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Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman - Wednesday, October 16, 1929

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman


We didn't do any gadding today except to drive up to the mail box. As soon as the morning work was done, Dan mixed the paint for me and I started "saving the surface" of the shed. Got almost all the east end done before dinner and in the afternoon I did a good bit of the west side. It was really hot working in the sun.
Dan started up the tractor just before chore time and ground barley for the hogs and a grain mixture for my chicks.
Skippy seems to have settled down to life with us and apparently is perfectly happy helping -at times a bit too vigorously - to drive up the milk cows -squabbling with the cats over the table scraps, breaking up fights between the roosters and trailing the family around devotedly. He is a nice little dog and we are all getting very fond of him - so glad our neighbor turned him over to us.


I did a little baking this forenoon -and thought I would get around to finish the west side of the barn, but seems it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Just before dinner Dan and I loaded up the crate with chickens and in the afternoon we all went to town and marketed them. We took the trailer for Dan had to get roof sheathing. He tore down the old corn crib and used the lumber from that as far as it would go but it didn't quite complete the job. He wanted to get the roof finished while the weather holds good, but there is quite a bit of work still to do on it.

It has clouded up some this morning. Shouldn't mind it being a trifle cooler, but I hope we do not get bad weather for some time yet. Mother has asked a few friends for dinner at the hotel Sunday. I hate to think it is her last Sunday with us for this season.


It thundered and lightened quite a bit in the night but I was too dead to the world to heed it much. No rain fell so the corn ??spcxing?? could continue as planned today. It would be better for the corn ??spll?? if the weather were a little colder, but we will be feeding up all we have right away, so it won't have much chance to spoil.

I finished my little painting stint this morning then as there was a small amount of paint left in the can, I proceeded to decorate the ??evenarm?? and tongue of the ??ceultivator??. Dan had put in a new tongue and hadn't gotten around to painting it, so he thought that would be a good place for what I had left.

The house had to have the usual Friday cleaning too, so my morning was pretty well taken up. The afternoon was devoted to odds and ends of the week's work.

There is always a bit of mending to finish, usually coveralls to patch and a few buttons to sew on, but at home tasks are all attended to and I feel I'm even with my work. I very seldom can get ahead, in fact, more frequently fall behind, so when the end of the week finds me evened up I'm pretty well satisfied.

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