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Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman - October 22 - October 24, 1929

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman


Mother's trunk is packed and ready and this time tomorrow night she will be well on her way to Chicago. She is only staying there a few days then will head for Kansas City and Pueblo, so will be on the road most of the time until she settles down in Denver next month. Nancy and Dave have just gone home they won't get in to the train in the morning so came to say their good-byes this evening.

I roasted the bird and we had him for supper as we were out for lunch this noon. I made an angel food cake too, for mother's lunch and baked up a couple of pies -one for home use and the other for our picnic club hostess. We had such a delicious luncheon and a pleasant afternoon of bridge and visiting and mother had several packages to bring home with her -journey gifts from the friends, which pleased her very much. Now we must go to bed for we will have to turn out early in the morning.


Mother got off this morning. It has turned off very cold, with a stiff wind blowing all day. Perhaps it is as well she is started for a warmer neighborhood, though she may meet with quite as chilly weather in Chicago and Kansas City as here. However, it will be only about a month until she will be heading for California. It seems lonely enough without her.
Nancy came over and spent the afternoon with me for she knew I'd be feeling a trifle forlorn. We sewed and visited by the fire -I repaired my fur coat for this kind of a day makes me realize I'll soon be needing it.
I've been following mother mentally all day on her journey. Separations are always hard but we live in hopes of another meeting next year. Mother and I always try to say goodbye cheerfully because tears at parting do not help any —only make it harder. There's always a let-down feeling for me when the train pulls out, but I can look back on our happy hours together and forward to her next visit.
Dan didn't do any work on the shed today. It was too chilly. We brought home the roofing from town but will have to wait for a milder day to put it on.


I suppose mother landed in Chicago this morning. The papers say they had snow there. It is still cold here but not as bad as yesterday.

I didn't feel up to the mark today so haven't much to my credit. I did churn but making the week's supply of butter could scarcely be considered a day's work. Dan carpentered on the shed this morning and brought up a load of cane after dinner. I didn't feel equal to helping him with it, but he managed to get it stowed away in the barn without my assistance.

James picked corn as usual. I hope he will stay with us until it is all out, but wouldn't be surprised if his father would be wanting his help at home any time.

The poor little lame kitten is dead and the other one seems dopy. It does seem as if we never can raise our kittens. I think Skippy has been rather hard on them as he delights in wooling them around in spite of my remonstrances. But they must enjoy his attentions for they do not offer to run away from him.

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