Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amazon Tax - Another Nail In California's Coffin

Leave it to the government of California to know exactly how to make a bad economy worse. Here is the letter sent to its California based affiliates:

February 19th, 2010 Letter Terminating California Affiliates

Not only will the leeches in Sacramento not receive any sales tax from after they dump all of their California affiliates, they will also lose any income taxes those affiliates would have paid to the state. This is going to put lots of home based businesses out of business.

See, the thing about the Internet is that it matters not where a person lives - A person living in India or China, Russia or the Cayman Islands can be an affiliate of Amazon or

When these greedy know-nothings in Sacramento decide to go for a cash grab, they don't care how many livelihoods they destroy in the process. It is just so painful to watch them destroy the livelihoods of so many thousands of people in California for absolutely nothing.

Amazon and Overstock will not collect any sales tax for the tax thugs - but they will keep right on selling their products to California residents - the only difference being that the affiliates who don't live in a Pariah state will get the income those poor saps in California used to earn.

This is possibly the fastest way known to man to destroy jobs. All it takes is a click of a button for Amazon, Overstock and many other companies to de-affiliate themselves from California - in fact, you have spent far more time reading this blog posting than it will take for thousands of California affiliates to become paupers.


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