Friday, December 28, 2007

Mountains of Trash

I hope you all had a merry Christmas, and that you are coping well with the mountains of trash that is created by all of the gift-giving and festive dining. It is at times like these when I can have my own Andie MacDowell moment and obsess about just where all the trash goes!

I have come up with some solutions that are not quite above board... let's just say that if you see some crazy lady doing the Tasmanian devil behind your local grocery store (over-sized trash bins), be kind, and realize that the Retro Housewife has momentarily "lost it" and may really, really need to deposit all those boxes in those very inviting bins.

I leave you for today with some investment advice: Tip the trash men! This time of year, it is probably the single best investment you can make!


Monday, December 24, 2007


Merry Christmas


Catholic Bashing - The DVD Game

Catholic Bashing the DVD Game Hey everyone, just in case passive Catholic bashing was just not doing it for you, New Line Cinema has just made it possible to get ACTIVE!

That's right, invite all your friends over for a jolly good game of "Bash the Catholic Church" and pretend you're not!

You and your friends will have hours of fun amusing yourself at the expense of Catholics everywhere, and best of all if somebody accuses you of "Hate play", all you have to say is: "Nuh ahhh".... just because there is a Pope convening with bishops, doesn't mean it is the Catholic pope! It could be any old pope convening with any old bishops!

The real point is to question authority! (A real boomer concept which can be roughly interpreted to mean: Criticize anything that might require social obligation or sacrifice - because this would inevitably hinder one's own egocentric pursuits.)

Of course, one could also question NewLine's motives, wisdom and morality for producing a film that insults and degrades the nation's largest religion.


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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Calling GenX and Millennials - Important Announcement

Update: Here are the generational breakdowns according to Strauss and Howe:
  1. G.I. Generation Born 1901 - 1924, Currently 82 - 106 years old.

  2. Silent Generation Born 1925 - 1942, Currently 64 - 82 years old.
    1. DemocratSENATOR JOSEPH BIDEN, JR.: Birthdate: November 20, 1942,
    1. RepublicanJohn McCain: Birthdate: August 29, 1936 (Panama Canal Zone)
    2. RepublicanRon Paul: Birthdate: August 20, 1935 (Pittsburgh, Pa. )
    3. RepublicanFred Thompson: Birthdate: August 19, 1942 (Sheffield, Ala.)

  3. Boom Generation Born 1943 - 1960, Currently 46 - 64 years old.
    1. DemocratSENATOR HILLARY CLINTON: Birthdate: October 26, 1947,
    2. DemocratSENATOR CHRISTOPHER DODD: Birthdate: May 27, 1944,
    3. DemocratFORMER SENATOR JOHN EDWARDS: Birthdate: June 10, 1953,
    4. DemocratREP. DENNIS KUCINICH: Birthdate 1946,
    5. DemocratGOVERNOR BILL RICHARDSON: Birthdate: Nov. 15, 1947)
    1. RepublicanRudy Giuliani: Birthdate: May 28, 1944 (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
    2. RepublicanMike Huckabee: Birthdate: August 24, 1955 (Hope, Ark.)
    3. RepublicanDuncan Hunter: Birthdate: May 31, 1948 (Riverside, Calif.)
    4. RepublicanMitt Romney: Birthdate: March 12, 1947 (Detroit, Mich.)
  4. Generation X Born 1961 - 1981, Currently 25 - 46 years old.
    1. DemocratSENATOR BARACK OBAMA, Birthdate: August 4, 1961

  5. Millennial Born 1982 and later, Currently 25 or younger.

On our latest 8 hour drive to the mountains we got lucky and found a radio show that was one of the most interesting and informative I have ever heard. My husband and I were so glued to the radio that it seemed to cut the trip in half.

What were we listening to? An interview with author Neil Howe who coauthored several books with Bill Strauss, including
The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy
. I had heard neither of the authors nor their books, but nearly everything Mr. Howe said during this 3+ hour interview rang true. My husband and I would turn and look at each other periodically, nodding our heads in agreement, and rather amazed at the accuracy with which Mr. Howe described the present state of society, and the qualities and foibles of current and past generations. (I am now a believer! We bought and downloaded two of their books to listen to on the ride home.)

Now for the troublesome part. In their book The Fourth Turning, the authors say that we are heading into a period they call "Crisis":
Just after the millennium, America will enter a new era that will culminate with a crisis comparable to the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression, and World War II. The survival of the nation will almost certainly be at stake.
During the program, Mr. Howe made the comment: (I am paraphrasing)
"It would probably be better to have someone from Generation X leading the country to steward us through the crisis"
(as opposed to a Boomer.... Millennials are still too young)...and then he went on to say that among the current presidential candidates, there is only one GenX'er. Just when he said who it was, we hit static and missed it! But whoever it is,


I am researching it, but in the meantime....does anybody know?

Follow Up: Barak Obama is the GenX'er. I don't agree with him on some of his policies, but he is the man we want if you subscribe to the theories of Howe and Strauss. The question is: If you don't agree on policy, is it better to have somebody who actually does something than somebody who does nothing? Comments?

Follow up to comment:
I am Gen X. Was born in 1970. Recently, a boomer expressed very negative comments about my generation: we have no ambition, we are lost, confused, self-centered, etc. I was offended and did not recognize myself in this portrait. I certainly value family more than material success but that does not mean I have no ambition.
That is what the Boomers say about us GenX'ers. I have heard that many times as well. Howe & Strauss (H&S) say that GenX is self sufficient, values practical compromise over pie-in-the-sky ideology, tends to cocoon and surround themselves with close friends and family and gets things done. That suits me just fine!

Just look at the political stalemate we have today. Right and Left are in their corners and are shouting names and accusations at each other. Can you imagine what will happen if we face a real crisis with that sort of paralyzed leadership? Out with the Boomers!


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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Who is Hogging

All right Cyber-Shoppers! I just tried to go to to snag the last of my Christmas gifts and I got this message:

"We'll be right with you. It's a little crowded in here right now, and to make sure everyone enjoys shopping with us, we're asking new visitors to wait here a few moments while other shoppers finish up. We'll refresh your browser and welcome you in momentarily. Thanks for your patience! "

Can you please hurry it up already? And leave some for the rest of us! In case you are getting the same message, you poor, Macy's deprived visitor, console yourself with staring at their logo a bit:


Monday, December 17, 2007

What's New!

December is a very busy month, I am sure I don't have to tell y'all that! I have about half of my Christmas shopping done, my daughter is now home on break and is currently yelling questions from the family room because the TV doesn't work. (It does, we were just watching Apple TV on it last night so the input button is on the wrong setting.)

It never ceases to amaze me how my normally bright kids who get almost perfect scores on their PSATs and just took the first prize in the Lexus Environmental challenge, become completely helpless when they walk through the front door. I guess they just want to be taken care of again, and be kids.

Anyway, I have a few items that I have been working on:
  1. Greek Recipes - I have just entered 3 Greek recipes from the 1950s, and there will be many more to come. Greece is one of my favorite places to visit, and I love the food so I am excited about building up a supply of recipes! Contributions are welcome BTW!
  2. Christmas Recipes and Retro Christmas pages are coming along nicely...while still a work in progress, there is some fun stuff that I have dug up!
Hope you like them, and don't stress too much over Christmas shopping!


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Oooohhh That's Pretty Christmas List

Hi There Again!

I did a list of green gifts, I did a list of Made in America gifts and now I'm doing a third and final list of things that are just too pretty/cool not to put in some sort of list!

I am doing some online Christmas shopping of my own and have found a ton of stuff that I would like for Christmas! I know, me me me! But I haven't bought a new handbag in about 5 years. I really shouldn't admit to that in a public forum, but somehow there are always priority purchases that gobble up all the money! (Tuition, food, mortgages - How 'bout them Adjustables!)

I am sure you can relate...

So anyway, here goes:
  1. Cole Haan Handbag at Smartbargains.comHandbags at SmartBargains - (the pictured handbags!) Extra 20% Off Top Handbags

  2. Shoes at SmartBargains!! While Inventory Lasts...Last Chance Shoes Extra 30% Off The earlier you get to this event, the better!

  3. Here's a little twist on the gift card idea: Design your own Visa gift card - like giving money with a personal touch...
  4. I love this little pink camera by Kodak - there's also a pink "fashion pak" to go with! And, a Kodak coupon to save you some money! 15% off all InkJet Paper + 20% off accessories with camera purchase at the Kodak Store!
  5. New Yoox coupon code: christmas@yoox for 10% Off - which is great beause Yoox just started the second Vintage Chanel promo - it sells out really fast though - especially the Chanel accessories! This Yoox code is valid until December 14th. Enjoy! And when that yoox coupon expires, here's a new one! New & Exclusive! Free Express Shipping + Free Gift Wrapping on all orders on YOOX.COM, Use HOLIDAY07@YOOX on checkout. This coupon code is valid until Dec 20.

  6. Oh the wonder that is Saks 5th Avenue! Saks is offering an "Online Exclusive Gift Card Event" and this event is two days long! From Friday, December 14th through Saturday, December 15th, We can get a free gift card worth up to $450 by using coupon code DECEMBER7B. ***This offer is an online exclusive December 14th – it won't be in stores until December 15th.*** How do you like them apples!? I suggest you try the sale section, where you can, for example, save $1,400 on this Versace Silk Sequin Top: Versace Silk Sequin Top
  7. Origins - the makeup and skincare line has a nice friends and family coupon code! Take part in our Friends & Family offer with 25% off your purchase and 2nd day free shipping! Use the Origins coupon code 1207FF2 Valid 12/16 to 12/18;
  8. TBC

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

December Items

Shop Christmas Decor at I'm NOT paranoid! This evening on 60 minutes, Andy Rooney confirmed what I suspected: "Christmas" has been banned from public life.
12 Deals of Christmas 2007

"There's one word that's never mentioned though - not once in any of these. You know what the word is? The word "Christmas" is nowhere in any of these 27 catalogs I have. The word they use to replace "Christmas" is "Holiday."

I did a little survey to see who is not afraid to use the word Christmas:
(See the banner ads I have posted here...)
Christmas Banner

Christmas Banner

Gund Christmas Gifts

Wisconsin Cheeseman


Hanukkah starts this Wednesday. (December 5th) - David's Cookies Are OU-D Kosher - Use Code KOSHER10A For 10% Off - Rugelach, Message Cookies, Cakes & More. Free Shipping!
Does anybody know what OU-D means? Note: I am looking for some help in putting together a "Hanukkah over the decades section" much like the Retro Christmas section. Anybody with something to share, advice or tips please send me an email @ Retro Hanukkah