Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fat is going Global? Follow up to Comment on "How Americans Got So Fat"

Unfortunately, chubby does seem to be contagious; Since I posted that blog article on Ample Americans I have heard a number of news items referring to other countries in the world that are "weighing in" on the topic.

The last mention I heard was of France! Quelle Horreure! Please, Please say it isn't so! I have always admired the French for their ability to eat, drink and be merry with abandon and still maintain their status as the world's epitome of chic! What is the world coming to? Porky Parisians? Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers on the Champs de Elyesse? Mon Dieu!

Not to mention the fact that mankind now seems to find itself in the ludicrous position where half of the world population can't seem to let go of the late-night-chip-chomp while the other half goes to bed hungry at night.

Just image what would be possible if all of the energy and resources that we fatties waste through the process of getting fat, and then getting un-fat could be put into making sure everybody in the world has enough to eat.

I have always found that the best way to forget (and solve) your own problems is to try and help somebody else. Don't know why this works, it just does.

So! Instead of standing in front of the mirror obsessing about your weight, figure out how you can help just one person in the world. Instead of devouring that package of cookies, read an article about Darfur...and then write two letters: One to this guy Musa Hilal, Sudan, North Darfur and one to Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir, President of Sudan. (Best address I could find: Sudan, Khartoum c/o National Assembly People's Hall - OMDURMAN.) Postage is $0.84 to Sudan from the US.

What to say in the letters? Keep it simple and just ask them to stop killing people. I realize this is absurd, but so is killing people really. Maybe these guys will get curious about why they are getting so much mail from random people and stop and think (not) or, maybe we can keep them busy trying to sort through all of the mail so they have less time to organize their raids on the people of Sudan.

Either way, they will know someone is watching and that usually makes people a bit nervous!



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