Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lost My Mind? - I Wish

I know you think I've lost my mind based on my last post - I do too in the light of day - but then again, nobody really expected the last civil war - (women and children were invited to the first battle and brought picnic lunches to watch the North trounce the South) - That was two Fourth Turnings (4T) ago.

What about the last turning? The most recent period of US history to experience a 4T was the Great Depression, culminating in World War II. Did anybody see that coming? You be the judge! Here is a headline from a newspaper dated October 31st, 1929.

This article appeared on the front page of the APPLETON POST- CRESCENT - one week after the stock market crashed! You don't have to be a history buff to know how wrong they were... with the benefit of hindsight it seems like whoever wrote that article had taken too many happy pills.

But guess what they would have said back then if you had told them that the country was headed for 10 years of depression which would end in a world war?


PS: One Year Later: Income Tax Is 148 Million Dollars Less 10/29/1930

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Divided States Of America - Calling GenX

OK folks, here's the deal. This mess we are in is going to get much worse before it gets better. We are in a fourth turning and have yet to hit the crisis. The leaders of this country are still in the delusional phase - California's budget is a good example of that - and I am thinking a civil war in this country is where we are heading. (Makes you think about those Obama/Lincoln comparisons - eh?)

So, All you GenX'ers out there - it is time to start getting your %$^$ together so that when the time comes, we can see this thing through, however it manifests. Get to know some Millennials, read up on dealing with Boomers, and brush up on your survival skills. Make sure you can drop off the grid if need be.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions - I sure do.


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Sunday, February 22, 2009

When Politicians Betray The People

There was a time when democrats were the party of the American middle/working class. I don't know who Nancy Pelosi answers to but, I am quite sure there is nothing middle or working about them. I don't think they are even US citizens. Let's just say there is a very SLIM chance of that.

Can somebody please explain the rational of not including E-Verify in the stimulus package? I am seriously interested in hearing the reason(s) which explain why it is OK to spend American tax dollars to create jobs for people who are in this country illegally.

Doesn't that seem unfair to anybody else but me? Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Have Removed American Worker Protections From The Economic Stimulus Bill

America, Is it true what they say about you? That you are all a bunch of lazy slobs who refuse to work? That you just want an unemployment check, but not an actual job?

That has not been my impression, but then there she is up there, speaker of the house, defender of NON American Citizens, and nobody seems to mind.

So, you people out there would rather lose your house than take a job that is "beneath" you?

Cause I have to say, in our family here, we think that our tax money should be used to help US citizens. I must admit, that is self interest/preservation speaking more than patriotism - Today we are OK, tomorrow, who knows.

But if it should happen that we have to scramble for jobs - I'd like to think I am not going to compete against people who aren't even supposed to be in the country.

And maybe we could be so brash to ask the Mexican government to take care of their citizens for a little while - they do, after all have quite a few billionaires in Mexico, including the richest man in the world, "Carlos Slim".

Maybe we can get Nancy to ask her boss for us?


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Friday, February 20, 2009

Super Soccer Kid

I know Americans aren't that into soccer, but this kid is something special:


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Sunday, February 15, 2009

No New Taxes, California

I do not want my taxes raised. Do not compromise, Republicans - hold firm.

It is insanity to even think that we can find a solution to the budget crisis before we have had an open discussion on where all the money has gone and is going. Nobody has stopped to consider the fact that this state should have plenty of money - even with the real estate bust, property taxes are sky high. - We don't build roads, there is no mass transport, we have nothing to show for any of the money.

I suspect that the current crisis is a direct result of illegal immigration. It is not possible to solve this crisis without finding out how many illegal immigrants are actually in this state and how much they are costing taxpayers. - I would guess 8-10 million alone in California.

There are schools where I live that are in all likelihood attended only by children who should not be here in the first place. I didn't mind it when the government was only paying for a few extra students and providing basic medical services for the migrant workers - I thought it was the right thing to do. But we past that point 20 years ago. The 1986 amnesty was supposed to be the first and last - but it was really just the beginning.

The truth is, nobody really knows how many illegal aliens are in California because anytime anybody tries to count, they are branded racists be the Latino lobby and the idiotic politically correct crowd.

So they won't let us figure out where the money is going, but they want us to give them more.

Not with me. Cut school spending, cut, cut, cut. Cut Prisons, Cut health care. Slash and burn. I am not going to give you one penny more. No Way, No How.


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Um, Child Protective Services?

Just how long is Child Protective Services going to wait before they step in and remove these kids from the clutches of this lunatic? That is what needs to happen - Here is what else needs to happen:

  1. Find the doctor who performed whatever medical procedures were performed, take his/her license away and toss him/her into the poky.
  2. Find the father of these 14 kids and start collecting child support.
  3. Get this woman into an insane asylum where she belongs.
  4. Find good homes for the entire litter.
  5. Pass a law that stipulates that there will be no such thing as an anonymous sperm donor and that whoever fathers children by "donating" sperm will be listed on the birth certificate of the child as the father, and will be financially responsible for any and all children.
  6. Pass a law forbidding doctors and other medical professionals from impregnating single women - no husband - no baby. You'll just have to get knocked up the old fashioned way.
This has gone far enough. What this woman has done is a crime against nature, humanity and sane people the world over. She is not a loving mother - she is an incredibly selfish, narcissistic parasite and what she has created is not a family, it is a freak show.


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Something Funny

Here's something I think is kind of funny... My daughter has applied to 13 different colleges and universities around the country - and not just the generic ones, I'm talking name brand colleges - the type that wind up in Hollywood movies with stuffy people sitting around large, wooden tables in rooms filled floor-to-ceiling with books - and if one of those places happens to accept her, I have absolutely no idea of how we are going to pay for it.


This is all my mother's fault. First, she and her other two daughters conspired and colluded - and my daughter marched off to boarding school. (At tuition time, there was neither hide nor hair of them to be found...)

Then she hands my daughter a credit card (which I only found out about by accident) and instead of heading straight off to Saks or Nordstrom and spending a small fortune on shoes like a normal kid (thereby teaching my mother a valuable lesson) - my daughter uses it to pay the college application fees and apply to every college she has ever heard of.

And the college fund that I started for her when she was born? I think there are 2 or 3 thousand dollars in it... that would barely cover the cost of applying. I don't know what happened! I blinked and she grew up.

Excuse me for a sec while I lose it...

(More psychotic laughter )

And by the way, my mother never gave me a credit card!



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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Twisted Sister (We're Not Gonna Take It)

My sister phoned me up a few months ago to give me the latest on what's hot and trendy in the academic world as pertains to getting one's offspring into an institution of higher learning.

She had just returned from a parent hosted potluck put on by my niece's school where she had bumped into a professor from a nearby wanna-be ivy league school. Well aware that her own niece was currently in the process of applying to college, she pumped her for information on what the college admissions officers were looking for this year, hoping to gain some insight that might give my daughter an edge.

Sadly, gone are the days when straight A's, off the chart test scores and an impressive list of awards and extra-curricular activities made you a shoe-in for a spot at one of the coveted universities. Your best bet is to be a member of an "underrepresented minority group" and have a really good sob story. The challenge is to figure out which underrepresented minority group you belong to and then tailor your college application accordingly.

This is not as simple as you might think. "Yellow" is the new "White" and all "Brown" are not created equally "disadvantaged" and who knows where "Black" ranks these days, now that they are "The Man". Plus, there are new categories: The Undocumented, Children Of Single Mothers, Those Who Come From Countries We Have Recently Invaded - the list goes on and on.

Out: Asians wanting to study math or science, white females NOT wanting to study math or science, and to a lesser extent this year, I hear, white males wanting to study anything, kids of any race or gender who had the gall to attend college prep schools in the misguided assumption that demonstrating ability in a rigorous academic environment would be a good thing.

Based on what my sister was able to glean from the professor, we decided on a strategy of Girl Wanting To Study Science, But Not Pre-Med. It seems that the Dr. Frankensteins who come up with the "diversity" criteria upon which college admissions are based have decided that there is a need for more women in science. (We briefly entertained the thought of belonging to the Those Who Come From Countries We Have Recently Invaded group, but it has been over 60 years now since the US first occupied Germany, and I don't think that would count anyway.)

Just why we need more women in science is still a bit unclear to me, I wasn't aware that women are somehow being barred from the laboratory, but then who am I to argue with the self-appointed body of social engineers who are busily trying to re-create society according to their vision. I stupidly thought that if a gal wanted to go into science, she would simply declare it as her major, sign up for the classes and that would be that.

It seems, though, that there are unseen forces at work that have blinded girls from their natural love of science, instead forcing them down the path of law, medicine, marketing and communications or art. These forces behave like some sinister social riptide, whisking girls further and further away from their beloved bunson burners, until they ultimately wash up on shore somewhere, bewildered, disoriented, and haunted by a vague sense that they must buy new shoes. (I just had to work in shoes somehow...)

Bad, Bad, unseen forces!

Not to abrubtly change the topic, but did anybody see the most recent episode of House? I kind of view popular TV shows as barometers of society - I realize it's fiction, but at the same time, the topics are usually reflective of some aspect of society.

In this episode, besides having some horrid malady that only House could diagnose, the patient happened to be a brilliant medical researcher on the verge of developing the cure for a specific type of cancer, except that she decided not to because after 8-10 years of education and a decade in the lab, it turned out not to be "her thing". Funny, isn't it?

Instead, she chose to do what makes her "happy", which was taking cooking classes and joining a book club. My guess is that upon further inspection, we would discover that she also wanted to have a positive influence over young people and help guide them through life. In other words, what she really wanted to be was a housewife!

Now that's twisted, sister!



Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

In 1789, 6,000 women marched on the Palace of Versailles in France to protest a shortage of bread.

Here in the USA, we don't have an official aristocracy with official palaces upon which we can march, but we should be marching nonetheless. And by marching, I mean blogging, phoning and standing on a street corner up top a soap box if need be - calling for the heads of the thieves of Wall street to be put on pikes and paraded around the city. (I'll settle for an indictment and repayment of the billions they stole, plus any other assets they own in punitive damages.)

It cannot stand that the likes of John Thaine and Richard Fuld escape with little more than bruised egos and damaged reputations. Not in a country that puts a homeless man in jail for 15 years for stealing $1,000. If that is the going rate, then I want those two in jail for ($15,000,000,000/ $1,000) X 15 years = 225,000,000 years.

And no, I don't think I'm being unreasonable.


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