Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bak 2 Skool

I am officially protesting Bak 2 Skool. My daughter is going off to college. I am going to put together an emergency survival kit for her, although she rolls her eyes at me when I tell her this. Here is my list so far:

  1. One very angry Pitt bull guard dog,
  2. Mace,
  3. One of those tasar things the police have,
  4. Geiger counter,
  5. Face masks to protect against bio-hazards, chemicals, too much dust - I wonder if they come in a variety pack?
  6. A case or two of drinking water,
  7. A generator,
  8. Sandbags - school is on an island, after all....
  9. Life raft (island could sink...or be hit by a tidal wave - have seen this in at least two movies - ooh which reminds me)
  10. Bug spray,
  11. Various munchies
  12. A map,
  13. Stamps,
  14. Cigarettes,
  15. Compass,
  16. Canned food - don't forget the veggies...
  17. Cab fare,
  18. Can opener,
That's all I can think of for now...am I missing anything?


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Monday, July 27, 2009

Check This Out...

I think they called this "Mutton Busting" - I couldn't believe my eyes when the first kid came out of the gate on the back of the sheep. This isn't any pony ride... the sheep wants the kid off and does the bucking sheepo until kid goes flying.

These are some brave little kids... They all walked off the ring on their own two feet - despite how positively scary this looks...

I took these today at the Truckee Rodeo - my first rodeo ever. I was impressed. I think I like rodeos. I shall attend more rodeos in the future.


PS.. have some really cool pictures of the ladies barrel racing, and the bull rides. Am currently trying to figure out where I should put them.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do Blonds Have More Fun?

Guess who is going to find out? Last night, between 1 and 2 in the morning, I became a bleach-blond. I have always wanted to do it, and now I have.

It turned out a little brassy, but I don't care.

Next on my list is blue. Not little old lady blue, cobalt blue.



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Evidence Is Growing That Bird In Hand Worth More Than Two In Bush

Bettina Twiddlepost, Chief Bird Counter for Value Chicken & Other Edible Birds, Inc. was busy taking inventory one Saturday morning in preparation for the annual report to shareholders. Industry analysts were eagerly awaiting Value Chicken's announcement of its most recent TBC (Total Bird Count) because rumors were spreading that "incubating ova" were being erroneously included and as a result, Value Chicken's TBC was overstated.

"Every year I have counted up all the chickens and other edible birds just as it says to in the instruction manual!" bemoaned Twiddlepost. "I never paid any attention to where the birds happened to be at the moment I counted them! Now I don't know what to think!"

Twiddlepost was referring to findings recently released by the National Center Of Superfluous Studies in a report entitled "Properly Secured Avian Subjects Of More Value Than Those Uninhibited Or Residing in Dense Foliage".

"How could I have known?" continued Twiddlepost, "We have always just counted up everything that could flap its wings! Nobody told me I wasn't supposed to count all the birds outside sitting in the trees or what have you! They flap their wings, too you know! Why, 80% of the birds I count are outside when I count them, and especially when those big flocks fly by! There are so many of them I have to take a picture and then count them all up when I am back at my desk."

Betina Twiddlepost's problems are not unique - in fact, some experts estimate that up to 90% of Edible Bird companies include large amounts of these so-called "Freebirds" in their TBCs. "At first it was this business with count the egg, don't count the egg! Now we find out they are counting birds they don't even own" said Robin Vogelbraten of Spatz, Eule & Swift, Ltd. a leading Bird Street watchdog firm.

Legislators are starting to take notice as well as public frustration mounts over the "Freebird" scandal.

Ima Vogelhirn, speaker of the house, called for government-funded bird houses as a safeguard against industry abuse and inflated bird counts. "If every bird in America had a bird house, then we would be able to verify the numbers coming out of Bird Street by just counting up all the bird houses!" Ms. Vogelhirn told reporters as she made an appearance at Saturday's Southern Fried Rock Festival and Turkey Chase. When asked how the government would pay for her massive bird-house spending bill, Ima Vogelhirn replied "Americans will not be fooled any longer! It is time that we as a country get our priorities straight and do what it takes to get an accurate bird counting system in place! Americans are demanding action on the Freebird issue! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a concert and turkey chase to attend."

It was with those poignant words that Senator Ima Vogelhirn turned and disappeared through the gates of the entrance to the concert amid the thunderous roar of the crowd as the first musicians appeared on stage. As the applause died down, shouts were heard, first one, then another until the entire audience was chanting "Freebird". A touching moment in America.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do You Read Dr. Laura?

Do you read Dr. Laura? If not, you should start. Here is a Boomer with a clue, and the guts to speak out at the risk of "offending" her fellow Boomers. She has more sense in her little finger than the rest of the generation combined.

Common Sense Lives!



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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Charlotte Allen Exposes A Nerve

I get it Charlotte. I think I have a pretty good idea of the motivation for writing that article. I wouldn't classify it as humor, you don't need to call it humor. It is perfectly OK to write an article that is critical of women. In fact, I think the reason your article caused so much upset is that certain things you say are, in fact, right on the mark and every one knows it, whether they choose to acknowledge it or not.

I don't think you came to the right conclusion, that women are dim. However, I understand that this was an opinion piece, and what you were expressing was your exasperation at the display of silly behavior at a time where perhaps a more sober analysis of the qualities of a presidential candidate would have been desirable.

I think it is very important that you wrote that article for two reasons.

  1. Women have been given free reign to beat up on men and criticize them based solely on the fact that they are men. Where men have been successful, conventional wisdom amongst the "feminist" crowd is that their success was achieved by the suppression, and came at the expense of women. While this may be true in some cases, applying this logic to absolutely everything under the sun is certainly not, and that is exactly what is happening in today's society.

    It is leading us as a society to draw some pretty upside down conclusions about what is desirable and exactly which societal goals are worth pursuing. We live in a world of limited resources and whether we like it or not, we often have to choose between a and b. Ideally, we would, as a society, do a cost/benefit analysis of a and b and allocate resources to whichever gave us the greatest net benefit.

    The beauty of a free society and its alter ego, freedom of speech, given the fact that there are usually opposing interests in choosing a or b, is that each side of the opposing interest can be counted on to expose the costs of the goal they dislike and highlight the benefits of the goal they prefer. Only then can we make an informed decision on which path we ought to take.

    "Feminists" and I use quotes because I believe it cynical to describe a group of women who show nothing but disdain for just about everything feminine, "feminists", seek to silence any discussion which may portray women in an unflattering light. However, women do have qualities and characteristics that may put them at a disadvantage in certain situations and therefore make them the less optimal choice. Those same qualities and characteristics may make them the preferable choice in other scenarios. The only way we can make those decisions is to allow the debate to occur.

    Since, as you pointed out, it can be a fatal, career ending decision for a man to attempt this discussion, as in the case of the former President of Harvard, it will require women to start the debate. If there weren't any truth underlying what you said, your article would not have provoked such a response. For example, if you had written that the sun really revolves around the earth, or that gravity makes objects float upwards, you would have been regarded as a dodo, but I suspect the response would have been much more muted. You touched a nerve.

  2. Believe it or not, all that above was still my first point. My second point is this. Women as a group will never live up to the expectations or achieve the goals set for them by "feminists". This is because the underlying premise of feminists is that men are inherently better than women and therefore only by doing everything men do, as a group, will we have attained equality and our rightful roles in society.

    Furthermore, absolutely no distinction is made as to the worthiness of the male behaviors feminists wish all women to emulate. How many movies have there been where slutty women are revered because their slutty behavior is deemed to be more male? I am not even sure this is an accurate portrayal of men in the first place, but regardless of the facts, I have read many a "feminist" opinion exalting the promiscuous and callous dating behavior of more than a few on-screen heroines.

    Woman, deny thyself, act like a man. Well the problem with this is that women make lousy men, and by spending all of their time and energy on trying to be men, we have created a void where there shouldn't be one. Is it a wonder that our schools are failing, our kids are fat, and that the population at large doesn't have the energy or desire to pay attention to community affairs? Who would after working all day outside the home and then coming home to face the household chores and needs of the kids?

    Guess what folks, by allowing the "feminists" to convince us that traditional women's roles were less valuable than men's we are allowing our society to rot from the inside out. Because nature hates a vacuum, the void left by women is being filled - in many cases by the schools, the government, which may or may not be desirable, by the local drug dealer on the corner, by MacDonald's, Carl's Junior, Jack-in-the Box, special interest lobbyists - none of whom have the level of interest or the motivation to succeed a woman would have in caring for her own family and community. It is, at best, a second rate solution which will ultimately make us a second rate society and nation.
If you find that insulting, too bad. It needs to be said, often and at the same volume as the ones shouting the other nonsense. At least then we will have all the sides represented and once the hysterical "feminists"1 settle down, perhaps it will be possible to have a national discussion on just what kind of a society we want to be.


Link to article - I link to the comments page in the title of the blog page. Interview Transcript: Charlotte Allen on Outlook Article, Reaction

Feminists Run The Schools - Teach Anti-Male Hate - Note From RH. When my son was in the 4th or 5th grade in Cupertino, California I gave a ride home to a sixth grade boy my son rode bikes with. I had asked the two how their day at school had gone, and we came to discuss the school principal. It might have been that my son had gotten in trouble, I can't remember exactly. This 6th grade boy then made the comment that Mrs. Zellner doesn't like boys. (Mrs. Zellner being the school principal). I thought this was a very odd remark and asked him why? He said, "I don't know, she just doesn't. She always gets the boys in trouble." At the time I didn't take it very seriously - I was holding down a full-time job and didn't have time to ponder the state of male/female relationships in public schools.

Then came the episode where this principal recommended putting my son on medication to stop his disruptive behavior. I didn't, thank god, and my son grew up just fine. (I do not mean to imply that there are not children who have a real disorder and who need medication. Just that as a parent, approach this with skepticism, and for god's sake get a doctor to do the diagnosis, not a principal with a feminist agenda. )

That episode started me thinking, but I wrote it off to be THAT PRINCIPAL and not a growing national trend. I still don't know how prevalent it is within our schools, but I have heard some pretty disgusting stories. Too bad we don't have people in society who look into this sort of thing, professionally, I mean, as their job.

Be an American: Hate Modern Feminism

When Rape Fantasies Involve Conservative Women, Feminists Are Silent

The Catalogue of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics

Picture This: September 11, Multiculturalism, and the War on White Male Heroes
1 Yes, this is an intentional jab meant to get a rise out of hysterical feminists.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Successful Housewife

Awhile back I stumbled onto a film from 1955 called: "Why Study Home Economics?" Despite the slightly cornball performances, they are cute really, I thought the message was worth sharing. As the film makes the case for home economics, it describes the role and purpose of the housewife.

"Your success or failure as a homemaker will be determined by your ability to develop good family relationships"
  1. Preparing food for the individual needs of your family,

  2. Knowing how to distinguish between fabric types, or how to choose and construct clothing to meet the individual needs of your family,

  3. Learning to distinguish between furniture types and quality,

  4. Understanding the principles of money management, how to use most advantageously whatever income you have,

  5. Guiding a child's physical, mental and emotional development,

  6. Teaching children money management, to take responsibility for their decisions, and how to adjust to social situations,

  7. Developing democratic practices within the home,

  8. Taking an active part in community affairs to protect the interests of your family or sharing your education with others.
And finally that silly subject of home economics, which has been eradicated from many schools, or trivialised beyond recognition. I guess it needed a more compelling mission statement, although to be honest, I can't really find fault with the existing one:

"Home Economics shows you how to use all of your education to improve your living conditions."

I mean, do you know how much money the world spends on economists who spend their days trying to figure that out?

And I kind of wish that more people had those money management skills up there in that list.

And if a housewife is responsible for developing democratic practices within the home, cannot it also be said that she is responsible for nurturing and developing the very principles that this nation was founded upon? That with her success or failure, so goes the nation as well?

This video, made in 1955, says that the housewife should "participate in community affairs to protect the interests of her family". That sounds like as good of a description of politics as any others I've heard.

So what world were these women living in? Did they not get the memo?
Anna Quindlen, in her introduction to the most recent paperback edition of The Feminine Mystique, proclaims that this book changed her life and that of millions of other women who became engaged in the women's movement and "jettisoned empty hours of endless housework and found work, and meaning, outside of raising their children and feeding their husbands. Out of Friedan's argument that women had been coaxed into selling out their intellect and their ambitions for the paltry price of a new washing machine came a great wave of change in which women demanded equality and parity under the law and in the workplace." Source

In fact, the more reading I do in the newspapers of the 1940s and 1950s, the more it seems like many of the claims of the feminists about the supposed drudgery of the life-housewife missed the mark.

Perhaps women should consider the current state of affairs in the US and pay a little more attention to protecting the interests of their families. Because I can promise you one thing, nobody else, whether private citizen, politician or government bureaucrat is going to do it for you.



Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nosy Neighbors

Don't You Hate It When Others Stick Their Noses In Where They Don't Belong?

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some Better Late Than Never July Coupons

4th Of July Celebration at Bass Lake, California
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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Is My Daughter Awesome, Or What?

Excuse the shameless bragging, or don't - But I am one proud mother - and this is really quite an accomplishment. We got my daughter's AP exam results back today and they are really, really good. Brag, Brag, Brag. The AP exam is scored from 1 - 5 (3 is a passing score) and 5 is the highest.

In comparison, yours truly took the AP English exam back when I was a senior in high school - the only AP exam I took - and I got a 3. Even that was a struggle. I had the best English teacher in the world, Miss Blue. At the beginning of the year my writing was a hopeless mess, and I could never get more than a "C" on a paper. I wrote, re-wrote and cursed the pencil and paper I was writing with. (We didn't have word processors back then - and interestingly enough, my writing improved substantially once I could back-space and delete with abandon. ) After an entire year of pain and suffering, I managed to pull together enough decent sentences on the adventures of Heathcliff and Catherine to get my "3".

I wonder if my little girl is some sort of brainiac, or whether the test results can be attributed to the expensive private boarding school she attended. I think I shall go with the latter - for two reasons - First, I feel better about being broke because the money was well spent and second, I am not ready to admit my daughter is smarter than I am. I will never win an argument with her again.


PS. Miss Blue who was by far the best teacher I ever had, was eventually laid off during a time of spending cuts. She didn't have "seniority". I had another English teacher at about the same time who did have seniority, and is probably boring students still, with her straight-out-of-the-Cliff-notes lessons on The Red Badge Of Courage. Miss Blue opened up the world of literature to me, and I will always be grateful to her for that. In return, I will do my best to fight the Teachers' Unions who are responsible for destroying public education and driving talented young teachers out of the teaching profession and, in Miss Blue's case, into the legal profession. Or to private schools like the one my daughter went to.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Note To Self

July 2nd, 2009 - Just met another person who mentioned civil uprising as a likely outcome given the situation in the US.