Sunday, August 27, 2006

Back to School - In The Home Stretch

The moment that parents secretly wait for, (and not without a bit of guilt for doing so) is nearly here! Back to School!

Family vacations have been taken, swim courses successfully completed, summer movies have been endured and about half of the beach has been relocated to my carpets, patio and utility room. The lazy days (for some) are drawing to a close.


One last, final burst of energy is required to acquire the necessary trappings that go with getting 2 teenagers off to school. The new Back to School wardrobe has to be found in the farthest corner of the last store in the mall, and the myriad assortment of binders, books, pencils, pencil sharpeners, calculators and notebook paper must be duly tracked down and checked off the list.

On top of that, my daughter requires an assortment of survival gear, fit for an Eskimo and in coordinating colors of course, for a 5 day school camping trip!


Luckily, we had the list ahead of time and purchased all those supplies on the internet. (Me kneeling and praising Internet God)

Then there is the stack of official forms an inch thick that get sent home from the public schools. They are the same forms which I filled out last year, but for some reason I have to do it again. The school packets have also become full blown marketing channels for a variety of businesses who are just gearing up to begin the exploitation of a completely free work force in the name of "fundraising".

Once all this is done, however... Once this is all over, millions of mothers across America will breath a sigh of relief as schedule and routine return to their daily lives.



After almost 3 months of "vacation", we will finally be able to get the house clean!


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Yoox Code - Yoox Code YOOOOO HOOOOOO

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A little late in posting this...busy with back to school and all, this yoox code is only good thru tomorrow: weekendyoox

(The code itself is kind of a clue)

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So, if Paris or Ivana stole your ticket to the fashion show, get it at Yoox instead!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Men will be Men! : An Open Response to the Retro Housewife and Her Lunch Ladies at How to Get Rid of Things: The Blog

An Open Response to the Retro Housewife and Her Lunch Ladies at How to Get Rid of Things: The Blog

My Dear Jonathan,

How you do go on! It would not be ladylike for me to address the first part of your letter in an open forum, so let me get directly to the point of "Laziness". The reason you seem to have so much expertise in "Getting rid of things" is that you have allowed them to be there in the first place! I am not sure what a house husband is, having never encountered one in the wild. It seems to me that such a beast must only exist in the rantings of the sorry pseudo feminist journals! I believe a more appropriate term for you is "bachelor", and from the look of things, one that is in desperate need of a wife. While you do seem a bit rough around the edges, it is nothing that can't be fixed by the right woman. Perhaps I will send a few candidates your way?



Hollywood and the Potty Obsession

Pleeeeeeeease Stop!

It's not funny! We recently sat through the movie "RV" which was erroneously listed as a "comedy". It should be listed in the evidence file for those making the case that Hollywood has run out of talent and Robin Williams should retire quickly.

Here is the thing: we all use the toilet, it is a well established, well documented fact of life. Watching Robin Williams get covered in feces is not funny, it is disgusting. It is also a sign of desperation on the part of whatever monkey wrote the "script". 5 year olds think potty jokes are funny but even they grow out of it! If that is the only thing you can come up with, please find another job.

Robin Williams is a genius as a stand up comedian, but it seems he has run out of ideas. There is something to be said for retiring while you are still on top before senility has fully taken ownership of your brain.

And while I am pointing fingers, Mike Meyers should also shut the door to the outhouse. It's not funny, it just stinks.


Monday, August 14, 2006

An Open Letter to: How to Get Rid of Things: The Blog

How to Get Rid of Things: The Blog

My Dear Jonathan,

While I do appreciate your mentioning Retro Housewife on your Blog, I must take issue with your claim that I am setting feminist progress back (50 - 100 years I believe). Au Contraire! I am advancing the feminist movement, catapulting it out of the doldrums, getting the gals off the hamster wheel and back home sweet home where we belong!

I have, in the past been stuck at work, stuck in traffic, stuck in a rut and once, just plain stuck (nevermind), but have not felt "Stuck at Home". I have the power to make everybody in my family happy just by cooking up something yummy for dinner, or bringing home ice cream and a good video from the market.

Is it really progress for women to try to be like men? Is a job as an office manager, bank teller or corporate cubical captive really that much more rewarding? I think I shall go ponder that some more over coffee.


PS: At least you kill spiders....there is hope for you yet, young man!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yoox Code is Back!

Just a quick note to let you know that the YOOX coupon code for 5% Off is back until October 10th! Here are the details: (See recent blog entry for all current yoox promotions)
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    YOOX Code: HAPPYWEEKEND Ends 10/10/2006

  2. Extra 60% Off Spring Summer Collections until August 31. (No Code Required)

Michael Kors Retro Skirt
Here is a cute 50s style skirt from Michael Kors... Costs a pretty penny though!
Nose Sneakers at YOOX
Ralph Lauren Cardigan and Nose Sneakers (Really!)

There are some really cute kid's clothes, so if you have fashion conscious teens, have them take a look...(you never know with them though, designer is not always designer with them!) The Kid's and Junior's section is much more reasonable....(Sneakers were only $30...All the kids in Europe were running around in those things.)

Well Ta!


Monday, August 07, 2006

Honey, What Are You Thinking About?

I had a major revelation this evening.
Men it seems, really ARE thinking about nothing. At least when it comes to what we suspect, hope and possibly fear they are thinking about. I still can't really grasp the implications of this fully; I can think of situations where I myself have posed this famously female question, sure that he must be pondering how he was ever able to live without me, and how deep his love for me is, only to receive the old "Nothing Really" response.

Depending on my mood at the time, I would assume that he a) is having trouble expressing such strong emotion adequately b) is really thinking about some other woman, c) is secretly mad at me or d) must be sick.

It just never occurred to me that he is actually thinking about nothing special.

My revelation occurred this evening while sitting around chatting with a male friend of ours. The topic of relationships, communication and THE QUESTION came up (since our friend is newly single) and I made a comment that I still am never sure what my husband is thinking even after all these years.

Without missing a beat, my husband and our friend said "Nothing!!" in unison, and rather emphatically at that. None of the usual suspects (see assumptions a-d above) seemed to provide any satisfactory explanation to the fact that I now had TWO men claiming that they are thinking about nothing.

Neither of them appeared to be bottling up repressed emotion, there is a copy of the Victoria's Secret catalog on the coffee table that has been left untouched and both are in very good moods.

I am getting the thermometer.