Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why Girls Will Be Girls

My mother loves to cut articles out of the newspaper and mail them to me, even though I get the same newspaper she does. I guess she figures I probably missed the really important articles, so she cuts them out, sticks them in an envelope and sends them off. On occasion I will read the article on the back side by mistake which can lead to some pretty funny conversations later.

Now my mother has her own photocopier so she has expanded into magazine articles (before she was loath to rip pages out of a magazine), and so it happened that she managed to pass along a Newsweek article entitled "Why Girls Will Be Girls". Sounds controversial, doesn't it? Seems the medical profession is breaking out of its politically correct shackles and is interested in the truth again.

A UCSF psychiatrist is publishing a book that will actually say that women's brains are different than men's and that nature plays a big role in making us gals the way we are. Gasp! Imagine that! (BTW, the UCSF psychiatrist is a woman, of course, because no man could possibly get away with saying things like that without risking life and limb (Freedom of speech, my fanny...But that is a whole other topic.)).

Dr. Brizendine studies hormones and how they affect our moods and perception of the world. She says there are biological reasons that girls like to play with dolls and teenage girls become obsessed with talking on the phone/text messaging and shopping. (BTW, we are also less aggressive and better at reading the emotions of others....GEE WHIZ REALLY??)

But more important than the girls do this, boys do that conclusions, are the improvements that will hopefully come about in medicines and treatments for women when the medical researchers stop considering women "small men".

If we really are biologically different, then it is very likely that our brains will respond differently to drugs and other medical treatments. There are no politics at the cellular level; a cell's gonna do what a cell's gonna do! If it turns out that hormones make women want to bake cakes then I for one would like to know the truth and not what the Feminist du Jour would like to be true.

So to all the supporters of the Unisex brain, calm down...It is really not the end of the world if women are different than men, just chalk it up to diversity and go on doing whatever it is you were doing.



Blogger judejude said...

"Unisex Brain"! Ha ha This is the case, unfortunately. It has really come to this. We are inferior, as women, if we admit to any difference in our brains --- strange, just strange.

01 October, 2006 21:06  

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