Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Retro Housewife Tip!

So, before I tell you my newly found secret, I must inform you that I consider the following an ongoing experiment, so I may find that it was not such a good idea after all!

Well, here goes! After all the guests and relatives and dogs (4) had left for home this Christmas holiday, my cream colored carpet was not in the best of shape! Out came the Australian Guy's vacuum cleaner (Dyson... and still working like a charm, BTW!) and my newly-exchanged-for-a-new-one-at-COSTCO Bissel rug cleaner!

The Bissel does a decent job in its own right, but I got the bright idea to add a bit of TIDE to the hot water to see what happens. (Remember, don't try this unless you bought the thing at COSTCO). While there may be serious consequences for my behavior down the road, at present I have one darn clean carpet! So clean it makes me want to run out and have a manicure so that I can sit on the floor and graciously run my hand over my newly-cream-color-again ultra clean carpet! Happy Days!


Monday, December 26, 2005

Flubber Fingers & Hurt Feelings

This morning I discovered that a message had been left on our home answering machine that was obviously meant for a loved one of the person calling, a certain uncle Horatio, which in this case was no one in our household. A wrong number.

A sweet voice left a message wishing the intended recipient a merry Christmas and also made plans for a visit, would he please call back to confirm.

Which made me kind of sad, as I and only I knew that they had flubbed the number and were leaving their message on my machine rather than Uncle Horatio's. Most likely, the caller will call again when they don't hear back from Uncle Horatio. Presumably, they will get the number right on the second try.

But what if they don't? What if Uncle Horatio never gets his message, and the caller assumes he is not interested in a visit? Had the voice on the phone left a number, I would have called and told them about the mixup...but they didn't.

So, before you write someone off as rude or not interested....make sure you didn't leave your message on my answering machine by mistake.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Must catch my breath! Family coming, Christmas shopping to finish...decorations to complete, where does one find the time! However you are spending Christmas this year, I wish you a happy, healthy, beautiful Christmas!

Peace on Earth!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Retro Housewife no longer necessary in today's society

Retro Housewife no longer necessary in today's society

Dear visitors,

I felt I needed to comment on this email that was sent in by a visitor to, especially the comment about "Go out and get a real job". This retro housewife maintains that running a household and being the primary caregiver of the children is a "real job", and is in fact, one of the most important ones around.

Liberation and voting have little to do with it; I do not equate being a housewife with any sort of oppression or bondage, and I always vote. Somewhere along the line, society did start to view the profession "Housewife" in this light, which to me is the ultimate in chauvinism. Because the role of keeping house and raising children is traditionally a woman's job, it is somehow of no value?

As for sitting around watching Oprah, or not knowing how to cook or clean, allow me to point out that there are members of every profession who are not quite as competent as they should be. Shall we do away with all waiters if one happens to spill a drink on a customer?

Also, "Wanting to spend quality time with the children" is a curious concept that has become the mantra of many these days, as if it were some sort of evidence of one's own virtue. The phrase is bandied about much the same way one talks about taking up painting to enrich one's mind.

I've got news for you folks, raising children is not about spending quality time with them. It is about living up to your responsibility to mold the little ones that you placed on this earth into quality human beings who will add to society or at the least not harm it.

Much of the time it ain't pretty, and it is not about sitting around reading moralizing, preachy stories to them for a half an hour before bed time. Fact is, when you take on too much, something always comes up short. Your kids will be just fine without the Starbucks crowd's version of quality time. They may not be fine without someone who has the time and energy to instill discipline and ethics into often unwilling participants.

Beating a child into submission is not raising a child, whether or not you remember the "lesson". It is the act of an unskilled and frustrated parent, and not at all useful in today's society. (How often does a boss pummel an employee who takes a questionable sick day?).

Yes, you may have more money with two incomes (although I do not necessarily agree with this, but that will be another blog), but if your personal balance sheet is what is important to you, why have the children in the first place?