Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Happy Funny Skinny Coupons!

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Could it be that yours truly is going to spend the 4th with a bunch of high school friends who are still as thin as they were back then? Can anything be more annoying than that?



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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hey, Bill O'Reilly - Leave Eminem Alone

Eminem has potty mouth disease, that's true, but he is a sign of the times. Frankly, Eminem deserves more admiration than scorn. He grew up during the time when you Boomers were cheering the disintegration of the American family and dismantling most of the other stabilizing social institutions.

A drug addict for a mother, a ? for a father, and yet he took life's lemons and made lemonade. He sings about stuff you may not like, but that doesn't change the fact that it's reality.

And the liberals hate Eminem, btw. I think the reason Sarah Palin is in his latest video is because she is a hottie, not because of politics. Although I could be wrong because Eminem talks so darn fast I can't keep up.

I think he probably has some anger issues regarding women, maybe stemming from mom? Writing music is actually quite a healthy way to deal with those issues - instead of becoming a rapist or worse.

If Eminem had had more milk and cookies when he was a kid, me thinks he would be singing a different tune. But he didn't so he ain't.


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Friday, June 26, 2009

Do Men Want To Marry Successful Women?

I just saw this question posed on eHarmony, so I thought I would pose the same question here. I think this is an interesting question - and obviously, in reality, each man will most likely have a different take on the subject.

Although, if you asked women the question:

Do women want to marry successful men?

90% would say yes and the other 10% would be lying. So, if you happen upon this page, and have a few seconds to spare, sound off to this question:

  1. Do men want to marry a career woman?

If you answer, please be so kind to indicate whether you are a man or a woman, and by career woman, I mean a woman with the ambition to reach the top of her chosen profession.


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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why We Need Universal Healthcare

Since I have lived in Germany for a number of years, I thought maybe I should offer up a few thoughts about the pros and cons of both systems.

First off, let me say that I think that many of the conservatives, who I agree with in many other areas, are completely off the mark when it comes to healthcare. If there is anything worth saving about our current system, I wouldn't know what it is.

We have health insurance through my husband's company. He is an executive so I am going to take a leap and make the assumption that our insurance is above average for the private sector. (It most likely doesn't compare to what government employees have, but that is another story.)

  1. Our health insurance never seems to cover much of anything - unless you follow the strict guidelines about which doctor you can see, get approvals for this, that. or the other. So, when people complain about losing the ability to "choose" their doctor and their treatment options, they either need to clearly specify which insurance company they have so we can sign up too, or just keep their mouths shut.

  2. I watched an aunt of mine die of cancer while battling the insurance company to get various treatments and procedures approved. I really don't see the difference between having a bureaucrat make decisions about what treatments to authorize and some schmuck who works for Blue Cross and may or may not get a bonus based on how much money they were able to save by refusing to cover treatment. Do you?

  3. My aunt, btw lived in Carmel and also had "pretty good insurance" or so they thought. What I am trying to say here is that even if you are well off, it is by no means certain that you will get the treatment you need. It just so happens that when a person is seriously ill, they are least able to summon the energy and persistence required to stay on top of the insurance companies. Guess what? Insurance companies know this.

  4. I have lived in Germany for a total of 5 years. One year as a college student - and I enrolled directly at the University so my experience was the same as that of the German kids. I was a bit of a hypochondriac in those days, so I actually saw quite a few doctors and also had occasion to land in the hospital.

  5. See one day I was over at my boyfriend's house watching a soccer game when I found myself doubled up in pain which was coming from my abdomen. It hurt like the dickens. 15 minutes later I am being carried out on a strecher by some really cute German paramedics and taken to the hospital. I get poked and prodded and ultrasounded and they figure out what is wrong with me (ovarian cyst - not that serious - but gosh darn painful), stick an IV in my arm and put me to bed.

  6. The room had no television. I can offer that up as a criticism.

  7. The one thing I did find odd is that they didn't seem to want to let me out of that hospital. Once I felt better, I wanted to split like a banana but they kept telling me I needed to stay and be observed.

  8. On the third day, I snuck out when nobody was looking.

  9. On the fourth day, I felt bad about sneaking out when nobody was looking so I went back to wrap things up properly and talk to my doctor. She wasn't even mad at me and even gave me a prescription for the pill, which apparently will take care of an ovarian cyst in no time flat.

  10. Then, like a month later, I got the bill in the mail. It was for DM 15. Which at the time was about $5.00. I paid it.
I have more stories which I will try to tell, but I really must say that I do not recognize the horror scenario that some conservatives are describing. The other 4 years I had two small children, and you all know how that is with doctor visits - just the planned ones alone will have you there almost monthly - especially with two kids.

I would take the German system over the mess here in a heartbeat. And guess what - German doctors make plenty of money - and their practices are usually very modern and stylish. Overall, it is a very good healthcare system.

There may be countries which have screwed up their healthcare systems, but I can't speak to those. I do know that done right, the only complaint we Americans will have is:

Why the hell did we wait so long?


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Sad Sad Day.

Today we lost Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Both pop icons of unmatched dimensions. It's very sad.



Short Takes: On The Pay Gap & Passing Open Windows.

Feminists often cite the disparity of earnings between men and women as evidence of sexism. It occurred to me that one might (and I say might because I don't know the answer) find that the pay gap reflects a conservative life strategy rather than actual discrimination.


Consider a business with two employees, Jack and Jill. Jack and Jill do the same work, but Jack makes 25% more than Jill.

Sexism! Horrid, Evil Sexism! Bad Jack! Bad Business! Poor helpless Jill.

This is the implicit conclusion - right? Jill has to be sort of helpless because we are assuming that Jill has marched into the boss's office, made a solid case for a pay increase and has been denied. Maybe Jill broke both her legs in a skiing accident, for example and has trouble marching anywhere. Another possibility is that Jill is just stupid.

Or, maybe Jill is not so stupid after all.

What happens when the economy heads south and the business is forced to cut costs? Mr. Business Owner looks at Jack and Jill and thinks, "Hmm... I get the same amount of work out of both, but Jack costs me 25% more."

Who do you think gets the pink slip? If we assume that Mr. Business owner is one of those evil types who is in business to make a profit, then we can conclude that it is Jack who is shown the door.

That means that Jack's pay is now a big goose egg, but Jill still collects a salary and is able to pay her mortgage and phone bill and occasionally splurge on a gorgeous pair of shoes.

Suddenly, Jill doesn't look so dumb anymore, eh?

Some weirdos might even describe the situation as follows: Jill, who is risk averse, pursues a life strategy that is in line with what she considers to be an acceptable level of risk and reward. Kind of like an investor who chooses to place their money in low risk money market funds instead of the fancy new double-whammy-high-yield-subprime-mortgage-credit-default-swap-with-a-cherry-on-top fund.

That investor knows that the return on their safe money market fund will look rather skimpy when compared to the cherry-on-top fund when it is doing well. The investor also knows that it is far more likely that he or she will still be earning a positive rate of return on their money when the cherry-on-top fund has gone into a tail-spin and its investors are jumping out of windows.

Maybe, Jill just doesn't want to jump out of a window!


PS: Passing open windows is a reference to
The Hotel New Hampshire
, a very funny book by John Irving.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Burned Alphabet Soup - The Death Of California

Yup, here I am again, yacking about politics - I made the mistake of buying a newspaper and thus lost my blissful ignorance of the many ways those idiots in Sacramento are killing my state. I had to brush the mental cobwebs off my various degrees in economics - (I really only have two) and start running certain "budget remedying proposals" through my rusty econ brain.

I have to wonder whether anybody up there in Sacramento ever attended a class in economics. In case they have not, I thought I would offer up a neat little equation they may have missed.

It goes like this:

GDP = C + I + G

It says our Gross Domestic Product is the sum of how much consumers spend (C) plus how much is invested (I -like when a business builds a new factory) plus whatever the government spends (G).

When C, I and G get bigger, GDP gets bigger and we hear on the radio that the economy has grown. Whoopee we think.

Sometimes one of them gets bigger and one of them gets smaller - or two get bigger and one gets smaller, or two get smaller and one gets bigger or they all get bigger - in any of those combinations, we can still get happy news on the radio that our economy is growing. (As long as whichever one(s) get bigger do so by more than the other(s) got smaller.)

There is one combination of C+I+G though, that is unambiguously bad. That is when C, I and G all get smaller. That is the opposite of growth. That is shrinkage. We also call that a recession.

Wise government types - or at least those who want to get re-elected, will try not to cause any more shrinkage in either C, I or G. Indeed, many will expouse the virtues of deficit spending to help "kick-start" the economy or of cutting taxes to help "kick-start" the economy.

Notice I said deficit spending and not just spending. Deficit spending implies you spend more than you bring in - Gov. Terminator is a big fan of this. Deficit spending makes our equation look like this:

Before deficit spending:
GDP = C + I + G

After deficit spending:

GDP = C + I + G

grows, C and I stay the same - economy grows.

If the government raises taxes, then C and I get smaller but G grows - and then everybody argues about whether G grows by enough to offset the now smaller C and I. Although it doesn't and cutting taxes would make C+I grow more than G shrinks

So, our state government here in California has put together a budget that both slashes spending and raises taxes. Meaning all three of our letters get smaller!

Like this:

gdp = c+i+g

Do you want to live in that economy? Note that this is on top of everything that is happening due to the financial mess. Our only option is to cut taxes by more than we cut spending. Or we are going to be in big, big trouble.


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Obama Is Not The Bad Guy - Pelosi, Schumer and Barney The Dinosaur Are

It irritates me that many people cast President Obama as some sort of socialist in sheep's clothing. Maybe I am missing something, but whenever I listen to what the President says on a given topic, I have a hard time finding fault with what he is saying. He comes across as a very sober, rational person - in stark contrast to some of his critics - specifically Rush Limbaugh and the Sean Hannity, who seem to be caught in a state of permanent hysteria.

(And Even though I agree with many of the things they say, I really wish the right would find some spokespeople who were more interested in facts and reality than spin. But I guess they wouldn't be quite so entertaining and lovably hate-able.)

To be perfectly honest, I think Obama's biggest enemies are in his own party. The aforementioned Pelosi, Schumer and Barney Frank who seem to live in a permanent fantasy world and have only contempt for those who don't or who actually dare to pull back the curtain just a tad and expose the wizard. Where is little ToTo when we need him?

They are the ones that will bring down President Obama -and the country, as they skip through the poppy fields fighting imaginary dragons while the real dragons are burning down the villages.

Anyway, before I start on too long a lecture, as my kids call it, I saw this video on WSJ.com and I felt it lended some credence to my own assessment of the president. If anyone is interested in trying to separate fact from fiction, have a watch.

Sign me, really would rather not spend the next 10 years suffering through a national crisis RH

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Thank you for always helping me when I need it, and for putting up with 4 women who haven't always made your life easy. I do appreciate everything you have done for me.

Signed, Your daughter #1
- (The one with the blog)


Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Housewife Perspective

Yet again, I must interrupt my usual programming to weigh in on the national mud slinging fest. Here are my thoughts:

On the financial mess:
  1. Acorn is not the root of all evil. It is an organization with a mission to try and help poor Americans afford their own home. It is a noble and worthy mission. Is there corruption within Acorn? Certainly. There are human beings running it, and human beings come in all varieties - including greedy and incompetent. Is Acorn responsible for the financial mess? I am sure it contributed to it, but by no measure could it have brought about the financial meltdown on its own.

  2. The Barney Franks of Washington, who pushed for more lenient loan underwriting standards had a responsibility to monitor the effects of doing so. They failed miserably. That Barney Frank even shows his face in Washington after what has happened to Fannie and Freddie is a testament to our time - a time in which accountability, responsibility and shame have been completely tossed aside and replaced by a 1960s hippie free-for-all mentality. Unfortunately for us, there are not any members of the Great Generation left to clean up the messes made by their Boomer children.

    Watch Barney Frank tell us how financially sound fannie and freddie are. Hint: If Republicans are pushing to regulate something, it might be something we want to consider. (Other idiot Democrats mentioned that we need to get rid of: Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. )

  3. Glass/Steagal was put there for a reason. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act got rid of a few important protections, namely those separating banking, securities firms and insurance. This is another piece of the puzzle. A little history:The Washington Bystander - Photo Of Carter Glass of the Glass/Steagal Act of 1933
    The guy in the picture is Carter Glass - who was both a smart guy and a Democrat. Sounds funny in the same sentence, doesn't it? He and Mr. Steagal to put together some laws that managed to keep us out of hot water for 75 years. Having just lived through a similar financial crisis himself, he probably knew a thing or two about the causes - Gramm, Leach and Biley, on the other hand, were not so astute.

    (Not that there wasn't opposition at the time:)

    Washington — The secret drive of Big Business to kill the Securities Act is getting more intense.

    What Wall Street wants to do is hamstring the Act by eliminating the civil liability clauses. As now written, the Act makes corporation directors, executives even accountants liable for damages if through misleading the public, any investor loses money.

    So, potent is this propaganda that an Administration committee has been set up very quietly to change tho Securities Act and also to modify the bank deposit guarantees in the Glass Steagal Bill.

    Members of this committee are: John Dickinson, Assistant Secretary of Commerce, who once represented ""Sullivan and Cromwell"", attorneys for various Wall Street organizations. William Stanley, assistant attorney general and Jim Farley's man at the Justice Department. A. A. Berle, Jr., member of the ??? Trust, and expert advisor on banking and railroad questions. Arthur H. Dean, member of the firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, as an advisory member.

    Their job is to kill the Securities Act as painlessly and quietly as possible. (1933)
  4. The Rating Agencies failed so miserably it defies explanation - Moody's, Standard & Poor, etc. the companies whose sole raison d'être is to evaluate the financial condition of other companies were apparently staffed entirely with chimpanzees. Chimpanzees which had only managed to master the first letter of the alphabet. We should do a poll of all the zoos and circuses in the country to figure out from where they have escaped and return them as quickly as possible before they try their paw at other things - like California's budget or the banking bailout.

    Without the AAA ratings handed out by the chimps, insurance companies like AIG would not have a) sold so much insurance guaranteeing a pyramid scheme or b) stocked their reserves with the same pyramid scheme securities.

  5. But seriously guys, did you really think securities made up of sub-prime mortgages was a safe bet? Really? What? No, I don't have any bananas!

  6. Mortgage brokers, loan officers and real estate agents: FYI - I saved a ton of those "Bad credit OK, Refinance NOW, Here, Have $300,000 Today!" ads I got in the mail. I am in the process of scanning them to post for all eternity. Real estate agents - how many of you nudged your prospective clients to fudge their income upward? I personally came across more than one who did - as well as loan officers who pushed "Stated Income" loans - (which are perfectly fine if the borrower has a brain) - with the encouragement to "State Up".

  7. The borrowing/foreclosed upon public - you know who you are and you know what you did.

So quit acting like there is only one guilty party and quit pretending that if Bush and Obama didn't inject the money into the economy that they did and still are doing - that we wouldn't all be in a far bigger mess than we are.


On the same note, please remember Prezzy Baby - all the money you are spending will have to be paid back, and there will be consequences, such as inflation and dollar devaluation, so take it easy!

PS - Anybody who says "Capitalism is dead" is a dirty, pinko, commie and should be quickly dispatched off to North Korea to gain some first-hand experience of how much fun it is to live under communism. I would have said "The Soviet Union" - but OOPS! Doesn't exist anymore!

Next up: Health Care
but first I am going to watch some soap operas or bake a cake or something. I find this all very annoying to think about.


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Monday, June 15, 2009

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

1924 The Thrifty Housewife - 4 PM : Unexpected Company Panel 9

4 P.M
Unexpected Company
but the thrifty housewife is always prepared. You will find that she orders Coca Cola by the case and always has a few cool, refreshing bottles ready in the icebox. No hot work preparing a cool drink- just open the bottle.



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Monday, June 08, 2009

1924 The Thrifty Housewife - 3 P.M : Shoe Shopping Panel 8

Shoes for the thrifty housewife3:00 P.M.
Shoes For The Thrifty Housewife

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Friday, June 05, 2009

1924 The Thrifty Housewife - 2 PM : To The Bank - Panel 8

1924 Thrifty Housewife Schedule - 2:00 The Thrifty Housewife Goes to the First National Bank2:00 PM
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Practically all successful business enterprises are operated on a budget plan. Housewives, to be successful should make a budget.

A free budget book will be given to every housewife who will call at the First National Bank during office hours.

4% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts


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The Last Gasp Of White America - Brought To You By La Raza

Back in the fall of 2007 I went to hear a guy named Barack Obama speak at the Santa Barbara City College. I liked what he had to say, and was very impressed by him. I donated money to his campaign, and voted for him.

I am vaguely aware that the nasty name calling, polarized accusation mill is still churning, I hear both left and right say horrendous things about the other, but I figure none of that will stop until the Boomers are gone. That's all they know and to expect anything else from the generation that called policemen "pigs" and drafted US soldiers "baby killers" would be dumb.

But I do have to object to this Sotomayor lady getting onto the Supreme Court. I don't want a "Latina" on the Supreme Court, I want an American. I don't care what color he or she is, or where her or his ancestors came from.

I do care, very much about who the nominee regards as his or her "people".

There is only one response I want to hear coming out of a nominee's mouth and if it isn't "American" then they have no business being there.

I understand that a person is a product of their upbringing and experience, but for over 200 years we have all managed to reconcile where we came from with our new lives as Americans, and with few exceptions, we are all first and foremost Americans.

I think this woman is an insult to this country. She describes herself as a Latina. She is a member of La Raza - which means "The Race" - despite the blatant, absolutely ridicoulous lie on their website which tries to tell you La Raza means "The People". I looked it up in a Spanish/English dictionary and it doesn't even come close to meaning the people. I asked a Chilean friend of mine and he also confirmed the meaning and added "in the street it's a racist thing". So a possible Supreme Court justice is willing to belong to an organization that lies about the meaning of a word? Oh and then there is this:

The spirit and force of La Raza Unida was truly embodied in Texas under the leadership of Jose Angel Gutierrez, a student and [the] President of the Mexican American Youth Organization." Gutierrez, an open borders advocate who founded La Raza Unida, has stated, "We have an aging white America ... They are dying. ... They are sh---ing in their pants with fear! I love it! ... We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him."

To be honest, I think that is far beyond racist. It is a direct threat to all of us "Gringos".

And to all of you who think I am exagerating and making a big deal out of nothing, watch the video. Listen to what is said by Villaregosa - the current Mayor of Los Angeles. The mayor of a major US city discussing how any politician opposing mass immigration from Mexico has no business being in office.

Look, do we believe that racisim is bad or don't we? If that is what we as a country believe, then it either applies to all - meaning Gringo and Redneck are taboo, singling out white males as punching bags is over and you stand up and speak out against racisit behavior even if it is one of your own.

Otherwise, I am starting a group of my own called "Whites for Rights". Don't worry, it won't be racist - see - I've alread worked out our mission statement:

"Whites for Rights" will be a White civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. Whites for Rights will become an American institution committed to strengthening this great nation by promoting the advancement of White families. Our mission is to create opportunities and open the door to the American Dream for White and other families.


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Why Obama's Healthcare Plan Has Already Failed

Some Related Links On the Topic
  1. NCLR CALLS FOR HEALTH REFORM THAT INCLUDES ALL WORKERS AND FAMILIES - I wonder what would happen in Mexico if Americans living there called on the Mexican government for things they would like...

July 27th, 2009: When you realize that you are paying for the health insurance of up to 20 million illegal aliens via your tax dollars, these are the people who are responsible for it.

During consideration of the health care reform bill (H.R. 3200), the House Ways & Means Committee rejected an amendment that would have helped ensure illegal aliens would not receive taxpayer-funded health care benefits. Source:

You may not have a problem with paying for health care for illegal immigrants, If so, kindly leave your name and email address so that I can send you a bill for my family's tax burden being used for this purpose. Thank you in advance.

Voted against safeguards to prevent illegal aliens from receiving US taxpayer funded health care:

  1. Charlie Rangel (D-New York) 202-225-4365

  2. Xavier Becerra (D-California) 202-225-6235

  3. Shelley Berkley (D-Nevada) 202-225-5965

  4. Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) 202-225-4811

  5. Joseph Crowley (D-New York) 202-225-3965

  6. Artur Davis (D-Alabama) 202-225-2665

  7. Danny Davis (D-Illinois) 202-225-5006

  8. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) 202-225-4865

  9. Bob Etheridge (D-North Carolina) 202-225-4531

  10. Brian Higgins (D-New York) 202-225-3306

  11. Ron Kind (D-Wisconsin) 202-225-5506

  12. John Larson (D-Connecticut) 202-225-2265

  13. Sander Levin (D-Michigan) 202-225-4961

  14. John Lewis (D-Georgia) 202-225-3801

  15. Jim McDermott (D-Washington) 202-225-3106

  16. Kendrick Meek (D-Florida) 202-225-4506

  17. Richard Neal (D-Massachusetts) 202-225-5601

  18. Bill Pascrell (D-New Jersey) 202-225-5751

  19. Earl Pomeroy (D-North Dakota) 202-225-2611

  20. Linda Sanchez (D-California) 202-225-6676

  21. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pennsylvania) 202-225-6111

  22. Pete Stark (D-California) 202-225-5065

  23. John Tanner (D-Tennessee) 202-225-4714

  24. Mike Thompson (D-California) 202-225-3311

  25. Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland) 202-225-5341

  26. John Yarmuth (D-Kentucky) 202-225-5401

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Coming to A State Near You

Monday, June 01, 2009

Retro Housewife Survival Guide - Coupons

Here are some coupons for grocery, household and health and beauty that I collected from Amazon - and possibly some others depending how tired I get and how good the movie is.


June Coupons:
  1. Amazon coupon code to Save $20 when you spend $69 or more on any combination of eligible incontinence products, including Depend, Serenity, and more sold by Amazon.com. Use the following promotional code when you check out: JUN9ADIN. Offer valid through June 30, 2009.

  2. Amazon coupon code: Save $10 on Omron Save $10 when you spend $49 or more on any eligible Omron products sold by Amazon.com coupon code: OMRONJN9 Offer valid through June 30, 2009.

  3. Amazon coupon code Save $100 on eligible Sanyo massage chairs sold by Amazon.com. Use the following promotional code when you check out: SANYOJU9. Offer valid through June 30, 2009.

  4. Amazon coupon code: Duracell Coupon Code Save $10 When You Spend $39 Or More On Any Eligible Duracell Products sold by Amazon.com. Use the following promotional code when you check out: DURCL609. Offer valid through June 30, 2009.

  5. Tide Coupon CodeAmazon coupon code $20 Off Tide, Swiffer, And More Save $20 when you spend $79 or more on any combination of eligible household products, including Tide, Swiffer, and more sold by Amazon.com. Use the following promotional code when you check out: PNGHH6O9. Offer valid through June 30, 2009.

  6. Amazon coupon code: NY Steak Coupon Code Save An Additional 25% When You Purchase Eligible PastaCheese Steak Products Sold by Amazon.com. Enter code PASTA444 at checkout. Offer valid through June 30, 2009 Enter code PASTA444 at checkout. Offer valid through June 30, 2009

  7. Pasta Express Coupon CodeAmazon coupon code Save 20% when you buy any eligible Pasta Express products sold by Amazon.com. Use the following promotional code when you check out: PASTA669. Offer valid through June 30, 2009.