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Babor Sea Creation Concentrate and Sea Creation Cream, RATING: TEST IN PROGRESS

Last summer we went to Europe to watch soccer and ended up spending 3 or 4 days in a Lindner spa up in the Austrian Alps somewhere. As one of my "Treatments" I had a facial during which I struck up a conversation with my spa lady. I started quizzing her about face creams and anti-aging serums, salves etc. to see what she thought as a professional rejuvenator of the various product lines.

I brought up the example of the Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Cream which has a modest price tag of $1,147.50 (no that is not a typo) and asked her what could possibly be in there that would make it so expensive, did she think the super-expensive products actually worked better than $25 - $50 jar of cream or was it just a gimmick for the super-rich so they would have something to spend their money on?

My spa lady then gave me a short lesson on the nature of face creams.

Her first point was that the more expensive products tend to have a higher degree of purity than their lesser relatives. By purity she meant a higher concentration of the ingredients that do all the anti-aging for you - and less of the cheaper plain old cream stuff. Therefore, you only need to use just a tiny little drop because every molecule is going to fight for your skin's youthful appearance. Cheaper face creams are full of lazy molecules which couldn't be bothered to move even an electron in your defense.

Her second point was that you don't find these hard-working anti-aging molecules just anywhere. They are usually only found in the farthest corners of the globe, at the bottom of the sea or in a cave guarded by a pack of angry dragons. It is expensive to find these little guys and fraught with peril, danger and even intrigue. Yes, it seems the ingredients for expensive face creams can only be collected by a prince with a true heart guided only by the love of a fair maiden in the darkness of a new moon. Make sense?

BABOR HSR Lifting Eye CreamSo to make a long story short - I forked over 600 Euros (about $900) and bought myself some of the good stuff. I didn't buy the Estee Lauder though I bought Babor Sea Creation Concentrate and Babor Sea Creation Cream and a few baby Babors which would have been lonely otherwise. Each Babor Beauty item comes beautifully wrapped in silver gauze pouches which are tucked into ornamental boxes of cream and silver with gold trim. Where needed, a gilded application wand is provided. I used my new products today for the first time. I was afraid to open the boxes up until now.


July 2009 update: I have been sporadically using my face creams - that is the problem with me - I forget to use it. I haven't even made a dent in it yet.


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