Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Retro Housewife Tip!

So, before I tell you my newly found secret, I must inform you that I consider the following an ongoing experiment, so I may find that it was not such a good idea after all!

Well, here goes! After all the guests and relatives and dogs (4) had left for home this Christmas holiday, my cream colored carpet was not in the best of shape! Out came the Australian Guy's vacuum cleaner (Dyson... and still working like a charm, BTW!) and my newly-exchanged-for-a-new-one-at-COSTCO Bissel rug cleaner!

The Bissel does a decent job in its own right, but I got the bright idea to add a bit of TIDE to the hot water to see what happens. (Remember, don't try this unless you bought the thing at COSTCO). While there may be serious consequences for my behavior down the road, at present I have one darn clean carpet! So clean it makes me want to run out and have a manicure so that I can sit on the floor and graciously run my hand over my newly-cream-color-again ultra clean carpet! Happy Days!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear RH:
Two were yours. And from one retro house wife to another could you send all the things we left? The cute outfit from Costco, the Fairyland princess shoes, cape etc and the Breat Pump. and by the way, we might have left Britta Freshwater, without her clothes. I must reccoment to other RH's that getting a pet cage make travel so much easier. We had a wonderful night half way in shell beach.

28 December, 2005 16:08  
Blogger Retro Housewife said...

Good to hear! I will keep my eyes open for Britta Freshwater, and will send along all of the other stuff as soon as I am finished being snowed in up here at Mammoth. Seems we are going to flounder thru the snow now to get some games from the lodge, as we really can't go anywhere and there is no TV!!! Talk about RETRO!

02 January, 2006 19:26  

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