Thursday, February 23, 2006

Recess and Deep Thought

For some reason I had a flashback to the fourth grade, to a particular occasion when I was standing in the recess line waiting for the bell to ring so we could be led back to class. I remember pondering the concept of marriage, as there had been much heated discussion, teasing and 10 year old theorizing about the nature of love, marriage and....You guessed it, sex, going on amongst the girls of my class.

Now, when I say sex, I am using the term as an adult; no one in the fourth grade back then would say the word, and no one really knew what it was...but we did suspect something was up and it had to do with boys and kissing them. However, this wasn't what I was thinking about...I was caught up with the terrible realization that for me to get married, somebody had to ask me! I wasn't too optimistic about my prospects either, since none of the fourth grade boys seemed too terribly interested in marrying anyone, and if they were, it would be Meg Barbeau because she was the prettiest girl in the class.

I was sincerely worried about this, and equated it with the fear every kid goes through when choosing up sides for kick ball. It is mortifying and quite depressing to be the last kid standing there after all the other kids have been chosen. Not that this ever happened to me, but I felt the pain of the kids that were the usual stragglers. Besides, that was kick ball...this was life!

It just seemed so incredibly random! To me it seemed much like the process of choosing teams and I pictured two rows with boys on the one side, and girls on the other, and the boys would walk over to a girl and ask her to marry him, and that was that. I was horrified by the thought of standing there like an awkward sack of potatoes with no boy asking me to marry him.

I knew nothing about courtship, falling in love or finding somebody you are compatible with...just that everybody gets married and somebody has to pick you.

In the end everything worked out fine and nowadays little girls don't have to worry about such things because if things aren't progressing as they should be, all one has to do is yank out the credit card, take a short personality /compatibility test and wait for the offers to roll in.

I hear one company even delivers the goods to your home....