Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mother - Daughter Movies & Forgiving Woody Allen

I have been pissed off at Woody Allen since he ran off with his step daughter some years back - (the old pervert) but I think I have finally come to terms with it and am ready to move on.

Watching his latest film, Vicky Christina Barcelona helped a lot - especially since Mr. Allen seems to be the first person to have successfully cloned and transplanted a human brain it into not one, but two different women. Woody Allen is a lot more sympatico embodied by Scarlett Johansson or Rebecca Hall.

It was, at first, disconcerting to hear the voice of Woody Allen, in its feminine form, coming out of the mouths of beautiful Hollywood actresses, but it made the dialogue far from predictable and the movie both comical and romantic. My daughter and I enjoyed it very much, though I did feel it necessary to advise her that insanity is not all that it is cracked up to be and that Penelope Cruz could make eating worms for breakfast seem like a good idea.

Movie Number 2: Breakfast at Tiffany's - This movie is worth watching just for the fashion alone - and for Audrey Hepburn, of course, but watching it with my daughter made me realize how much society has changed. She was positively scandalized at times - and commented "This is the craziest movie I have ever seen" on more than one occasion.

The Chinese neighbor, Holly's visits to Sing Sing to collect the weather reports and her marriage at 14 to an old man named Doc bewildered and befuddled her whereas to me they were just amusing elements of the plot.

Movie Number 3: Rear Window - Because Grace Kelly was such a lady - and it's Hitchcock.

Merry Christmas everyone - enjoy the time off with your family!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Things You Learn From Male TV

Sunday evenings I usually find myself watching a TV show about cars - not something I would choose to watch if it were strictly up to me, but also not as incredibly, mind-numbingly boring as I might have imagined.

I have learned a thing or two!

For example, ladies, it seems that the kitchen appliance industry has been holding out on us! I have been muddling through life with a Kitchen Aid Pro Line food processor and then I learn that the blending, slicing and pulverising power of my pathetic little machine is but a mere hint of what could be!

If men used food processors, they would probably be like the one that was demonstrated on the car show. It looked normal, but it was powered by a Corvette V8 engine (who knew Corvette was behind my favorite tomato-vegetable cocktail?) and could easily make soup out of my Kitchen Aid Pro Line. It did make quite a mess though. That didn't seem to bother the boys on TV - and I think I'll stick with my Kitchen Aid after all.

I learned a more important lesson from last night's episode - one I already knew but needed to be reminded of: there is a really good reason we strive to be a free-market economy and why the government should NOT hand over billions of dollars to Ford, Chrysler and GM.

Her name is Tesla.

Tesla is a sexy little thing that will get any guy's attention - she does 0 - 60 mph in 3.9 seconds (my husband was very impressed by this), hits a top speed of 124 mph, and looks not unlike a Corvette. Tesla is made in the USA and she is all electric! Tesla does NOT need the US Government to be her sugar daddy.

Not that Tesla is perfect, but the first cars to come off Henry Ford's production line probably had a few bugs in them too.

The point is this - we need to have faith in ourselves. We have the great minds and the innovative spirit -and the answers if we would just let things happen. Imagine a NEW US automobile industry that competes not with government subsidies but on the merits of its product.

Let Tesla live!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ooops Forgot To Mention the Lock-Down

I got an automated phone call from my son's high school today saying the school had been in total lock-down for the past 2 hours - but not to worry, the danger was over and the kids had been released for lunch - and besides they had ordered up some extra law enforcement so everything is spiffy-doodle.

This is the second lock-down in a month.

I managed to attend public school my entire life and never had the pleasure of being locked in a classroom so I wouldn't get shot.

I am taking my son out of the public school system and putting him into private school. I will also vote for the voucher system from here on out because our school system is dead.



Missing: The Country Club Republican - $1,000,000,000 Reward for His Safe Return!

I miss the good old days when rich people behaved like rich people and voted Republican. In return, the republican party, bless their greedy little hearts, stuck up for the interests of this often forgotten minority.

They fought higher taxes tooth and nail, railed against new government spending, could be counted on to try to import as much cheap labor as possible, never saw clear blue waters they didn't want to drill for oil in and generally tried to keep the government out of everything. The men and women of the republican party knew the value of a buck, and typically knew how to turn that buck into a buck-fifty in short order.

Their children were named Winston, Randolf, William, Elizabeth, Sarah and would usually assume some sort of silly nickname - probably acquired sometime during childhood or early adolescence after performing some funny stunt during a polo match at their family's summer estate.

The nearly filthy rich would duly busy themselves with "Keeping up with the Rockefellers" and were one a well-to-do fly on the wall of an exclusive country club, one might overhear idle chit-chat about the stock market, the merits of Vale vs. Sun Valley or how to best avoid an encounter with a member of the working class.

They were the elite and they were damn proud of it. Most everybody else admired or envied them - from a distance, of course. Many aspired to become them.

I know, you think I am off my rocker or am a sad case of wanna-be rich.

But consider this: we could trust them.

Not because they were a particularly virtuous lot, but because we knew where they stood and we knew that their goal was to make lots of money and to keep as much of it for themselves as possible. They were stern and serious, hard on each other and harder on themselves.

They went to schools covered in ivy.

They wore blue and gray suits as a signal to other rich people that they took the business of making money seriously and thus could be trusted to care for their money, too.

They feared disgrace.

When properly controlled by some well placed regulations and taxed just enough to give them something to complain about, society was well-served just to let them do what they do best - make money.

The democrat's job was to try to take as much money away from the rich as possible to make sure that the working stiffs had a decent life too and that opportunity was not a pipe dream - that the rest of us had at least a chance at the good life too, if we worked hard and didn't squander our talents.

A constant struggle but a simple one - and one that kept things from tipping too far in one direction - kept things from toppling.

Now the rich people are tripping over each other in their race to register themselves as democrats and bask in the glow of (pie in the sky) lofty ideals of equality and helping the poor - usually in some far away place, not America.

And you can't trust them.

For all the talk of equal this and equal that, they keep getting richer and the working class keep getting poorer. They want to spend lots of money on various social causes, but not their own money - and want to enact social programs - but not in their neighborhoods - and have been able to pull this off by appropriating the moral high-ground.

Combine this with the power and influence of deep pockets and you have a double whammy.

If they don't get their way with money, a well placed label of racist, sexist, homophobe or whatever will silence any dissent.

Meanwhile, back at the trailer park, the republicans are busy helping the residents remove all the words from books and holding impromptu trials to determine whether there are any witches amongst them. They are optimistic that up to 65% of the residents are solid republicans and the other 75% will join up soon.

It ain't gonna work folks!


Thursday, December 04, 2008

How Are You?

Hi There!

I am wondering how everybody is doing out there! I have been in a frenzy trying to pay off credit card debt (of which I have way too much) before the %$&* really hits the fan, and then I read the newspaper and learn that Christmas sales are actually UP!

At the same time I read that the food banks are running out of food because 1) donations are down and 2) demand is way up.

Who is buying all the stuff? I am getting mixed messages here - How do things look from where you sit?


PS: If you don't feel like writing then take my "How Scrooged Are We" Pop Quiz

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