Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ms. Magazine | Decoding anti-feminist writer Caitlin Flanagan

Ms. Magazine | Decoding anti-feminist writer Caitlin Flanagan Or, How "Feminisim" Was Kidnapped and Held Hostage In Hairy Armpits.

I am a feminist. And judging by the essays I have been reading on the Ms. Magazine website tonight, I am a radical feminist.

I am not quite sure how to classify the ladies who wrote those lovely essays, even though they seem to have appointed themselves as the guardians of "feminisim", but I am quite sure that they have very little to do with anything feminine. I don't think they even like women.

Take for example Hillary Frey's comment on a quote by Caitlin Flanagan: "There was no way to see an article containing the statement “when a mother works, something is lost” as anything but an attack on working mothers. Scores of moms took notice."

Excuse me? There is no way to take the statement "When a mother works, something is lost" as anything but an attack? Is she saying that a mother is worthless? I contend that you could take that statement as an acknowledgement of the importance of the mother's presence in raising the children.

This is where the "radical" comes in. Instead of fighting tooth and nail to do everything BUT raise children, a real feminist will drag her self esteem out of the gutter conquer her fear of lipstick, lace and everything pink, and stand up and fight to re-establish the value of the traditional feminine role.

Just what the hell is so terrible about the kitchen anyway? The kitchen is where everybody wants to be! If you don't believe me, throw a party and watch everybody do their darndest to squeeze themselves into the dreaded room.

The kidnappers of feminisim are not really afraid of the kitchen, they are afraid of the female in the kitchen. Why? Because they themselves consider women to be inferior to men, and thus equate anything associated with women to repression and even suffering. Therefore, anytime some brave gal pokes her head up and says, "Hey, I want to be a Housewife" the kidnappers of feminism will be on her like a pack of piranhas. But believe me, if men suddenly decided they were going to do all the cooking, those very same women would be clamoring for the apron.

I contend something IS lost when a mother works, that there is incredible value in dedicating oneself to raising the children and creating a home. Consider this: Imagine in your professional life you are assigned responsibility for a major, long term project, involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, the outcome of which will decide the fate of your company.

How many of you would hire an uneducated, minimum wage assistant who couldn't care less about the outcome of said company, put them in charge of the project for 8-10 hours a day and then insist to your boss that everything will be fine because you spend 1 or 2 hours of "quality time" with your project in the evenings?


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Developments in Child Rearing: Baby First TV, Baby First Cigarettes, Baby First Chemical Weapon Assembly Kit!

I was just contemplating whether I should make an entry in my blog and was leaning towards going to sleep instead, when a commercial came on my Tivo'ed Monk episode for a fantastic new idea they are calling "Baby First TV". Now why didn't they think of this when my children were babies? I was forced to park my kids in front of taped episodes of the Jerry Springer Show when all that goo gooing and silly smiling at me got on my nerves, or when their incessant yowling interfered with my soaps. (A good transvestite on transvestite brawl would make them forget they were hungry in seconds flat!)

"Baby First TV" is appropriate for babies as young as six months old! Just think how much time I wasted talking to my children, when if I had only waited, I could have begun avoiding them a good 3 or 4 years earlier! Miserable little creatures, always wanting my attention, getting into things and making messes! If you ask me, they are long overdue for "Baby First Cigarettes"! I'd just like to see them try to cry for hours while coughing up a lung! Maybe then I would have had my peace and quiet!

Even better, Let's just skip "Baby First TV" and "Baby First cigarettes" and go straight to "Baby First Chemical Weapons Assembly Kit". Why wait around with long, drawn out solutions when some explosive chemicals and instructions written by the geniuses behind the "Baby First TV" concept would surely do them in in 20 minutes or less? How lucky the new mothers of today are! With the proper choice in cable company, and subscription TV, they will be able to avoid their children all together!


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Snails and Beer

Retro Housewife and The Ladies who Lunch: Snail Safari

I have to do a quick follow up on the various remedies that have been suggested for my snail problem. I am currently trying out setting out a bowl of beer (no pretzles), which I have now heard from several different, unrelated sources attracts snails and causes their untimely, drunken death.

My first night, I caught not one snail! Not sure if they just ran out on their bar tab, or just didn't show up but my beer trap was completely devoid of snails!

Yesterday, my sister and her 2.5 year old daughter were visiting, and I managed to convince my niece to collect snails and put them into the "Snail Aquarium". She did a fantastic job, but I'll be darned if the things didn't squirm their way out again!

Which leads me to wonder whether I have chosen the wrong type of beer. I am using dark beer, but perhaps a Pilsner would be more appropriate? Does it matter whether it is domestic or imported? Am I "serving" the beer in the wrong type of bowl?

If anyone has experience with drowning snails in beer, please enlighten me!


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!!

First, I would like to wish all of the mothers out there a very happy mother's day! Hopefully you got to sleep in and got served breakfast in bed, (or, didn't get served breakfast in bed if your kids are younger than KNOW what I mean =))

Hats off to you for doing the toughest job in the world! These are for you!


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Going Shopping...

Hello All!

For those of you who like to wear designer labels, and like it even more when you get a deal on them, this post is for you! I found out about a secret coupon code for YOOX which will give you free shipping until May 22. I thought I would share it with anyone itching for some Prada or Armani! Free Shipping Link w/code topaff06 . I am not sure if the code is case sensitive, but to be safe, make sure you type it in just like it is.

Here are the instructions that came with the yoox code:

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How to use the YOOX CODE:

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Warranty Mafia

Is it just me, or has the whole warranty business gotten a bit out of hand? I say this because it seems to be the birthday of several of my large appliances, and all of a sudden, they are getting more mail than I do. A lady from Sears also called to offer me extended "protection" for my washer/dryer and fridge.

Apparently, the life expectancy of my quality appliances is about two years, after which terrible, horrible things can be expected of them from which I can protect myself for only $250. Instead of forking over the dough, I told the nice lady that if they break down, I will buy new ones, and I am sorry to hear that the quality of their products is so poor.

What ever happened to selling a quality product that will last a life time, or at least 10 years? Must I live in fear of my dishwasher? All I wanted were some nice, energy efficient appliances that would assist me in my daily chores. We didn't buy the cheapest appliances, we paid a pretty penny for our mechanical friends and I am offended that I am now being told to buy protection from them.

Anyway, I am happy to report that they are, in fact, still fully functional but just to be on the safe side, I am keeping the knives away from the dishwasher!