Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stuff I've Noticed - Or Am I Imagining It?

It seems to me that:
  1. Black people have gotten nicer. It seems to me that something has vanished that was once there; a wall or tension or something. I have had more chit-chatty conversations with black people post Obama than in all my years pre Obama. - I am talking about the kind of conversations you strike up with strangers while standing in line, on a plane, or just walking on the beach. I wonder - have I changed? Or has the world changed? Or is it just my perception of the world that has changed?
    Barack Obama 2007I took these photos back in 2007 - when the Prez came through town for a rally at Santa Barbara City College. Was I lucky, or what?

    Barack Obama 2007
  2. New Yorkers have gotten nicer. I am almost disappointed at this one. Somehow I found it comforting to know that there was a place on earth where people would be rude to you no matter who you are. It was a good kind of rude. The kind you knew not to take personally - and would even make you smile - because now you had your very own NYC story - and for a flash of a second, a girl from California could feel like she fit in, was one of those amazing people living life 12 times faster than everyone else in the world. People were really NICE - hospitable - even outwardly FRIENDLY! I am worried.

the roger smith hotel
Which reminds me... I wanted to give this hotel a plug: the roger smith hotel. This is one example of the niceness I am talking about. I asked them if I could take a few photos of the hotel, and they not only said yes, they invited me to go into the restaurant as well. Which I did. I tried to do the same thing in San Jose a year ago and they had security come talk to me. Go figure.

Anyway, I walked by the roger smith hotel countless times on the way back to my hotel, and each time I wondered about a hotel named roger smith, and what they had done to the Shift key on their keyboards to make them unable to use capital letters. But then I remembered I was in New York City and that people were just bold like that.

Here is how the hotel roger smith describes itself:
A friendly, intimate, New York City boutique hotel, the Roger Smith is at the center of the New York City's most elegant hotel district.
Pretty accurate - although whoever wrote that is probably from New Jersey because they lost their nerve and resorted to upper case letters for proper at the roger smith hotel restaurant
Here, as you can see on this photo I took of the really big menu outside the hotel roger smith, the NYC edginess returns! Not an uppercase letter to be found.

View of Park Avenue Street Sign and Buildings New York City - 2009Is this an awesome city, or what?

View of 42nd Street from inside the Hyatt Hotel in New York City, 2009If you look closely at the people in this photo you will see several of them smiling!

In short, if you want to take a trip somewhere, go to New York City. It will always amaze you. Also, please stay at the roger smith hotel and then tell me what it's like.


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