Friday, September 29, 2006

And Then There is Hollywood...

Just a quick comment on this story: The ladies pictured throughout this article are not thin, they are emaciated, skeletal. Kate Bosworth, whose figure I envied in Blue Crush, looks like her head is too big for her body, and might just fall off.

Then there is a Kim Raver (in the magazine) who went from being a knockout in 2003, to a walking skeleton (and looks like she aged 15 years in 3, and appears to also have had a nose job, for god knows what reason.)

These women are not attractive in their current state. They do not make me want to be them, or buy anything that they are "spokeswomen" for; (Bosworth pushes Revlon, a cosmetics company that is apparently trying to position itself as the makeup most frequently used by morticians.)

I am not sure who these people are who are responsible for this "pressure to be emaciated", but I hope they get hit hard where it counts: the wallet! Get these skeletons off the magazine covers please, I like to read them for a bit of escapism, not to learn that there numskulls who are willingly starving themselves to death.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These magazine covers make my husband and I feel sick to our stomachs. I am sure these sickly skeletons would say we are just jealous because we are over weight but that is just not so. They sicken us because these women do not look attractive at all, they look sickly.

Historically speaking no man would have ever chosen one of these women as his bride because she would have been considered too fragile and diseased to bear his children. Lets not even speak of what would happen to one of these women if they tried to live the hard life of a pioneer woman. One winter of hardship and they would have been dead!

Having a little meat on your bones is not a sin, it is normal. I agree, get these nasty looking creatures out of the spot light and get some healthy looking women who weigh more than a preteen on the magazine covers!

03 November, 2006 12:38  

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