Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Yoox Code! Secret Link to Private Yoox Sale

Yoox is having one of their secret sales! This sale is NOT available via the home have to know someone who knows someone.... Here is the link: Secret Yoox Sale Link!

Plus, Free Shipping is still going strong AND there is a 5% Off yoox code!
I want to spend my husband's money at yoox with my 5% Off yoox code: HAPPYWEEKEND

Hee Hee, I AM BAD today!

So let's see...what do we have at the sale?
Dolce & Gabana Balconette Bra
Anyone for designer undies? Lots of Dolce & Gabana Lingere...Still Costs WAY more than one should spend on underwear, but sometimes you just gotta do it! We're worth it right? - This Balconette Bra is quite cute and actually reasonable at $28.00:

Habit Mini Skirt If you have the legs for it, there are also some cute 60s retro a go go looks (Boots ARE required!) There are also a bunch of nice, staid styles that you can pass off as "But honey, I needed something warm to wear to the PTA meeting"! (VALENTINO Cashmere sweater).

Or, if you really want to get creative, (and a little naughty) start with some of the lovely D&G unmentionables, and then finish out your look with just a hint of naughty school girl (CLEMENTS RIBEIRO Blaser and Knee length skirt)! Hubby won't remember to ask how much it cost! ;)



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