Monday, March 08, 2010

Laughable Luddites Lament Library - A Poem

Larry and Lisa lingered outside,
their local library soon to demise.

Where can I find the knowledge I seek,
lamented Larry then Lisa now for a week.

Such a spectacle they made with laments so loud,
they caused the formation of a curious crowd.

What have we before us?
cried the crowd now in chorus,
No need to fret, it's all on the net,
Libraries you see, now only bore us!

Leave us alone with your laments for libraries,
lest we so tire of listening we set fire to your library.

Then they all took their mices
to their electronic devices
and logged on online
which suited them fine.

Leaving Larry and Lisa lamenting their library.

Lingering doubt, unsure what about,
left Lenny quite queasy,
but since it was easy, he connected now quickly,
to read all the news,
so much from to choose,
he soon was besotted
with an item he spotted
of a forthcoming storm
and the need to keep warm

He failed to take heed
of the most urgent need
to quiet the ire
and stop the hot fire

Set by the crowd to the library.

Up in black smoke went the knowledge of nations,
amid cheers from the crowd,
could be heard growing loud
the rumble and grumble of deafening thunder.

Then a bright flash
that caused all to dash,
from the rain and the wind,
that now did descend,
on the crowd with their mices
and electronic devices.

The powerful storm lasted less than an hour,
but the damage was done,
it had taken the power.

Where can we find the knowledge we seek?
cried those with the mices
and electronic devices,
who now tried in vain
to lessen their pain
by logging on quickly
to learn news of the sickly
and ways now to cope
but alas there's no hope!

It no longer suffices
to have electronic devices
rendered useless and dark
by one little spark.

The End.



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This is the best blog I have ever read thank you!

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