Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Importance of Knowing Stuff

The nice thing about gravity is that any debates concerning its existence here on earth are likely to be short, as those on the wrong side of the gravity debate will be quickly persuaded by the facts.

One can still argue over the morality or desirability of gravity, (without it we would all be catapulted into space and perish vs. ridding ourselves of gravity would stop people, planes and other items from smashing into our planet at an uncomfortable speed). I guess it is one of those cases where you must consider the well-being of the many vs. the needs of a few. (Unless of course somebody figures out how to make money by selling gravity, then we would quickly take gravity management out of the hands of nature and turn it over to say, Haliburton or Enron and call it Economic Growth.)

But it is really no fun to argue and debate if neither party has knowledge of the topic. It is even less fun to, for example, fly in an airplane built by people who have no knowledge of how to build an airplane. It doesn't really matter how loudly or persistently or eloquently they proclaim their ability to build airplanes, if they have never attended airplane building school, chances are they don't really posses the skills needed to build airplanes. Even if they do manage to put together something resembling an airplane, it most likely will not meet the high standards that most airline passengers seem to demand these days (remaining intact while airborne comes to mind).

The reason I bring this up, is that we are entering into one of those periods at the end of which we are going to have to elect a new president. I propose that this time, before we put on our red or blue colors, lets make sure we weed out the idiots. No more "C" averages in college! If you are an average Joe or Jane, don't vote for somebody who is "like you". Could you run the country? I sure couldn't! I don't want somebody like me, I want somebody a whole lot smarter and experienced than me. Not some regular guy or gal who could be one of us.

The position of the Presidency calls for greatness, let's make sure we have a chance at that before we all start squabbling over the so-called issues.

To use the airplane analogy, if we have a quality airplane, we can still argue about where to go, but without one, it all becomes moot because we will just crash and burn.


Insurance: The Concept

Stealing from others to pay for yourself (health care)(.?..) free health care so where do you think the money comes from the trees?

I just wanted to comment briefly on the idea that a nationalized health care system is stealing from others, and to clarify that such a system is in no way "free".

Any talk of health care is implicitly referring to a system of insurance. Insurance is a financial instrument used to reduce the impact of catastrophic events on any one individual or entity. One does not typically refer to the purchasers of insurance as "thieves", nor see the financial institutions underwriting insurance policies as perpetual "victims".

An Example: If I purchase auto insurance and then am unfortunate enough to crash into a tree, asking the insurance company to reimburse me is not stealing.

In fact, people who buy insurance are acting very responsibly, because they are helping to ensure stability in society by being able to live up to their own personal and professional obligations.

I hope that helps.


PS, No I don't think the money will come from trees, it should come from policy premiums and reserves. I would elaborate, but I am boring myself with all this insurance talk.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sleeping With Your Husband....His iPhone, Remote Control, A Power Cord And The Old XBox

This morning I woke up with an imprint of a very large remote control on my rear-end. This is not the first time this has happened by any means; before the (comparatively smooth) iPhone came out, I would regularly wake up with a dial-pad impression on my cheek which, if seen in the mirror before one has had one's coffee, can look like some hideous disease and cause one to scream.

Sometimes during the middle of the night I wake out of a rather restless sleep to find that I had not properly swept the bed of electronics, and have been snoozing on the innards of a computer of some sort. Or, it could be that it is not my DH or our beagle taking up all the room at the bottom of the bed, but is in fact the now unloved and obsolete XBox (that has been replaced by the new and much better (!??) XBox) which has taken up residence in our bed in protest.

On My Side!

I must confess that I do not have a solution as of yet, complaining will only lead to short term reductions in the number of electronic bedfellows, which only serves to make me complacent and careless, until the night I climb into bed only to crack my head on that month's technological innovation.

I am also wary of ultimatums...I just may not get the answer I was hoping for.

So, just remember! Be kind to the nightly imprinted...There might just be a Frys Electronics opening soon near you.


Monday, July 23, 2007

New Kid In Town

David Beckham 23I have always felt there is much to admire about the game of soccer. (Lecherous grin)...

David Beckham
There is a new kid in town, his name is David Beckham (Yes, as in Bend It Like...), and it only cost the LA Galaxy about a gazillion dollars to get him here, but if the crowd's reaction was any indication, it'll be money well spent.

Plus, Mr. Beckham comes with a Mrs! Yup! None other than the former Miss Posh Spice, now known officially as Victoria Beckham.

(Readers of People Magazine will know that Mrs. David Beckham is BF with Mrs. Tom Cruise).

Both were in attendance to watch Becks play his first game with the Galaxy on Saturday, as was the Govenator. Soccer just went GLAM in California.


Chelsea vs Galaxy
P.S. Beckham is #23... and the other guys are fun to look at. ;-)

Friday, July 20, 2007

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So Fashion Fanatics! This is probably not news to you, but all the stores are busy bringing in their Fall lines, so the summer stuff is cheap, cheap, cheap! Some are even discounting the Fall Fashion for a few days! So if we can't afford to see a doctor, at least we can look good! Here are the best sales I have seen so far! Plus, it's Friday, so SMILE!

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What's Up with Blue Cross?

I am running into the same problem everywhere in my town! Nobody wants to accept Blue Cross Health Insurance! The ironic thing is that Blue Cross is just right down the road from us in the next town over. I think I will ask them and see what they have to say!

I am a bit worried about the doctors who do accept Blue Cross... are they the ones who got their MDs over the internet?


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why The US Healthcare System Is a SICKO

This is an example that coincidentally happened to yours truly this morning. I am in search of a new doctor in my area, and I asked my old doctor in my hometown which is 30 minutes away, if he would recommend somebody here. He gave me a name, and I gave the doctor's office a call this morning.

I was informed that the doctor is not accepting new patients....pause...what kind of insurance do I have?

"Blue Cross"

"No, the doctor is not accepting new patients."

"What kind of insurance is the doctor accepting?"

"Cigna, Healthnet...that's all I can think of."

Call ends....

I did not know I had second class health insurance! But, it sure is nice to know that there is not a damn thing I can do about it, unless I want to go it alone on a policy, and from what I have read in the LA Times about single patient policies, it is far too risky. I might just end up giving my money to some insurance company who will dump me if I got sick.

This is messed up!


PS to Mrs. Happy Housewife: I don't disagree with you about the frivolous lawsuits, many simply make lawyers richer for no good reason. My sister is a former trial attorney, however, and I have to say that my view softened a bit when I heard about some of the cases she took on. For many, a lawsuit is the only option to force an insurance company to pay what they said they would in the first place. Until we have a system that can reliably meet our needs, we need those lawyers.

Uncertainty is very disruptive in an economy; that is why they thought up insurance.... to spread the risk over time and populace. I have no problem paying my premiums, I understand that health services cost money...but I want to be able to rely on what I sign up for!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Mrs. Happy Housewife - Why Michael Moore is a Sicko - Contra by Retro Housewife

Mrs. Happy Housewife - Why Michael Moore is a Sicko -

Contra By Retro Housewife

It is easy to criticize Michael Moore for his left leaning agenda, but the points he makes in the movie Sicko, are worth considering. The reality is that the health care system in the United States is absurd, ineffective, far too expensive and basically a luxury good.

Companies are making money hand over fist and people are dying and going without medical care while CEOs of "health care" companies earn compensation in the millions. They earn this compensation by denying services they have agreed to provide in the first place.

I personally would like to see a system where every American citizen had access to medical care. I believe that is the moral thing to do. That was my bleeding heart liberal part of the argument.

I would also like to see a system where every American contributed to the costs of providing medical care. How much each person contributes, I will leave up to the politicians to debate, but health care insurance should be mandatory. Why? Because everybody ends up using the health care system at one time or another, but not everybody pays for it.

Think not?

Just check out the emergency room waiting room at any hospital in the country. Most people occupying the chairs are not on the verge of death, rather they have no insurance and use the emergency room as their regular doctor.

Think that doesn't contribute to the high cost of health care?

If you look at our current system through the eyes of an economically minded sort, you should wonder what extra administrative costs are built in by having each medical provider maintain their own set of records, and each health care provider i.e. doctor trying to navigate numerous billing systems, policy plans, exclusions etc. Does that sound efficient?

Also, it is incredibly stupid to tie health care to your place of employment. You lose your job, you lose your health care. Double whammy. Sure you can go buy insurance yourself, but then you run into all of those "pre-existing condition" exclusions. So we have diabetics interrupt their treatment while they look for a new job? Or maybe we make them sell their house to pay for medical care. Suddenly, losing a job has just gone from a setback, to a major disaster.

Have you ever stopped to consider what the costs are from such instability in society? They're huge. I am not a huge fan of government involvement, and if you have a viable alternative I would love to hear it.

You say "Socialism and socialized medicine are just a way for the Government to play Mommy to take care of us and protect us from ourselves." In this case, it is protection from the current system that you require. You have health insurance you say? Just wait until you need it someday only to find out you are for some reason not covered, or the treatment you need is denied. What then? Maybe you have lots of money and could pay for treatment yourself. Maybe you would sell your house. That is just the sort of stress you need when trying to combat serious illness.

And in case you consider yourself an Erin Brokovich type, try fighting for justice while you have cancer or some other horrid illness. In reality what will happen is that you will just "go away". See, dead people don't complain much.