Monday, December 26, 2005

Flubber Fingers & Hurt Feelings

This morning I discovered that a message had been left on our home answering machine that was obviously meant for a loved one of the person calling, a certain uncle Horatio, which in this case was no one in our household. A wrong number.

A sweet voice left a message wishing the intended recipient a merry Christmas and also made plans for a visit, would he please call back to confirm.

Which made me kind of sad, as I and only I knew that they had flubbed the number and were leaving their message on my machine rather than Uncle Horatio's. Most likely, the caller will call again when they don't hear back from Uncle Horatio. Presumably, they will get the number right on the second try.

But what if they don't? What if Uncle Horatio never gets his message, and the caller assumes he is not interested in a visit? Had the voice on the phone left a number, I would have called and told them about the mixup...but they didn't.

So, before you write someone off as rude or not interested....make sure you didn't leave your message on my answering machine by mistake.


Anonymous Rave said...

Oh my goodness... this very same thing happened to me several weeks ago! A gentleman left a very sweet and heartfelt message on my machine and it just about broke my heart that it wouldn't be heard by it's intended. I took a chance and dialed *69 and was lucky enough to reach the caller! He was soooo very appreciative that I had called to tell him that he had the wrong number. It was an important call to him and if he hadn't heard back he would have thought he was being "rejected" by the lady he was calling. He was exceedingly grateful and I had the happy warm fuzzies from saving his day! :-)

29 December, 2005 10:38  
Blogger Retro Housewife said...

There we have it! Flubber Fingers strike again! I suspected that this happens more than we ever suspected.

Nice of you Rave to take the time to follow up! Must admit that *69 did not occur to me, not even sure if I have it!


02 January, 2006 19:21  

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