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Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman - Sunday, October 13, 1929

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman


It has been like a summer day, and I've had a very happy celebration. Our dinner was not one that required a lot of work beforehand, but we all enjoyed it the more, perhaps, because of its ease of preparation. Nancy wouldn't let me do any of the dish washing, and as getting the meal is always much easier than clearing up afterward, I felt I was having a real treat. Nancy washed and Dave wiped and they both had a good time over it.
Callers came in the afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Writer and Mrs. W's father. We had a pleasant visit with them. They live quite a distance from us and we do not see them very often. After they left, we all got in the car and drove out the Lake Byron road. We saw several pretty good looking cornfields - imagine they were blessed with more moisture than came our way.
When we got back to town we found we had a puncture Dan's pet abomination so, of course, the tire had to be changed, which made us late getting home. I think some of my chickens went to bed without their supper. However, they can always fill up at the mash hoppers, so I don't imagine they suffered seriously.


Another summer day almost too warm for corn picking; James went home over Sunday but was back on the job this morning. Dan has been working on the shed all day, I washed this forenoon and mother and I drove to town after dinner.
Mother expects to leave us in about a week saying she is beginning to feel the call, to march, and much as we hate to have her go, we know it is no use urging when she makes up her mind he is ready to leave. She wants to get in a little visit at my brother's before going to Denver When I'm looking forward to her visit I count the days until she gets here. Now I try to hold them back to keep her as long as possible.


Ironing and cooking took up most of my morning. After dinner mother and I made another visit to the metropolis. I'm not trying to do a great deal of work this week expect to play around with mother as much us I can. I think perhaps I'll do a little painting on the shed tomorrow though, for this is good spring weather for painting and the new wood should be covered as soon as possible. I got some linseed oil in town; we have paint on hand.

A letter from Jean today -the first since they left. We were beginning to get a trifle uneasy and were glad to learn all was well with them. Of course they are enjoying being with the grandchildren again.

The New Hotel Plymouth in New York City - 1929

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