Arabic for starters).

Albanian-style meze platters typically include prosciutto ham, salami and brined cheese, accompanied with roasted bell peppers (capsicum) and/or green olives marinated in olive oil with garlic. (maz does not exist.)

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