Friday, September 29, 2006

And Then There is Hollywood...

Just a quick comment on this story: The ladies pictured throughout this article are not thin, they are emaciated, skeletal. Kate Bosworth, whose figure I envied in Blue Crush, looks like her head is too big for her body, and might just fall off.

Then there is a Kim Raver (in the magazine) who went from being a knockout in 2003, to a walking skeleton (and looks like she aged 15 years in 3, and appears to also have had a nose job, for god knows what reason.)

These women are not attractive in their current state. They do not make me want to be them, or buy anything that they are "spokeswomen" for; (Bosworth pushes Revlon, a cosmetics company that is apparently trying to position itself as the makeup most frequently used by morticians.)

I am not sure who these people are who are responsible for this "pressure to be emaciated", but I hope they get hit hard where it counts: the wallet! Get these skeletons off the magazine covers please, I like to read them for a bit of escapism, not to learn that there numskulls who are willingly starving themselves to death.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Brooks Brothers Coupon Code 25% Off 3 Days Only!

Brooks Brothers Code
Hi All!
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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fires of Mordor?

The Day Fire Burning at Night
Why No! This was the view we had this evening while taking our dogs for a walk. Fire burning away up on the mountain top; Called the Day Fire, it has been burning since September 4th, and every few days it peeks over the mountains just to say hello, and to remind us all not to piss off Mother Nature!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fat is going Global? Follow up to Comment on "How Americans Got So Fat"

Unfortunately, chubby does seem to be contagious; Since I posted that blog article on Ample Americans I have heard a number of news items referring to other countries in the world that are "weighing in" on the topic.

The last mention I heard was of France! Quelle Horreure! Please, Please say it isn't so! I have always admired the French for their ability to eat, drink and be merry with abandon and still maintain their status as the world's epitome of chic! What is the world coming to? Porky Parisians? Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers on the Champs de Elyesse? Mon Dieu!

Not to mention the fact that mankind now seems to find itself in the ludicrous position where half of the world population can't seem to let go of the late-night-chip-chomp while the other half goes to bed hungry at night.

Just image what would be possible if all of the energy and resources that we fatties waste through the process of getting fat, and then getting un-fat could be put into making sure everybody in the world has enough to eat.

I have always found that the best way to forget (and solve) your own problems is to try and help somebody else. Don't know why this works, it just does.

So! Instead of standing in front of the mirror obsessing about your weight, figure out how you can help just one person in the world. Instead of devouring that package of cookies, read an article about Darfur...and then write two letters: One to this guy Musa Hilal, Sudan, North Darfur and one to Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir, President of Sudan. (Best address I could find: Sudan, Khartoum c/o National Assembly People's Hall - OMDURMAN.) Postage is $0.84 to Sudan from the US.

What to say in the letters? Keep it simple and just ask them to stop killing people. I realize this is absurd, but so is killing people really. Maybe these guys will get curious about why they are getting so much mail from random people and stop and think (not) or, maybe we can keep them busy trying to sort through all of the mail so they have less time to organize their raids on the people of Sudan.

Either way, they will know someone is watching and that usually makes people a bit nervous!


Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Yoox Code! Secret Link to Private Yoox Sale

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Retro Housewife and The Ladies who Lunch: Flubber Fingers & Hurt Feelings

Retro Housewife and The Ladies who Lunch: Flubber Fingers & Hurt Feelings

Awhile back I wrote about messages that get left on your machine which are meant for somebody else! Well, it happened again! This time it was a co-worker to (absent) co-worker call talking about some computer gibberish...but this time she left a number! So, being the chatty sort, I phoned her up and thanked her for her message, but declined her help with my computer! Nothing earth shattering really, just kind of funny.


Oh and By The Way...

I've got Video! Retro Video! I am so excited! Of course it'll take me forever and a day to get them all up on the site, and I have a lot to learn about how one goes about getting video on one's site, but I actually have one up already!!! Tea Party Video

Arranging the Tea Table

It's about a Tea Party!

How wonderfully quaint!

It is in apple format....sec...I have the real name here... (They Officially Call it "QuickTime" and you can download the QuickTime Player here for free).

Then, may I invite you over for a real retro Tea Party?
Actually, it is a lesson on how to host a tea party...(please note, one does not throw a tea party!)

Anyway Enjoy!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why Girls Will Be Girls

My mother loves to cut articles out of the newspaper and mail them to me, even though I get the same newspaper she does. I guess she figures I probably missed the really important articles, so she cuts them out, sticks them in an envelope and sends them off. On occasion I will read the article on the back side by mistake which can lead to some pretty funny conversations later.

Now my mother has her own photocopier so she has expanded into magazine articles (before she was loath to rip pages out of a magazine), and so it happened that she managed to pass along a Newsweek article entitled "Why Girls Will Be Girls". Sounds controversial, doesn't it? Seems the medical profession is breaking out of its politically correct shackles and is interested in the truth again.

A UCSF psychiatrist is publishing a book that will actually say that women's brains are different than men's and that nature plays a big role in making us gals the way we are. Gasp! Imagine that! (BTW, the UCSF psychiatrist is a woman, of course, because no man could possibly get away with saying things like that without risking life and limb (Freedom of speech, my fanny...But that is a whole other topic.)).

Dr. Brizendine studies hormones and how they affect our moods and perception of the world. She says there are biological reasons that girls like to play with dolls and teenage girls become obsessed with talking on the phone/text messaging and shopping. (BTW, we are also less aggressive and better at reading the emotions of others....GEE WHIZ REALLY??)

But more important than the girls do this, boys do that conclusions, are the improvements that will hopefully come about in medicines and treatments for women when the medical researchers stop considering women "small men".

If we really are biologically different, then it is very likely that our brains will respond differently to drugs and other medical treatments. There are no politics at the cellular level; a cell's gonna do what a cell's gonna do! If it turns out that hormones make women want to bake cakes then I for one would like to know the truth and not what the Feminist du Jour would like to be true.

So to all the supporters of the Unisex brain, calm down...It is really not the end of the world if women are different than men, just chalk it up to diversity and go on doing whatever it is you were doing.


Friday, September 08, 2006

How Americans Got So Fat

Sounds horrid, doesn't it? But it is also true! We are, as a nation, fatter than everybody else. It was actually one of the first things that struck me coming back to the US from Europe this summer; people in the US are much, much heavier than they are in Europe. Not only that, we are much fatter than we were 30, 40, 50+ years ago.

Living in Europe will make you thin. I know this from personal experience having lived in Germany for 5 years. I am naturally 20 - 30 lbs lighter in Europe than I am here (unless I am dieting like a mad woman). I even dropped about 10 lbs on my last trip. Why is this? I think there are 3 major factors that work against us here. When you live in Europe, you walk. You walk to get places, and you walk for the sake of it. Also, the bicycle is actually considered a mode of transportation and is not just for children and men in black shorts and helmuts. I know of a grandmother who rode her bike to the store, the next village, etc until she was 85.

The second and third reasons are matters of quantity and quality of food. The first meal I had in Germany seemed tiny when it arrived at the table! Our portion size here is about 2x what you get there, and what you get there is more than enough to fill you up.

Which leaves me with quality of food. For that, I would like to point out a column that I found in a Chicago newspaper from August 31, 1951. (I posted it here, if you would like to take a look.) The column is a food column featuring a weekly recipe. In this issue, mothers have written and phoned in asking what new and exciting things they could give their kids for lunch. Here are a few examples of what was suggested: Sandwiches filled with: Cottage cheese with chopped pimiento, Cottage cheese with green pepper, and even Cottage cheese with anchovy paste.

There is not a kid alive in the US that would eat that today. Today's kids want and get "Lunchables" (which in my opinion are not food at all), chips, McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, and the list goes on and on.

Cottage cheese sandwiches may sound a bit odd to us today, but they are simple and nutritious and they are made out of real food. The kids back then would probably wolf them down as fast as they could so they could run (using their own 2 legs) outside and play. I was lucky enough to have a childhood like that, and somehow, I think that is how they should be.