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Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman - Friday, October 25, 1929

Diary Of A Central South Dakota Farm Woman


This has been a fine, mild day and I've spent most of it up in the world. First thing after breakfast Dan and I had a big bonfire of tumble weeds. What a lot of heat there is in the Russian thistles! If one could only crush them up into briquettes, they would be wonderful fuel for a cold day.
After we had cleaned up around the garden I did up my housework then we ascended to the shed roof and proceeded to lay the roofing. The strips had to be cemented as well as nailed and I got myself pretty much tarred up in the process. We got along very well. It was an ideal day for the work, but it will take at least a half day longer to finish. The roofing is covered with crushed slate which is rather had on one's anatomy generally. My knees and elbows feel as if they had been sand papered and my fingers are somewhat mutilated too - both from the slate and from using the hammer on them occasionally instead of on the nails. Dan doesn't say much but I suspect he is a trifle sore physically too. Hope tomorrow is as quiet so we can finish the job.

Vegetable Sale - Saturday, November 2, 1929

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