Saturday, February 27, 2010

Historical Revisionism - US History As It Never Happened

The other week-end I conned my son and a buddy of his into driving up to Carmel with me to help my sister and her family move. On the Saturday night we were all hanging out together in the new house and I happened to pick up a textbook on US history that was lying around. My son's friend had brought it along to get some studying done - at least that was probably the idea.

As I started flipping through the pages, I noticed that I had never heard of many of the people who had been given prominent and significant real estate on the pages of each chapter. Not only that, but it appeared that American history had happened almost entirely without the involvement of the white male, and that any historical figure worthy of admiration had been a democrat. On the front cover, out of about 20 portraits of America's past, Ronald Reagan was the lone republican and his picture was down toward the lower left-hand corner of the page - probably squeezed in as an afterthought

I was particularly horrified by the chapter on World War II. Stalin, the guy who managed to kill around 24 million of his own citizens was practically glorified for 2 of the 3 paragraphs dedicated to him, discussing how he set about turning the Soviet Union into a model communist utopia, before it mentioned his brutal stranglehold over Russian society. Then there was an entire chapter on the Holocaust, which is a major event in history, to be sure - but it is not US history.

What I found most offensive, however, were the pictures chosen to represent the American GIs. There were two pictures of GIs in the book and in both pictures every single man was black. Even Rosie the Riveter was depicted as a black woman. Now there is nothing wrong with including pictures of black GIs per se - they were there too, they existed, fought and died right along with the rest of our boys - an accurate portrayal of our history would be incomplete without them. But I can imagine a reasonable person coming away with the impression that there were no whites in America at the time, or that America had sent black people to fight WWII for them.

Then there were the countless portrayals of insignificant women and minorities who were there simply because they were women and minorities and not because they had much to do with the shaping of events at the time. The book dedicates more material to Some Black Guy I've never heard of than to George Washington - you know, the "Father Of Our Country" and first president of the United States of America. In fact, Some Black Guy kicks off the chapter and it is not for 5 or 6 pages that we meet George - who shares a sidebar column with some other guy.

This book is not a history book, it is propaganda and it has no business being used around children. It is an insidious assault on the foundations of our society. Check your kids' history books - look at what they are teaching your children because what they are trying to do is to destroy love of country - thereby ultimately weakening the resolve to defend it.


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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Restoring Science to Its Rightful Place - Except When We Don't

Barack Obama, whom I still very much like btw, said in his acceptance speech, that science would be restored to its rightful place in our society. I agree with this. I like science. Science is all about learning the truth about our world - nature's laws or God's laws if you will.

So it irritates me when the liberal left uses science as a club to pulverize the religious right and scoff at their beliefs and then suddenly forget about science when it would force them to draw a politically incorrect conclusion. (Just the fact that religious beliefs are scoffed at in the first place is also irritating, since this country was started by people trying to escape religious persecution in the first place - and no amount of smugness on the part of lefties can do away with the glaring truth that they don't really know, either)

For example, as I posted the latest swine flu update in my ongoing diary of a disaster about a 25 year old Japanese woman who tested positive for swine flu upon returning home from a trip to Los Angeles, I wondered how a Japanese woman would get swine flu in LA. Then it occurred to me that she was most likely a tourist and as such, would be staying in hotels and eating in restaurants. Places that are heavily staffed by illegal aliens from Mexico.

So, it would seem to me that there may be a piggy little time bomb ticking in Los Angeles. Yesterday there were no confirmed cases of swine flu in LA, but the fact that this woman got infected there, would cause most people to conclude that it is, in fact, there. Most people being defined as everybody besides the government officials who could actually do something about our very own Southern Californian swine flu factory.

Viruses don't care about being politically correct. They are opportunist little buggers and are not concerned with offending anyone's sensibilities. Therefore, to combat them in a meaningful way, one must potentially offend. Uncontrolled people movement over the border from Mexico means uncontrolled virus movement over the border from Mexico. It is not that complicated.

So I make this plea to our government officials: Since you politicians don't seem to care about the American public, consider the fact that you have an illness which will very likely turn up in places frequented by foreign tourists. Now imagine your next official visit to a country that imported some of our swine flu and perhaps lost a citizen or two. They may not be so happy with you over this - you may find this hard to believe, but some countries actually put their own citizens first.


PS: We now have a confirmed case at a local high school. My son tells me they closed the school.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ahoy Berkeley! Don't Miss This!

Dedicated to the Perpetually Shocked and Disgusted of Berkeley, California.


PS: Love the Accent!

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