Monday, November 26, 2007

Made In America

Hi All,

After all the "Made in China" scares, I am making an attempt to buy my Christmas gifts "Made in the USA" or Europe at least, especially when it comes to toys for my nieces and stocking stuffers and gifts for my own two teenagers. It isn't as easy as I thought, so I am compiling a list and I will publish it here as I find new Made in the USA resources.

I have nothing against foreign made products, except when they cut costs at the expense of the safety of the consumer. Then, I believe the best remedy is "Money Talks" so I am Yakking away!

  1. HearthSong - Great site for toys. They have a discount shipping coupon too (for $4.99 flat rate shipping)! Use coupon code HSA056 at checkout.
  2. Made in the USA @ Orvis - I had the Orvis customer service help me with this! The link should automatically call up all of the Orvis products that are "Made in the USA". And, while I was visiting the site, I found a nifty coupon code: FALL2007 good for $10 off $100+ purchase. Orvis has really nice stuff...if you have a sporty guy or gal on your list, be sure and check them out.
  3. Vermont Country Store - Here is a list of products at the VCS that are Made in the USA - Some are even handmade! I like the Fisherman's Sweaters - would make great gifts.
  4. Lehman's Toy Selection Made in the USA - Check out the handmade Ann and Andy Dolls - Now there's a retro gift idea!
  5. has a selection of Made in USA toys: Buy toys made in the USA at
  6. TBC

December 7th Follow-Up: I was listening to NPR the other day and they happened to be discussing a study of 12,000 children's toys and which ones had toxic levels of this and that. Their findings were not encouraging to say the least. They mentioned this site: where you can go and check different toys against their list of findings. One of their findings stuck in my head: Children's jewelry was found to contain enormous amounts of lead. Which jewelry, I can't say, but considering that jewelry is worn next to the skin, and can easily be put in mouths, I'd be extra careful if you are planning to buy jewelry for a child. Remember: Nothing messes you up quite like lead!


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Blogger Bethgem said...

Awesome. I will look forward to any other good websites you come across.

26 November, 2007 16:26  
Blogger yankee617 said...

You can also find tons of stuff on this database I created. 100's of toys and many other gift ideas for the rest of the family. After you find what you want, click info and it will tell you where you can buy it. Happy Holidays!

Checkout the blog too!

28 November, 2007 02:31  
Blogger citrine said...

Thanks for the resources; I just started an Amazon store for Made in USA items and the links will help a lot.

04 December, 2007 09:49  
Blogger Retro Housewife said...

Good luck with your new "Made in America" stores/sites! I'll be sure to check them out!


04 December, 2007 10:54  

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