Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I Want A Healthcare Bill - And I Still Support Obama

We have health insurance through my husbands employer. They pay for his insurance and he pays the premium to cover me and the two kids. This amounts to around $960 per month or $11, 520 per year.

It must be one of those Cadillac policies they talk about, right? I don't think so - if I compare it to the policy I had when I was 20, it seems to cover less. It also has a 10% pay-it-yourself clause. That doesn't seem like much until you consider what it means to have any kind of surgery or major illness treated. A coworker of my husband had surgery on his ankle which cost $200,000 - making his part of the bill $20,000. Those are the types of costs that we are trying to insure against! Not to mention the fact that $200,000 ankle surgery is much like the $600 toilet seats of the 1980s.

Here is my opinion - call it the GenX, white, female, housewife, home-based business and 2 dog owning, with kids vote. Get your bloody acts together, sit down and have educated, adult conversations, negotiate and get something done. I personally support a public option because I have seen it work. What we have now is failing miserably and I am not the least bit satisfied with our current coverage, the availability of medical treatment or just about anything to do with medicine in general.

You know what the problems are, both sides have valid concerns on the issues and those issues must be addressed - both sides must be heard. That means one side has to shut up and listen, and the other side has to open their stupid yaps and say something besides "Start Over". You had your chance to do something and did not and if there is one thing I hate, it is a bunch of idiots who sit around and do nothing when the ship hits an iceberg and then rant, rave and scream about the life boat effort.

I have my own problems and kids to look after, I need medical insurance that is actually medical insurance - not a get rich quick scheme for the health care industry, nor a convoluted social program. Do your jobs, you bunch of losers!

Now, concerning Obama. I read a lot. I read newsletters from the right, left and in between. I hear a lot of name calling, accusation slinging, stupidity etc as well as good information, important facts, etc. Here is what I can't seem to wrap my mind around. For all the horrid things being said about Obama and his socialist tendencies, when the guy opens his mouth to speak, a lot of sense and reason comes out. I can not seem to reconcile the accusations made against the man, with what the man actually says.

He is trying to address a problem that drastically needs to be addressed. If you don't like what he is saying, become part of the conversation. But make no mistake, no solution is not a solution and will not be a victory for republicans. At least not with the GenX, white, female, housewife, home-based business and 2 dog owning, with kids vote.


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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hoping Obama Fails

I would like for those of you who are cheering our Country's misfortune regarding Chicago's bid to host the Olympics, as well as "Hoping Obama Fails" to take a look at the above picture. Nice house, isn't it? It belongs to Rush Limbaugh.

I am not criticizing him in the least for owning that house - it is a great house, a beautiful house. I want one too!

Here's the thing. Rush Limbaugh can afford it if Obama fails. Can you?


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Moral Bankruptcy II

I am disgusted by all you so-called patriots who cheered upon learning that Chicago didn't get the Olympic Games. Our President and his wife go to Copenhagen to try and bring the games to the USA and you revel in our failure?

You don't have to agree with President Obama on anything, you can fight him step for step on the issues if you think he is wrong -that is what democracy is about. I laud your efforts and probably agree with you on many issues.

But what I am seeing and hearing out there makes me sick. It may not fit the legal definition of treason, but it is certainly treason of the heart and mind. Congratulations. You have now sunk to the level of Nancy Pelosi.

When I hear Rush Bimbo say that he wants Obama to fail, I think "Goddamn Boomers can't act responsibly or reasonably to save their own necks and I'll be damned if they're not going to try and drag the rest of us with them."

And that, my friends is what is at the heart of this country's problems. The egotistical, naval contemplating, self centered, tunnel vision Baby Boomer. Everything has to be one extreme or another; from the left they bleat racist, sexist, hate crime, hate speech, hate broccoli and from the right everybody's a socialist.

Only in Boomerland could a radio talk-show host publicly wish for our elected President to fail and not be run off the airwaves with pitchforks to his backside.

The Boomer left has elevated whining to an art form; and has developed a singular hatred of the proletarian, which, my darling budding pinko commies out there in commies are cool cafe-land, is the left's bread and butter, meat and potatoes, main squeeze. Joe six-pack's your guy - not Gianni Versace.

The Boomer right is just as fanatical and nutty. Put Boomer Left and Boomer Right together and you can be certain that nothing useful will come out of it. We will be forced to hang up a few of their scribbles on the fridge, and act as though Van Gogh himself would be put to shame.

But don't let the Boomers take away your love of country and respect for the office of the President.

I stand behind my President - be it Bush or Obama in all things concerning foreigners. That is the ONLY ACCEPTABLE WAY TO BEHAVE.

Don't let me catch you behaving otherwise!


Watch This Video

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stuff I've Noticed - Or Am I Imagining It?

It seems to me that:
  1. Black people have gotten nicer. It seems to me that something has vanished that was once there; a wall or tension or something. I have had more chit-chatty conversations with black people post Obama than in all my years pre Obama. - I am talking about the kind of conversations you strike up with strangers while standing in line, on a plane, or just walking on the beach. I wonder - have I changed? Or has the world changed? Or is it just my perception of the world that has changed?
    Barack Obama 2007I took these photos back in 2007 - when the Prez came through town for a rally at Santa Barbara City College. Was I lucky, or what?

    Barack Obama 2007
  2. New Yorkers have gotten nicer. I am almost disappointed at this one. Somehow I found it comforting to know that there was a place on earth where people would be rude to you no matter who you are. It was a good kind of rude. The kind you knew not to take personally - and would even make you smile - because now you had your very own NYC story - and for a flash of a second, a girl from California could feel like she fit in, was one of those amazing people living life 12 times faster than everyone else in the world. People were really NICE - hospitable - even outwardly FRIENDLY! I am worried.

the roger smith hotel
Which reminds me... I wanted to give this hotel a plug: the roger smith hotel. This is one example of the niceness I am talking about. I asked them if I could take a few photos of the hotel, and they not only said yes, they invited me to go into the restaurant as well. Which I did. I tried to do the same thing in San Jose a year ago and they had security come talk to me. Go figure.

Anyway, I walked by the roger smith hotel countless times on the way back to my hotel, and each time I wondered about a hotel named roger smith, and what they had done to the Shift key on their keyboards to make them unable to use capital letters. But then I remembered I was in New York City and that people were just bold like that.

Here is how the hotel roger smith describes itself:
A friendly, intimate, New York City boutique hotel, the Roger Smith is at the center of the New York City's most elegant hotel district.
Pretty accurate - although whoever wrote that is probably from New Jersey because they lost their nerve and resorted to upper case letters for proper nouns.menu at the roger smith hotel restaurant
Here, as you can see on this photo I took of the really big menu outside the hotel roger smith, the NYC edginess returns! Not an uppercase letter to be found.

View of Park Avenue Street Sign and Buildings New York City - 2009Is this an awesome city, or what?

View of 42nd Street from inside the Hyatt Hotel in New York City, 2009If you look closely at the people in this photo you will see several of them smiling!

In short, if you want to take a trip somewhere, go to New York City. It will always amaze you. Also, please stay at the roger smith hotel and then tell me what it's like.


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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On Greatness

If we don't elect this man to be the next President of the United States, we have nobody to blame but ourselves. This is the first intelligent discussion of race and racial issues in this country that I have ever heard.

Watch his speech - it will go down in history as one of the great ones.


Bill Richardson endorses Obama Video
"There's something special about this guy, and I want to be a part of it."

I think I have to agree with Mr. Richardson. Barack Obama has something special and is the kind of leader that comes around once in a lifetime. RH

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