Thursday, March 11, 2010

Can't Find A Job? Try Gardening


To provide stipends to low income day laborers being trained in the field of sustainable low impact gardening and landscaping. The goas is to secure permanent, unsubsidized employment upon completion of training - term of contract from October 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010 - total amount $200,000

2-18-10 - Contract Attested

The city of Los Angeles is in the process of laying off around 4000 people. Guess they want to have their replacements all trained up and ready to go.

Paid for by taxpayers of course.


Follow up

  1. WELFARE COSTS FOR CHILDREN OF ILLEGAL ALIENS IN L.A. COUNTY OVER $48 MILLION IN JUNE = $576,000,000 per year for Los Angeles county alone. That's half a billion dollars... for LA county alone. Source
  2. IRS Cracking Down On Tax Cheats!
    It's about time, isn't it? Those who owe need to pay up pronto, starting with this guy: IRS visits Sacramento car wash in pursuit of 4 cents

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Monday, August 17, 2009

S. 1038: AgJOBS Act of 2009

I can't believe this is happening:

"Amends the Social Security Act to exempt blue card aliens from prosecution for social security-related identity or payment false statements if such conduct occurred prior to the granting of blue card status."
false statements = fraud

My senator, Dianne Feinstein, wants to grant illegals immunity from prosecution for committing Social Security fraud, while sneaking through an amnesty. Why do we put up with this? Has your government ever granted you immunity from anything?

I had to pay over $200 in fines because the California DMV took over a month to send me my registration tags and I got pulled over for having old tags. The check for payment of my car registration cleared my bank account 3 weeks prior to me getting pulled over. The tags arrived in the mail the next day, but we were out of town, and by the time we returned, the fix-it ticket for my registration was past due.

So I went to court to fight it. The judge told me I shouldn't be driving with expired registration tags and I got to pay a fine.

I sent in my check on time, they cashed it and sat on the money - I get to pay more.

People who violate Federal Law and enter this country illegally, then commit Social Security fraud, get immunity.



Watch this now, it'll cheer you up.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Why Obama's Healthcare Plan Has Already Failed

Some Related Links On the Topic
  1. NCLR CALLS FOR HEALTH REFORM THAT INCLUDES ALL WORKERS AND FAMILIES - I wonder what would happen in Mexico if Americans living there called on the Mexican government for things they would like...

July 27th, 2009: When you realize that you are paying for the health insurance of up to 20 million illegal aliens via your tax dollars, these are the people who are responsible for it.

During consideration of the health care reform bill (H.R. 3200), the House Ways & Means Committee rejected an amendment that would have helped ensure illegal aliens would not receive taxpayer-funded health care benefits. Source:

You may not have a problem with paying for health care for illegal immigrants, If so, kindly leave your name and email address so that I can send you a bill for my family's tax burden being used for this purpose. Thank you in advance.

Voted against safeguards to prevent illegal aliens from receiving US taxpayer funded health care:

  1. Charlie Rangel (D-New York) 202-225-4365

  2. Xavier Becerra (D-California) 202-225-6235

  3. Shelley Berkley (D-Nevada) 202-225-5965

  4. Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) 202-225-4811

  5. Joseph Crowley (D-New York) 202-225-3965

  6. Artur Davis (D-Alabama) 202-225-2665

  7. Danny Davis (D-Illinois) 202-225-5006

  8. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) 202-225-4865

  9. Bob Etheridge (D-North Carolina) 202-225-4531

  10. Brian Higgins (D-New York) 202-225-3306

  11. Ron Kind (D-Wisconsin) 202-225-5506

  12. John Larson (D-Connecticut) 202-225-2265

  13. Sander Levin (D-Michigan) 202-225-4961

  14. John Lewis (D-Georgia) 202-225-3801

  15. Jim McDermott (D-Washington) 202-225-3106

  16. Kendrick Meek (D-Florida) 202-225-4506

  17. Richard Neal (D-Massachusetts) 202-225-5601

  18. Bill Pascrell (D-New Jersey) 202-225-5751

  19. Earl Pomeroy (D-North Dakota) 202-225-2611

  20. Linda Sanchez (D-California) 202-225-6676

  21. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pennsylvania) 202-225-6111

  22. Pete Stark (D-California) 202-225-5065

  23. John Tanner (D-Tennessee) 202-225-4714

  24. Mike Thompson (D-California) 202-225-3311

  25. Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland) 202-225-5341

  26. John Yarmuth (D-Kentucky) 202-225-5401

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Retro Housewife Survival Guide - Understand

Hello Out There!

I have a question for you. Why do you think Mexico is a 3rd world country and the United States isn't? Are Mexicans genetically inferior to Americans? Are they born with smaller brains? Are we just plain better?

The answers to the last 3 questions are No, No, and No. At least I have never seen any evidence of this, and I would be highly skeptical if somebody turned up with some.

Here is my answer to my first question: Our system is better than theirs. That is really the only reason. We have put together a social structure that does a far better job of taking care of the allocation of resources, educating the population and preventing corruption. Our system is based on the rule of law - which requires the majority of the population to respect the law or suffer the consequences. I don't like every law we have and I am sure most people feel the same way - but I do try to follow the law because I know if I don't, bad things will happen to me.

Our system is not by any means perfect, it could be better; there are a lot of things we need to improve on - but here's the kicker: it can also get a lot worse.

That's why when I hear Nancy Pelosi promising a group of illegal immigrants amnesty - and calling the enforcement of US law "un American", I get a little peeved. She is creating what some like to call a moral hazard - rewarding those individuals who have broken the law and giving them what they want. She is putting our system in danger, the only thing that stands between us and the crap hole that is Mexico. And yes, it is a crap hole. Most of the population lives in poverty, while the upper-class enjoys ridiculous wealth. If you are Mexican and feel insulted, you should be - but not by me - by the Mexican government that protects the corrupt few and forces the many to make do with crumbs or risk life and limb to sneak into the US.

The sheer number of illegal immigrants alone should have you quaking in your boots. Why? Because it makes it less likely that they will be assimilated into American society before their ways of doing things do too much damage to our system. In other words, instead of doing things the American way, they will continue to do things the Mexican way, which is what they know and are familiar with. This isn't something that is peculiar to Mexicans, this is human nature.

This is already happening right under our noses. The increasing prevalence of Spanish in this country should be setting off alarms from San Diego, California to Bangor, Maine. Not because there is anything wrong with Spanish - it is a beautiful language, but because it is not the language of this country.

The English language is the main ingredient in the recipe for making Americans, it is what we all have in common. And NOWHERE on earth is there a country where two languages peacefully coexist when spoken by two different populations in the same geographic location.

In Switzerland, they have four official languages, but the populations are separated geographically. They may learn the other languages in school, but most people are not fluent in more than one. I know this because I have tried to get by with German in Geneva, where they speak French, and it does not work. I had far better luck with English.

Even the perpetually peaceful Canadians are constantly running around trying to keep Quebec from declaring its Independence or trying to rejoin the mother ship. And they have geographic separation. What they don't have is a common culture -and that is because they have two languages - because language is, to a large extent culture.

Finally, In case you haven't noticed, the country is in a good amount of trouble. The system is currently broken and vulnerable. Nancy Pelosi and those like her are the biggest threat to your well-being and accustomed way of life there is. She is putting in jeopardy the lives of every single American citizen as well as those of all current and future immigrants to this country, both legal and illegal. Because if we break the system, we will be just another 364 million homo sapiens living in cardboard boxes and scrounging for food.

You must insist our laws are respected and enforced, and that Spanish is removed as an option. I hope I never get to say I told you so, because by then it'll be too late.


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Monday, August 18, 2008

Public Service Message

"The Dunkin Donuts franchise is a member of the National Council of Chain Restaurants (NCCR), which is a member of the Essential Workers Immigration Coalition (EWIC), which lobbies on Capitol Hill for amnesty for illegal aliens and an expansion of cheap labor import programs.

In other words, Dunkin Donuts is just another megacorp that puts its profits ahead of the well-being of the people who live in the communities it serves. And the Dunkin Donuts franchisee, which already has an advantage over the locally owned shop in purchasing power and advertising, puts part of its profits toward lobbying in Washington against the best interests of the very people who patronize it.

Meanwhile, the locally owned shop is part of the community it serves. Its profits go back into the community. And if the owners of the locally owned shop hire legally, even the wages it pays to its employees support the community."

I just want to make it clear that I strongly believe that legal immigration to this country is a good thing, and is good for the country.

What I don't like: Illegal Immigration! This is very BAD for the country as it lowers the overall wages for citizens and legal immigrants - and penalizes companies who follow the law. It's cheating and I don't like cheaters. It also costs taxpayers insane amounts of money (See California try to balance its budget) whether they voted for it or not.

When you have no voice in your government, you no longer have a democracy - Taxation without representation is what started the revolutionary war.

Thoughts from a Housewife!


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