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Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman - Wednesday, October 9, 1929, Cont.

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman

Dan decided to hire one of the neighbor boys pick corn for us for there are so many things he wants to get done and with corn to be picked every day, he doesn't get on with other jobs very rapidly. James came over this morning to start, but hadn't been out in the field very long when it began raining so he had to come in. Dan carpentered until it got too wet then came to the house and set up the living room stove.

These fall days are rather chilly, especially for mother as she doesn't stir around as much as the rest of us. It is cozy to have the fire going on a wet, cold day and I'm glad to have the stove up. Mother hasn't been feeling quite up to standard the past few days hope, she is better soon.


It was cloudy this morning, but brightened up in the afternoon. The sky is overcast again tonight, however, so I suppose we will get more rain.
I cooked up a couple of pumpkins and made two pies this morning called up Nancy and she came over and got one of them for their dinner.
Today's mail informed, me that I have some more work to do for my class at college — supposed I was through as secretary, but it seems not so I've had to write several letters this evening which is somewhat of a task for me.
Dan put the boards on the north side of the shed today and after my other work was done, I went out and pounded nails for him. It makes it go a little faster and I managed to get along without pounding my fingers. After the chicks had gone to bed tonight we caught about forty and shut them up. Shall try to fatten them for about a week, then sell them, as I have more than I can house over winter.
Mother is beginning to be a little peppier again - guess the gloomy weather has made her feel a bit down. We had a few games of Five Hundred this evening. It is a good three handed game, and a few rounds make a finish for the evening before we turn in.

Rainy early this morning, then the wind turned to the northwest and drove the clouds away. It has blown pretty hard most of the day and is much colder.
I spent some time fussing with the chicks I shut in. Dan cleaned out the broder house and the main coop for me and I carted over straw to them both after dinner.
James came this afternoon to pick corn. If he hadn't arrived Dan would have had to go out as he had none on hand for feeding. We all went up for the mall this noon then Dan walked over after the horses and left me to drive home. It was pretty muddy and slippery and first thing I knew, I went off the grade. I was mighty glad we didn't tip over. Thought for a while I wouldn't be able to pull out again and Dan who saw it all said he expected he would have to hitch up the team and haul us out. But after some effort we crawled over into the road again and got home without further mishap.
I haven't heard anything from my watch and very much fear it is gone for good. Sure do hate to lose it too.


It has really been a nice day though rather cool. We all went to town this morning; I was running short on supplies - had been expecting to drive in during the week but we didn't like to go in the rain.

We celebrate my birthday tomorrow. Mother bought a number of good things for dinner and, of course, Nancy and Dave will be over to help us dispose of them. The mail brought me several remembrances and greeting cards: It is always pleasant to be thought of and I surely do appreciate the way my family and friends remember by natal day. Of course, I'm long past the place where I should have birthdays, but I'll endeavor to forget how many of them have passed and try to feel young in spite of the years.

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