Monday, February 25, 2008

Cousin: Dying woman twice refused oxygen on flight -

Cousin: Dying woman twice refused oxygen on flight -

I hope this lady's family sues the pants off of American Airlines. The way they treat their customers is unbelievable. My own experience with American was so bad that I will not fly with them ever again... The flight attendants must be trained by the Stasi.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mothers, Don't Let Your Kids Grow Up To Be Cyber Hackers

Here's one of life's little pitfalls that I am guessing most parents haven't warned their children against: Becoming a Cyber Hacker! Let me explain!

This morning I was snoozing away when my son Harvey woke me up in a panic.
"Mom, my PayPal account has been hacked"
"Huh?" (me)
"Somebody hacked into my PayPal account and changed the password and all the security questions"
"Huh? How did they..." (me)
You get the picture. It seems that is account had indeed been hacked, and he was having a heck of a time trying to get it back.

Soon, I was on the phone with PayPal customer service who informed me that he would not be held responsible for any fraudulent transactions, (relief) but that he should call back with his bank account number and information when he had it. (Murphy says: Stuff like this will happen when you are out of town and don't have access to your bank statements.) OK, Fine.

Then my son tells me:
"I have the email address of the guy who did this."
What? You know the person who did this?
Yes, he changed my password to my email and steam account too!
(I overhear my son's friend who came skiing with us say to Harvey, "Do you know his mom's phone number?")

And now I understand what is happening.

Teenage boys think it is a hilarious prank to "hack" the various accounts of other teenage boys. Especially the ones who are into online gaming etc. They get into each others' MySpace, Facebook, Steam account and email accounts etc. and take control. This has happened once before, I recall. Usually what happens is that control is retrieved by the rightful owner, who, slightly embarrassed and very mad, changes all of his passwords. The end.

PayPal, however, is like a bank. I don't know the legalities, but I suspect that this is going to have some serious ramifications for the young man. When money is involved, things start being taken far more seriously. Like this hacker who now faces up to 60 years in prison:

John Schiefer, 26, will plead guilty later this month or early next month to four felony counts: accessing protected computers to conduct fraud, disclosing illegally intercepted electronic communications, wire fraud and bank fraud.
Forget "Have you seen Junior's grades?" worry about "Have you seen Junior's list of Federal Indictments?"


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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh Dear...

You know you're getting old when you ask the gal in the women's department at Macys whether they carry Diane von Furstenberg (Update: I am a goose - I meant Gloria Vanderbilt which is who I asked about -Oh Dear, Oh Dear!) and she looks at you like you just descended down the plank of a space ship and said "Take me to your leader" in Zirthian which would sound something like Nemop thffft Bluggga Blugga.

Can you picture the look?

After that I felt like asking whether she could direct me to the lime-green-polyester-old-lady department. I bet she would have known that right off the top of her head.

I felt a little bit better after she turned to her colleague, who was older, and said "Have you ever heard of "Gloria Vanderbilt" and in her response, her colleague managed to produce just the right shade of a "Of course I have you silly little twit" look to pull me back out of the abyss of lime green polyester and Straw Hats.

Good thing I didn't ask about Chemin de Fer...


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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Retro Reviews - Searching for the Kitchen Sink

On a rare trip to a Walmart store, I ran smack into a $1.00 DVD Sale - as luck would have it, the selection was a Retro's treasure! I snagged Episodes of Dragnet, the Dick Van Dyke show and my old favorite Groucho Marx as host of the show "You Bet Your Life".

If you happen upon any of these oldies and have a few extra dollars, these old shows are fascinating to watch, and far more entertaining than you might think. One observation we had while watching; people were a lot smarter back then. They used a vocabulary that is far more sophisticated than most of what you see on TV today. The same thought had occurred to me as I read old newspapers, but I thought it was my imagination. Has anyone else noticed similar?

Another thing that I have been noticing is that this whole idea of the repressed woman seems to be somewhat of a myth. Everywhere I look, I find women who were doing fabulous and wonderful things, and were not chained to the kitchen sink.

One guest on "You Bet Your Life" was a 62 year old woman named "Tiny". Tiny was her professional name, you see. What was her profession? Tiny was a parachute jumper. She started jumping in 1908, before there were even airplanes mind you. Back then they jumped out of hot air balloons. By the time she retired in 1928, she had made about 1,100 jumps and not one of them with a kitchen sink chained to her ankle.

Another example is Anne Fogarty, author of the newly re-released fashion tome titled "Wife Dressing".1 Here is how Mrs. Fogarty described herself:
"I have been married for sixteen years and despite having worked at a career all that time, I still think of myself first and foremost as a wife. My career as a designer has perhaps made me more aware of clothes and their subtleties of meaning than women with other professional interests. " designer, author and foremost... wife, but also no mention of kitchen sinks and being chained thereto. "Wife Dressing" was first published in the 1950s. I suspect there are many, many more such stories out there...of women who were fabulous wives and mothers and also had a fabulous "other".


Wife Dressing: The Fine Art of Being a Well-dressed Wife
(I highly recommend getting this book, it is a wonderful course on fashion dos and don'ts, is witty and just downright practical. Nobody would dare write this book today, yet it contains wisdom that we all need!)

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Humor Ar Ar!

German Humor: Part 2 ... Funny?

  1. Q: Why are blond jokes always so short? A: So men can understand them too!

  2. He: "Darling, I am going to make you the happiest women in the world!"
    She: "I am going to miss you"

  3. "Mommy, Mommy may I swing some more with Grandpa?"
    "No dear, let him hang (around) until the police get here."

(I hope I didn't mess things up to badly in the translation!)


Cute Valentine's Day Ad

I got a giggle out of this Wrapables ad, so I thought I would share...
and he doesn't have the faintest inkling...


Here's a link to the blanket,
His & Her Silvretta Blanket


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Got Ballot Stub?

Just a friendly little reminder to do your part and ...




Monday, February 04, 2008

New Yoox Code + Some Other Fun Coupons

Howdy! I'll make this short and sweet!

  1. YOOX Coupon: Valentines Day Gift Guide plus a free shipping coupon code: VALENTINE@YOOX to use on YOOX.COM
  2. Brooks Brothers coupon: 10% OFF at with coupon code bbaff10 (Get him something nice!)
  3. Valentine's Day trip to paradise: Click Here to get up to TWO FREE NIGHTS at Sandals Resorts plus save up to 50% off! Somebody please take advantage of is such a great deal! I think it is for their new swim-up suites - meaning that your patio door opens up into your private pool...and you just get up off the couch and walk into the water for a dip...It's sooooo cool! I have to check whether I have a picture.... This just in! Sandals is offering One Night Free at Sandals Grand Ocho Rios through February 29th and Beaches is offering 2-Nights Free through February 15th!Found a picture! This is a Sandals' Swim-Up Suite - basically you have your own little pool right outside your door!



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