Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Backlash - Will Mars and Venus Ever Call a Truce?

It has always struck me as odd that men have not launched a counter attack to the Feminist Movement, and for the most part have existed in a rather confusing and contradictory limbo, unsure of the role women and society now expect them to play. For almost 40 years now, women have been beating up on men, complaining about nearly every aspect and behavior that is male, while strangely doing their damnedest to be like a male.

As it turns out, the backlash is now in full swing. And it ain't pretty.

The first hints of this backlash were to be found in some of the newer men's magazines, such as Maxim or FX, which started to write about women much in the same way that Cosmopolitan and other Women's Magazines have usually written about men. Not outright hostile, but definitely adversarial and condescending.

Then there is the phenomenon that is the Tom Leykis. I learned about TL while flipping around the radio, looking for something in English to keep me company on a long drive. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I am hooked, and that I listen to the Tom Leykis show much more than I should. I am horrified by what I am hearing, but I can't turn it off. For those who aren't familiar with the show, it could be described as "Men's Liberation" and advocates the single life for men. No marriage, don't even let a woman move in with you and "get her claws" into you. This show has plenty of followers and is gaining popularity.

This is bad folks, very bad. I can't say I blame the guys after the years of abuse we women have been dishing out, but there's going to be a revolution and it remains to be seen just how bloody it's going to get!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When The Cleaning Service Cleans You Out!


I hate it when I am confronted with other people's dishonesty. I finally managed to arrange a monthly cleaning service to come to our home and give me a hand with the bigger cleaning jobs, and they steal from us. This is a tragedy for two reasons:
  1. Somebody I let into my home betrayed our trust and committed a crime, which, I fear could still be happening because it is quite possible that we have not realized the full extent of the theft.
  2. I have to fire the cleaning service because I will obviously never let them on my property again, which means that I am back to cleaning everything myself. Not that I mind it, but the sad fact is that I could clean nonstop and still never get the house clean, because as I clean my darlings are busy mussing it up again. (Darlings=husband, kids, kid's friends, dogs.)
So, tommorow we get to begin the excrutiating process of trying to limit the overall damage, filing a police report, deciding whether to get the insurance company involved and generally feeling less safe in our own home. It's not about the monetary value of the initial theft, it's the fact that once you know somebody is a thief, and they have had full access to your home, the possibilities for damage are huge!

Ugh Ugh Ugh.

RH =(

PS...Kinda makes the Coyotes seem like a better choice of company. At least they make no bones about the fact that they would gladly have you for dinner...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Coyote Hunting and Vice Versa

We live on the edge of our town, on the forefront of suburbia so we often encounter the area's former inhabitants; coyotes, possum and even on rare occasions, the mountain lion. Coyotes are frequent visitors however. We see or hear them several times a week, and I have even looked out my window and seen one skulking by.

Coyotes around here are about the size of a lab but probably weigh less due to the fact that they probably get more exercise chasing down their food. They are shy and stay away if you are bigger than they are, and if you are smaller than they, you are lunch. Our Beagle had a close call with them one night, so we keep her very close now. Not so with our other dog Oslo, who relishes a good coyote chase 'n tangle. He weighs 3 -4 times more than a single coyote, so they have a healthy respect for him.

Last night I decided to join Oslo in the nearby field to see if I could get a closer look. My husband followed us in our SUV and positioned it such that the headlights would shine on the field.

Oslo and I tramped out into the field and were soon staring at a pack of 3 coyotes. We stared at them, and they stared at us. Instead of chasing them, Oslo stayed right at my side, until one of the braver ones started to approach, then he took off after it and chased it back. Meanwhile, I noticed that one of the other ones was making a wide circle around me at which point I realized that I was being hunted. Still, I felt safe because the car was near and Oslo was back by my side, so I did my best impression of a coyote howl, flapped my arms up and down and generally made a fool of myself. This seemed to offend them because they started to trot back into the darkness, and Oslo and I climbed into the safety and domestic warmth of our SUV.

Although I never felt threatened or that I was in real danger, the realization that I was "hunted" is a bit creepy. These creatures are wary of humans, but they would not hesitate to make a meal of one if they thought they could pull it off. I think I will stay out of the fields at night from now on, now that I have been reminded that wild is still wild, and wild is usually hungry.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Digging to China

Do kids still dig to China these days? Probably not, I have a feeling that the CC&Rs would not permit it. The other day I started thinking about the time I dug a hole to China!

One morning when I was around 5, my best friend Peggy and I decided that we would try to dig a hole through the middle of the earth, and pop out in China!

We picked the perfect location right next to my sandbox, got the shovel out of the garage, decided it would be easier using "digging sticks" (I distinctly remember the shovel being taller than I was) and got to work. We dug and dug and scratched and scraped and talked about what China would be like and wouldn't they be surprised when we popped out of the ground, and wouldn't it be funny to walk upside down!

At the time I had the attention span of a 5 year old, so when my mom called us in for lunch we dropped our excavation equipment and ran in for lunch, never to complete the project and surprise the Chinese with our sudden appearance.

Maybe I didn't forget, maybe I was forbidden by authorities hostile to any warming of American/Chinese relations (or by my mother who didn't want a gaping hole in her backyard). Anyway, Nixon stole my thunder and we only got about 3 feet of the way to China.

I will never forget trying to dig to China, and for a short while actually believing it was possible, and just trying to do it even though the odds were totally against us (in the form of what my father would say when he came home and saw his back yard dug up and piles of dirt everywhere). In fact, from now on, whenever I have a big project looming, I am going to call it "Digging to China" and approach it with the same blind optimism that only a child (and the insane) can muster!

After all A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!