Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Brain Says It's Friday

It has been one of those weeks, folks! My brain keeps telling me it is Friday, but it isn' is THURSDAY!

I think I need to take a nap.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Free as a Turtle, Proms & Princes

Oh to be a turtle and carry one's house on one's back, free to pick up and follow the winds when the wanderlust sets in. I am sure that is what was in the mind of turtle #2 upon realizing that he was no longer captive in an aqaurium in our family room, but now lived in a custom built turtle pond in our back yard.

That's right, after finally sucumbing to the guilt imposed on us by they guy at the pet store, the boys made a trip to Home Depot, purchased all the neccessary ingredients for an outdoor turtle pond, (including the latest copy of "Modern Turtle Living - Building a Home That Other Turtles Will Envy") and put in a rather spiffy looking turtle pond. We all felt rather good when we introduced turtles 1 and 2 to their new home.

The next morning, we hurried out to see how they were doing in their new home and found that Turtle #2 was gone. Turtle #1 was still happily swimming about, sunning himself and generally enjoying the life of a turtle. But after an hour of solid searching, turtle #2 was still no where to be found.

A week later, he was still missing!

Then, one morning, I looked down at the pond from my balcony and saw not one, but two turtle heads poking out of the water. As mysteriously as he disappeared, he returned. He has not said anything about where he had been, and we have not asked. Free as a turtle.

The senior prom is next month (it happens every year, so it is no surprise really), but I am on the prom committee and have been tasked with 1) recruiting 4 adults to staff the restrooms for the evenings and locating avaition-themed garb for said adults (our prom has a theme, you see), and putting together a baby picture collage of the seniors. I have not started yet and am beginning to stress about it!

So it didn't help this morning when I opened up my latest copy of "People Magazine" this morning and read that Prince William and Kate Middleton had split up. I don't know why I care about this, but I do, and am quite distraught. She is absolutely the perfect girl for him and doesn't he know what is good for him?

In case any of you are also in a state about the latest developments in royal relationships, console yourselves with a bit of shopping! My favorite discarded designer duds store YOOX is having an extra 20% Off "Event". Or, if Home Shopping Network is more your speed, I saw some HSN coupon codes...New Customers Receive $15 off your single item jewelry purchase of $100 or more Offer ends May 31,2007. (I have listed all the HSN coupon codes here!)



Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Like most Americans, I have been following the news about the shootings at Virginia Tech. I don't know anyone who attends Virginia Tech so I am not personally affected by this particular incident. Still, it scares the heck out of me because there is nothing unique about Virginia Tech that would make it more likely for this kind of carnage to occur. It could be University of Any State, or Small Town High, as we all know. I can't really think to myself "It won't happen to me", because while unlikely, it could. In fact, it has happened in my home town, but at the Post Office, not at a school.

What is this "It"? We as Americans really need to get a handle on what "It" is, because "It" appears far too often for us to pass off as an anomaly. Is it the guns? Even though I am not a big fan of guns, I really don't think we can put the blame on them. Should we blame the parents? That's another easy option, but so far I haven't read anything about the boy's parents that I could point a finger at and say "If they had done XYZ, this would never have happened".

The parents were Korean immigrants who most likely were working their rear-ends off to try to provide their son with a better life. I suspect they were strict and expected their son to work hard, go to college and make something of himself; at least that has usually been the case amongst recent immigrant families I have known. They missed the fact that their son was seriously disturbed, or maybe they didn't but didn't have the knowledge or tools to do something about it. Why would they, we as a society don't either. I know it was not that they didn't care. (I have heard that they committed suicide, or attempted it, which isn't really surprising given the magnitude of this tragedy. - Apparently this has appeared in Korean newspapers, but I do not know this to be fact.)

The fact remains that this kid was seriously sick in the head, and many people were aware of it. Sure, he might have been an evil person, but I don't think that is all there is to it. You can be evil till the cows come home and still have enough sense to not buy a gun and shoot 32 people over some stupid unrequited love situation. An evil person would try to get away with it, this kid shot himself. He was mentally ill, and needed to be in treatment, at a hospital, where he should have stayed until he was better.

We need to think about what "mentally ill" means. It means your brain is sick and is not functioning right. It can't be expected to carry out its normal functions properly, just as you can't expect the body to produce insulin (a normal function) when it has diabetes. Telling this kid to get counseling is like expecting a quadriplegic to exercise more to increase muscle strength. It isn't going to happen without help.

I also think that nobody should be able to buy a firearm unless they have two "sponsors". By this I mean that the purchaser must show that two different people have knowledge that they are buying a weapon. These two people will fill out a form that describes how they know the person, and whether there is any reason they feel said person should NOT have a gun. Yes it is an inconvenience, but I think Cho Seung-Hui would've had a hard time finding those two people.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Read It In Maxim

Today I had my bimonthly hair appointment, which I must say I always enjoy because it always gives me time to catch up on popular culture via the ample supply of magazines available for my waiting room amusement.

Instead of reaching for the current issue of People Magazine, as is my custom, I grabbed a recent issue of Maxim, the popular Men's Magazine... (Very amusing, I must say!). In it was an article called Gender Theft in which the author lamented the merging of the sexes, and the corresponding loss of quality "Guy Time", i.e. hanging out with the boys, male bonding etc..

This of course caught my attention, as it appears to be yet another piece of evidence supporting my suspicion that the social pendulum, as relating to male/female relations, has, so to speak swung. A backlash is in the making, and one can only hope that the men, in their retaliation, will follow the Geneva Conventions.

I have to admit, that I was a bit surprised that the author took issue with women's attempt to be "One of the Guys" as, on first glance, this seems conciliatory. Upon further reflection, I decided that it would be somewhat annoying to always have a member of the opposite sex present in social activities, especially if they feigned enjoyment or understanding of the bonding rituals taking place. I mean, we gals value our gal time, right?

I guess there is a fine line between taking an interest in, and being supportive of your man's hobbies, friends, activities, and taking them over.


PS, I would love to hear opinions on this topic, be you male or female, but am especially eager to hear the male point of view! So, don't be shy, I don't bite, Sound Off!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Attention All Shopping Nuts

I have been meaning to blog for the last week, and somehow never found the time. Things are getting busy again, and I don't even know why! I will get right to the point: I came across some great coupon codes that I'd like to share:
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